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Chapter 156                 Capturing the Underworld Midwife 1

Xiao Ma fanned himself with his hand as he asked, “Little Ye, you rarely use black dog blood. Why are you using it for this?”

“Black dog blood has a miraculous effect on all evil beings. It can cause unrecoverable damage to the seven Po of a spirit. I don’t usually use it because the damage is cruel.”

Ye Shaoyang smirked, “But I don’t plan to transcend this evil underworld midwife. I want to exterminate her. I’ll use any cruel method I know to kill her.”

When Old Guo had done setting up the red threads, Ye Shaoyang soaked the whole thing in the bowl. He strengthened it with talisman papers. After a while, he pa.s.sed it back to Old Guo. Each of them stood at the side of the operation theater, waiting patiently.

Xiao Ma worriedly asked, “Little Ye, will the pregnant woman be fine?”

“As long as she eats my pill, she will fake her death. It doesn’t matter whether her fake death will deceive the underworld midwife since we have set an inescapable trap for her.”

Before the sound of Ye Shaoyang’s voice had died away, they heard a baby crying in the operation theater. They paused and looked at each other.

The baby was born!

Ye Shaoyang puffed up his cheeks and blew at the hair on his forehead, “The war begins. Wait for my orders!”

The main door of the operation theater opened; a nurse frowned as she walked out. She was shocked when she looked up and saw Ye Shaoyang. She hurriedly asked, “How was it? Did you manage to save Shao Juan and her baby?”

“Not yet,” Ye Shaoyang calmly replied.

“Then why are you on the fourth floor?”

Ye Shaoyang smiled, “How am I going to capture the underworld midwife if I’m not here. Don’t you agree with me, Miss Xu Yajuan?”

Xu Yajuan was stunned. Her face changed when she suddenly saw the set up on the ground. She turned around and saw the doctors and nurses were standing beside the operating table.

The matron was talking to them, “Dr. Zheng and Dr. Fang have given the order to stay and take care of the mother and the child. For the purpose of their safety!”

Xu Yajuan planned to run back into the operation theater, but the main door shut up immediately. A purple aura emitted from the talisman paper stuck at the lintel. Xu Yajuan stumbled back; She looked at Ye Shaoyang, “Big Brother Shaoyang--”

“Don’t call me big brother; I don’t deserve it. Who knows if you’re hundreds or thousands years old.” Ye Shaoyang fixed his gaze on her, “Stop acting. It’s useless. You’re the underworld midwife.”

Xu Yajuan stupefied; her expression turned gloomy and cold. She glared at Ye Shaoyang and spoke to him in a clear voice, “How did you know about it?”

Ye Shaoyang never felt like talking to this kind of evil spirit. However, Dr. Fang Jin and a group of security guards arrived at the other end of the path at this moment. Ye Shaoyang knew he had to answer her to prevent others from misunderstanding. After all, Xu Yajuan was a girl with an ordinary look. It was hard to relate her to an evil spirit.

“Alright, I'll tell you, so you'll relinquish your hope.”

Ye Shaoyang looked at her, as he phrased his answer in his mind.

Then he said, “That night, the underworld midwife possessed Xiao Ma without any signs. I had been thinking of many possibilities, but none could work except one: someone blew out the mortal lamps on his shoulder. As the only person who had stayed beside him, n.o.body else could have done it but you.”

Then, I remembered the underworld midwife could become invisible. I started to suspect you, so I told you about the labeling of the pregnant woman on purpose. You brought me up to observe the pregnant women. After that, I got the permission from the matron to watch on the video surveillance in the labor room. From the surveillance, you went into Zhou Xiaona and Shao Juan’s rooms and wiped away the mark that you had labeled on Zhou Xiaona’s forehead and changed it to Shao Juan.”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head with a bitter smile, “Thus, Zhou Xiaona’s baby is the chosen one. You purposely misled me. You wanted me to standby on the third floor while you easily captured the soul on the fourth floor and escaped. Even if I realized the truth later, you could just possess another person and look for the next baby. You’ve epitomized the cunning tricks used by the spirits in the underworld.”

Xu Yajuan forced a smile and snorted, “But I still fell into your trap. Everything you did after that was to deceive me and turn my trick against me?” She looked around while she talked looking for an escape. Ye Shaoyang caught sight of it. He too had prepared to strike back.

Ye Shaoyang smiled, “If I revealed your ident.i.ty at that time, at worst, we’d have a fight. I didn’t because I was afraid you might able to escape, and it’ll be difficult for us to get such a good opportunity to capture you in the future. I pretended to bite at the bait so you would go on with your plan without hesitation. Then, you took advantage of Wu Dan’s sickness and put the blame on her and left a faint spirit Qi on her forehead.

“You thought I’d standby on the third floor, waiting foolishly for Wu Dan to come out and mistake her as the underworld midwife. Sorry, your plan and your acting skills were good but, as vice rises one-foot virtue rises ten.”

Xu Yajuan coldly stared at Ye Shaoyang and laughed, “Your acting skills were good too. I almost believed it. No wonder the pregnant mother didn’t die after I blew the spirit Qi on her. I guess you’ve made some prevention on her, right?”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged his shoulders, “I made a soul binding pill for her. Your spirit Qi can’t hurt her.”

Xu Yajuan nodded. Her eyes turned blood red and her expression became eerie. She glared at Ye Shaoyang and let out cold laughter, “Heavenly Master Ye, you’re not as easy as I think. You’re just like one of your ancestors. Well, I guess I can’t escape now, but I possess her body. Let’s see whether you dare to kill her along with me.”

Her words stunned Ye Shaoyang, “My ancestor?”

Xu Yajuan grinned, “Don’t you want to know?”


Ye Shaoyang sensed she is going to break through the formation. He instantly took a step back. He formed a seal with both of hands and recited an incantation. A purple aura emitted from Xu Yajuan’s coat pocket. She was shocked. She reached into the pocket. It was the Protection Talisman given by Ye Shaoyang two days ago. The purple aura started to circle up her body.

“Your Heavenly Master’s blood is-is inside? You already planned for this,” Xu Yajuan said resentfully.

She felt an intense burning pain in the parts illuminated by the purple aura, followed by numbness, then total loss of sensation. She tried to remove the Protection Talisman, but it was too late. Her arms were too weak to move.

She could feel the purple aura burning through her cultivation. She was outraged. With her cultivation level, even the attack with the blood of Heavenly Master should not have landed herself in a pa.s.sive position. However, the possession made her feel the pain of the person’s body and would continue to indirectly weaken her cultivation unless she gave up in the possession.

Ye Shaoyang sensed her hesitation and awkward position. He laughed, “You can stay inside forever. Don’t worry. I won’t dare kill Xu Yajuan along.”

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