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Chapter 115                 The Human Blood Gu

Xiao Ma quickly grabbed Ye Shaoyang’s backpack.

As Ye Shaoyang vomited, he extended his hand into his backpack, reached out for a needle box, and opened it. The box contained a set of golden needles that varied in size. Ye Shaoyang nipped a needle of moderate thickness and p.r.i.c.ked his left wrist thrice in different places. Then, he picked out a finer needle and punctured his left middle finger. He slightly bent his right middle finger and sc.r.a.ped down his left elbow. Black blood flowed out from the p.r.i.c.ked holes. After half a minute, the black blood gradually turned bright red.


Xiao Ma quickly pa.s.sed him a box of tissue paper. Ye Shaoyang wiped his mouth. He laid face up and panted heavily, “d.a.m.n! Someone set up a trap for me.”

“A trap?” Xiao Ma blankly stared at him, “Didn’t you just drink too much?”

“What do you mean drink too much? Something wrong is in the liquor. It contains Gu,” Ye Shaoyang weakly replied. The meal was fishy, as Chen Yu had treated them to a meal out of the blue. He even eagerly asked him to drink the liquor of a hundred flowers. However, he had never suspected Chen Yu’s intentions and did not take any precautions.

“It's impossible.” Xiao Ma shouted in astonishment, “We drank the same liquor too. Why would we be fine?”

“You're too naive. There is no problem with the liquor. It’s the cup! The liquor of a hundred flowers was used mask the smell of Gu, which prevented me from realizing its presence.”

Xiao Ma remained stunned for a while. Then, he said, “You're friends, so why would he want to harm you?”

“How would I know! Bring me my phone.”

Ye Shaoyang wanted to call Zhou Jingru to ask for Tan Xiaohui’s help. She hailed from the supreme witch family. Surely, she had a method to handle the Gu craft. His thoughts followed the same logic as seeking help from the right profession.

Unfortunately, Zhou Jingru had switched off her phone, and Tan Xiaohui had no cellphone. Ye Shaoyang tried to think of someone that could help him reach Zhou Jingru, but he could think of none. He even thought of heading to her company to look for her. However, he would waste time and create problems if she was not at the company.

He managed to temporarily suppress the Gu just now. But it would wake up like a person would after fainting. If it woke up and attacked him again, he did not think he could suppress it once more. After much consideration, he called Old Guo.

After the line connected, Ye Shaoyang immediately said, “Senior brother, prepare some items for me, boil them into pills and send them to me as soon as possible.” He took a short breath and continued, “Eight catty of soybean, three catty of red dates, five catty of bean dregs, some plant soot, and copper coin powder.”

Old Guo was experienced and very knowledgeable. Once he heard the list that Ye Shaoyang mentioned, he immediately realized the problem. He paused for a moment and asked, “Someone got poisoned by a Gu?”

“It’s me. Don't ask and quickly send me the pills.”

After Ye Shaoyang hung up the phone, he laid down to rest. Xiao Ma did not dare to disturb him, so he worriedly waited aside. Old Guo arrived after half an hour. Anxiety burned inside him. He rushed into the bedroom. He felt puzzled when he saw Ye Shaoyang’s sallow face. Greenish black Qi had condensed between his eyebrows. Old Guo directly checked Ye Shaoyang’s pulse. He shouted in fright, “This is bad! It really is Gu!”

Old Guo immediately lifted Ye Shaoyang’s eyelids. A thin layer of white coc.o.o.n-like membrane covered his eyeb.a.l.l.s. Old Guo’s heart sank; he quickly opened Ye Shaoyang’s mouth. Ye Shaoyang’s tongue had turned black and a pale yellow line ran through the middle.

“The golden Gu!” Old Guo heavily frowned and looked at the weak Ye Shaoyang. He worriedly said, “One of the three strongest Gu in the Miaojiang Gu craft. We're in big trouble now.”

These words stunned Xiao Ma. He muttered, “Little Ye has the blood of a Heavenly Master, will he still get hurt?”

“He is only alive because of his Heavenly Master’s blood, which temporarily restrained the Gu. A normal person would have already died! Human cultivated Gu are more poisonous than any demon venom or corpse poison.”

After Old Guo said these words, he took out a quail egg-sized green pill from his bag; a pungent smell dispersed through the air. Then, he pa.s.sed it to Ye Shaoyang.

“I refined this pill a short while ago with all the ingredients that you previously mentioned. But this pill can only temporarily suppress the Gu. I think the Maoshan Eighteenth Acupuncture Technique is the only way to eradicate the Gu, but I don’t know how to perform it,” Old Guo said in embarra.s.sment, “Junior brother, you certainly know this technique. But you can’t reach some of the acupoints.”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “This is easy. I can teach you and guide you on this matter.”

Old Guo hesitated and scratched his head, “This goes against our Maoshan rules. Junior brother, you know that I’m an outer disciple, and the Maoshan Eighteenth Acupuncture Technique is the medical skill of inner disciples….”

Before Old Guo could finish his sentence, Ye Shaoyang jitteringly waved his hand, “Forget about the rules. I’ll be the master of Maoshan Sect soon. My order will be the rules. If you’re still hesitating, I’ll die. If that happens, Qing Yunzi will surely kill you!”

Old Guo wiped away his sweat. Of course, his junior brother’s life held more importance than the rules. He instantly nodded, “Junior brother, tell me what to do.”

Ye Shaoyang began to explain the concepts of the Maoshan Eighteenth Acupuncture Technique. Old Guo already possessed the basic Maoshan medical skills. After he listened to Ye Shaoyang, he tried to figure it out and understood most of the technique. With Ye Shaoyang’s guidance, Old Guo felt somewhat confident now. Xiao Ma carried Ye Shaoyang to the living room and placed him in a free area. Then, Xiao Ma helped him undress and sit cross-legged. Ye Shaoyang swallowed the pill, pa.s.sed the needle box to Old Guo, and gestured for him to start the treatment.

"The first needle, moderate thickness, Baihui acupoint." Old Guo picked up the golden needle the size that Ye Shaoyang mentioned. He inserted the needle into the top of Ye Shaoyang's head. Black, viscous blood slowly oozed out.

“Secondly, thin needle three, Renzhong acupoint. Thirdly, thick needle two, Taiyang acupoint...”

Ye Shaoyang guided Old Guo to pierce the golden needles of various sizes into different acupoints on his back. Then, Old Guo burned some talisman papers, mixed them with water, and poured the mixture onto each acupoint in order. This procedure helped the mixture permeate into his body better. With the aid of the mixture, Ye Shaoyang circulated his Gang Qi and gathered it toward the location of the Gu; he tried to fight against it.

Ye Shaoyang could feel a worm-sized living being struggle and twist somewhere inside his stomach. It continuously spurted Gu venom, which stimulated his internal organs to the point where he writhed in pain. Black blood continuously oozed out from the acupoints, which soaked Ye Shaoyang in blood. He now resembled a bloodied person, which created a scary scene. Xiao Ma nervously watched from the side. He felt too nervous; he did not even dare to breathe too hard. When Old Guo inserted the last needle, Ye Shaoyang vigorously trembled. He let loose a heartrending cry, as his weak body fell backward. Old Guo instantly supported him to prevent the needles from stabbing deeper into his flesh.

“Quick! Help me carry him!” Old Guo instructed Xiao Ma. They carried him into the bathroom, one person on each side of Ye Shaoyang. Old Guo helped Ye Shaoyang sit on the floor while Xiao Ma turned on the shower. Xiao Ma cleaned up the blood from Ye Shaoyang’s body with warm water. After they cleaned him up, Old Guo carefully removed the golden needles and placed them back into the box. Then, they carried him to the bed.

After ten minutes, Ye Shaoyang gradually woke up. He opened his eyes, which had returned to normal—the white layer in his eyes had disappeared.

“How do you feel?” Old Guo and Xiao Ma asked at the same time.

“The Gu has died.” Ye Shaoyang said as he frowned, “But I can sense something else in my body. It came out when I dissolved the Gu. I don’t know what it is….”

Ye Shaoyang's phone rang. Xiao Ma picked up the phone, “Zhou Jingru is calling you.”

Ye Shaoyang picked up the call. Through the phone call, Zhou Jingru asked, “I was in the cinema with Xiaohui, so I switched off my phone. Is there anything you need me for?”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “I nearly died when you were in the cinema. Anyways, I’m fine now.”

Ye Shaoyang’s words shocked Zhou Jingru; she asked, “What happened to you?”

“Pa.s.s the phone to Tan Xiaohui.”

Ye Shaoyang recounted the whole incident to Tan Xiaohui, told her what he felt, and asked her if she had any ideas. After she heard his explanation Tan Xiaohui could not help but exclaim, “It is a human blood Gu!”

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