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Chapter 801

task reward is a million experience points, and there's even a free celestial item lottery, how could it be so easily lost?

Maybe Long Fei didn't care if he didn't come to Wild Mountain City.

However …

Since they were already at the Wild Mountain City, why couldn't they complete this mission?

No matter how small the mosquito leg was, it would still have meat. Moreover, he needed levels very badly right now.

I haven't levelled up yet.

After Long Fei finished eating, he asked the waiter if he wanted to hurry over to the Desolate Spirit Family's residence. He also told Dao Ba and the Hei Shan to take good care of the Black Knife and not leave the hotel.

The Black Knife had not woken up yet.

His injuries were too severe, and there were many fatal ones.

Can't wake up for two or three days.

Long Fei looked at the countdown to the mission, and thought to himself: "Hopefully I can make it in time."

… ….

In the Desolate Spirit Family's manor.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Zhang Xinyue, you want to fight me? Wanting to persuade the Elders Pavilion? Don't you know that the elders in the Elders Pavilion are all my people? "

Zhang Qitian laughed complacently.

Today, even though Zhang Xinyue had been persuading the elders in the pavilion for an entire day, it was completely useless.

Long before her, Zhang Qitian had already bought all the elders he wanted.

The ancient gold corpse did not get, but he had to get the Patriarch position of the Wild's Family.

"Big brother, Zhang Xinyue will definitely lose tomorrow at the family meeting."

"Hahaha... Tomorrow, you will be the Patriarch. "

"Big Brother, you didn't see how ugly that girl Zhang Xinyue's face was today, the elders in the elders' pavilion completely ignored her."

"A mere woman, many people wouldn't be satisfied with her becoming Patriarch. How could a woman receive our Wild's Family? What qualifications does she have? "

A few elders echoed.


It was exactly as they had said, a woman should be a virgin. She was born to be a man's partner, why did she have to show her face when she came out? What was this?

The corner of Zhang Qitian's mouth curled up as he laughed coldly, "Zhang Xinyue, tomorrow I will crush you into the ground and make you unable to crawl back up, just like your dead father."

"Fight with me?"


"The entire Wild's Family is my man, how can you fight with me?"

Zhang Qitian's face was filled with disdain.

He was looking forward to tomorrow.

This way, he would be able to restart the excavation of the 'Dragon Body Tomb'. As long as he could steal the Dragon's Tomb, he believed that he would be able to obtain even more powerful strength!

"Hahaha... No one can stop me. " Zhang Qitian laughed out wildly.

… ….

Zhang Xinyue frowned.

She spent the entire day at the Elder Pavilion, but not a single one of the Elders listened to her.


Not a single one of the elders had ever rapped their eyes on her before. Those elders' eyes were all filled with disdain and contempt.

He looked down on her from the bottom of his heart.

Wild's Family was not convinced by her taking over the position of father, so they will definitely think of a way to pull her down from the position of Patriarch.

She didn't care.

The one she wanted to stop was Zhang Qitian.

Orchid brought out a bowl of rice porridge and a stack of dishes: "Miss, have some food. You haven't had anything to eat for the whole day."

Zhang Xinyue waved his hand and said, "I'm not hungry."

She was in no mood to eat.

"If you don't eat, your body won't be able to take it."

Zhang Xinyue did not say anything. Her mind was still constantly thinking of ways to stop Zhang Qitian, but her head was about to explode, but she was still unable to think of anything.

Zhang Xinyue looked up into the night sky and muttered, "If only Uncle Chen was here, he would definitely be able to think of a way."


"I'll go for a walk."

Tomorrow was the family meeting, and also her last hope. No matter what, she would do her best.

And then …

Zhang Xinyue walked out of the courtyard.

… ….

"Please inform the patriarch that I have something to discuss with him."

At the entrance of the Desolate Spirit Family's mansion …

Long Fei was stopped by the four gatekeeping guards.

A guard asked, "Who do you think you are? Do you think you can meet the Patriarch whenever you want to?"

"Get lost."

"Brat, I'll talk to you again, do you hear me? I'll tell you to scram, or else I'll be rude to you. "

The four guards were very arrogant.

Just by looking at Long Fei's appearance, they could tell that he was not some rich person. His entire face was dark, as if he was a refugee.

They knew all the famous people in Wild Mountain City, there was definitely no one like Long Fei.

Long Fei slightly said: "I really have something important to see your Patriarch."

"This matter concerns the fate of your Wild's Family."

"Four sirs, please give me some face."

Long Fei had already lowered himself.

If it wasn't for the mission and if someone dared to speak to him like that, he would have slapped them a long time ago.

"Give you face?"

"Who the f * ck do you think you are?"

"Why don't you take a p.i.s.s? If I'm giving you face, I might as well give a dog face." The guard in the lead said with a disdainful laugh.

"Hahaha …"

The other three laughed.

Long Fei's eyes darkened, his gaze filled with killing intent.

It was also at this time.

A middle-aged man walked out and asked coldly, "What's going on?"

The four disciples immediately shook and said in unison, "We greet the Fifth Elder."

The middle-aged man walked over, looked at Long Fei, and asked: "What happened?"

One of the gatekeepers said, "This kid wants to see the Patriarch. He said he has something important to report. I can see that he isn't any good person. He definitely has other plans."

Zhang Dadi then looked at Long Fei, and said coldly: "Tomorrow is the family meeting, no outsiders are allowed to enter the Zhang Family."

"If anyone makes trouble again, I'll cripple them."

The four men answered in unison, "Yes."

Zhang Dadi had just taken two steps when he turned around to look at Long Fei, and said: "What urgent matters do you have to report?"

Long Fei saw that there were no yellow exclamation marks on top of Zhang Dadi's head. This meant that he was not a person who could complete missions, and it was not possible for him to complete missions.

Long Fei said: "I will only report to your Patriarch."

Zhang Dadi's eyes turned sinister, he snorted and said: "You dog, chase him out. If you want to fight back, break his legs."

"You still want to report to the Patriarch?"


Zhang Dadi seemed to have thought of something, and said: "Patriarch is not allowed to take even half a step outside the door tonight, understand?"

Zhang Xinyue could not go out.

She could not be given any chance to delay.

The four disciples were startled, and immediately replied: "Yes sir!"

Following that …

Zhang Dadi left with big strides.

Long Fei heard what he said clearly, and thought: "Looks like the Patriarch's position isn't very high, is there internal strife in the Wild's Family?"

At this moment.

The four guards rushed in front of Long Fei and shouted, "Kid, now, immediately, get the h.e.l.l out of here."

"I said get lost!"

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