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Chapter 117                Whip Till You Smoke

“That’s all that I can do,” Tan Xiaohui said, “You best start searching for that Gu master, or you might….”

“Let’s postpone the plans we have made then. If you don’t mind, I’ll need to handle the problem inside me for some time.”

Tan Xiaohui nodded, “I’ll go back to my hometown at Sichuan for a while then. I want to gather some Miaojiang craft materials. Since I’ve been gone for three years, I don’t think my old stuff is still around.” She paused for a while. Then, she asked Zhou Jingru, “Sister Jingru, can you lend me a phone? That way, you guys can contact me if there are any emergencies.”

Zhou Jingru nodded and said, “I’ll buy you one later and also a plane ticket to Sichuan.”

Ye Shaoyang wanted them to leave now since it was pointless for them to wait around. But Zhou Jingru felt slightly unwilling. She consoled Ye Shaoyang for a bit. Then, she went off with Tan Xiaohui.

Just as the girls left, Xie Yuqing arrived. She quickly went to find Ye Shaoyang. When she saw that he seemed fine, she let out a breath of relief. After she heard a general brief on the situation, Xie Yuqing grabbed Ye Shaoyang’s hands in shock, “How about this? I’ll report that you’ve been robbed, and I’ll request for more personnel to work on finding him for you.”

Then, Xiao Ma chipped in, “I know that Chen Yu found a job at the beginning of the month. I think it is...Hai Sheng Gaming Company? I don’t know if he is still there right now.”

“He’s probably hiding somewhere since he has committed a bad act.” After some thought, Ye Shaoyang asked Xie Yuqing, “Can you find out his date of birth and let me know?”

“Why do you need his date of birth?” Xie Yuqing mumbled in confusion.

“You’ll find out later,” Ye Shaoyang did not explain any further.

So, Xie Yuqing made a few calls and ordered her subordinates to work. One team had to check out the school, and the other team would head to Chen Yu’s workplace, “Let’s wait here for some results then,” Xie Yuqing said after she hung up the phone.

Ye Shaoyang asked, “Won’t you get into trouble if you do this without a proper reason?”

“Of course I will,” Xie Yuqing glanced at him, “But...I can’t just watch you die and do nothing.”

These words slightly touched Ye Shaoyang’s heart.

Then, Old Guo asked, “How did this brat get in touch with a Gu master?”

“Maybe the Gu master approached Chen Yu and promised him some kind of reward,” Ye Shaoyang said, “Plus, Chen Yu was a roommate, and he invited me to his birthday dinner. That’s why I didn’t reject his offer.”

Xiao Ma furiously scolded, “This punk sold out his roommate. If I find him, I’ll make sure I beat him up till his mother can’t recognize his sorry face!” After he spoke these words, Xiao Ma acted all tough and punched the tea table. Unfortunately, he hurt his hand in the process.

After about half an hour, Xie Yuqing’s phone rang. She quickly picked it up…. “Okay, you guys keep an eye on him. We’ll get there soon.” she ended the call and turned to Ye Shaoyang, “We’ve spotted him at Wan Guo plaza.”

All of them quickly hopped into Xie Yuqing’s police car and rushed to Wan Guo plaza. On their way there, Xie Yuqing briefed them on what her people had found out, “My men told me that they headed to where Chen Yu worked first, but he had already quit. As they left, they b.u.mped into him at the exit. He had his belongings with him. They went to question him, but Chen Yu immediately bolted.

“My men followed him all the way to Wan Guo plaza until Chen Yu entered a crowded area. They didn’t dare to go in to look for him, in fear that they’ll lose him. So, they chose to wait at the exits and gave me a call.”

“If we were to go in to look for him, we’ll need at least 10 or more men,” Xie Yuqing said, “I’ve already used up all the resources I have.”

Then, she continued, “If we really have to, I’ll claim that he is a robber and have more men come!”

Ye Shaoyang asked in response, “If we really get him, can you really charge him?”

“Of course not, but Wan Guo plaza is really too crowded. Especially at night, where there is also a night market. He’ll get away if we don’t use more people to search for him,” Xie Yuqing bitterly smiled. Her willingness to take action touched Ye Shaoyang, but he said, “It’s not that complicated. You just have to tell me his date of birth, and I’ll have my ways.”

When they arrived at Wan Guo plaza, Xie Yuqing got off her car and led everyone to her two subordinates, “This guy is really a slippery one; he’s hiding in the crowded areas. But we can confirm that he is still in there.”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “How long is the street?”

The officer answered, “There are four streets in total, all of them lie in a 500 square meter area.”

“That’s good.” Then, Ye Shaoyang asked Xie Yuqing, “Can you find me a room?”

Xie Yuqing quickly found a security room and chased out the security guards. When Ye Shaoyang entered, he immediately started to prepare something. He swiftly covered up the only window, which currently let neon light in. Then, he asked Xie Yuqing for Chen Yu’s date of birth. Ye Shaoyang placed his bag down, took out a cinnabar pen, and drew a big circle on the floor. He wrote the character Chi, which meant imperial orders, inside the circle. Then, he drew one straight line out from the middle of the circle. Old Guo saw these actions and realized what Ye Shaoyang wanted to do, “Junior brother, Chen Yu is a mortal. If you force his soul here, you’ll lose quite a bit of afterlife virtue….”

“Well, losing virtues is better than dying, what’s the point of these virtues if I’m dead.”

After this brusque explanation, Ye Shaoyang took out a blank talisman paper and wrote down Chen Yu’s name and date of birth. However, this was not his complete information; he did not have Chen Yu’s Ba Zi. This was not enough information for an average sorcerer to do anything. But it was enough for a Heavenly Master like Ye Shaoyang to forcibly capture Chen Yu’s soul.

He lit up some candles and used it to burn the talisman paper that had Chen Yu’s name. Then, he chanted, “O'come the Light of Dusk, Heaven and Earth shall be split, with the power of Maoshan and this talisman paper! Come now all three Hun and seven Po of Chen Yu, report to me!”

A gust of cold air blew past. Then, within his drawn circle, a white humanoid shadow appeared. The shadow shook and moved about, as it seemingly tried to struggle free from capture. “Still want to resist?” Ye Shaoyang smirked. Then, he reached in to grab the shadow and pulled it upward. Instantly, the white shadow grew clear—it was Chen Yu. He looked left and right, as he wondered where he was. When he saw Ye Shaoyang standing in front of him, he immediately became terrified.

When Xiao Ma saw that it was Chen Yu, his anger began to show. He formed a fist and punched toward Chen Yu. Of course, he could not hit Chen Yu, as it was merely his soul. So, Xiao Ma angrily exclaimed, “Is there a way for me to hit him? I want to release my anger!”

Ye Shaoyang looked at Old Guo and said, “Give him a peach wood stick!”

“But…” Old Guo felt slightly reluctant. He knew that Ye Shaoyang forcibly capturing Chen Yu’s soul already went against the natural order of things. Now, they wanted to torment Chen Yu as well...this really was a sorcerer’s brutality.

Then, Ye Shaoyang said, “If the Netherworld Council investigates this, I’ll take full responsibility!”

When Old Guo heard this, he swiftly took out a peach wood whip from his bag and pa.s.sed it to Xiao Ma. “Beat him! Till he smokes!”

Xiao Ma c.o.c.ked back the whip and flung it out at full force toward Chen Yu, “This is what you get!”

Chen Yu screamed in pain; the area that Xiao Ma whipped had a black mark and emitted white fumes.

“Wow, that really worked!” Xiao Ma let out a sinister smile. Then, he c.o.c.ked back the whip again and gave him another hard whip!

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