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"In charge?" They were all hiding in Seven Mountains Divine Island, the outer sect that wasn't important to them, they had brought the inner sect here a long time ago. "Please come to this book," Yan Jiu said.

Chen Xiang was currently on top of a tall mountain. He looked ahead and said: "Could it be that the Tao-creation Ancient Place's strongest power is hidden inside this Tao-creation Ancient Place?"

Yan Jiu nodded his head, "That's right, I only found the readings here after touching a melon with my fingers! Back then, when I reported about the Tao-creation Evil Ancestor, they didn't care about him at all. Instead, they transferred all of their power to the Seven Mountains Divine Island. When I came to the Seven Mountains Divine Island, I found that there were fewer people in the inner sect, and these people are all relatively more outstanding. "

"After I investigated some clues, I found them!"

"Then why are they chasing you?" Chen Xiang felt that Yan Jiu must know some extraordinary things.

"I only know that Sects from Seven Mountains who is hidden inside Tao-creation Ancient Place isn't worried at all." Yan Jiu said, "I was discovered before I could investigate it thoroughly. They wanted me to stay inside forever. I was not willing, so they set their killing intent on me. Then, I started to escape."

He Fengyuan's speculations were not wrong. Deep inside the Tao-creation Ancient Place, there was the strong power of the Sects from Seven Mountains hidden, and they were not worried about the Tao-creation Evil Ancestor.

"Chen Xiang, what are you doing here?" Yan Jiu was also very curious.

"I'm here to look for Supreme Mantra." Chen Xiang said: "I heard that there was some kind of Paternoster beast inside, so I came in to take a look."

"Right now you are like someone killing a Paternoster beast, isn't this a little too early?" Yan Jiu shook his head. )

"Oh right, Senior, I forgot to thank you. The Flying Dan grain that you gave me last time, I learnt it." Chen Xiang laughed: "If I didn't have this Flying Dan grain, I probably wouldn't have been able to break through so quickly."

"What?" You have control over the Flying Dan grain? " Yan Jiu was shocked. He had initially brought Chen Xiang to the mountain cave with Flying Dan grain carved on it and left, but he never thought that Chen Xiang had actually learned Flying Dan grain and could even use it to refine pellets.

Back then, Yan Jiu had studied for many years but still was unable to condense it.

"I refined this, it's called the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan." Chen Xiang took out one and gave it to Yan Jiu.

Yan Jiu only needed to eat it to confirm that there was a Flying Dan grain inside.

"Looks like you have the talent to learn World Defying Dan grain." Yan Jiu had also heard of such things.

"But World Defying Dan grain are not so easy to come into contact with, so I came here to find them and to see if I could create them." Chen Xiang said.

"Indeed, although the's Pill Pattern Alchemist have the World Defying Dan grain, they have a contract with the sect and cannot reveal it. The Flying Dan grain was' made 'for me by my friend many years ago, and now, my friend is also in the Tao-creation Ancient Place." Yan Jiu sighed.

Chen Xiang immediately took out a piece of paper, it was the piece of paper that Song Longprofound had given him, and on it was an octagonal diagram.

"Senior, do you know what this is?" Chen Xiang asked.

After Yan Jiu saw it, he quickly caught it and stared at it in surprise.

"Eight ancestor contract map!" Yan Jiu shouted in shock, "Where did you come from?"

"A friend of mine gave it to me. He said that once I entered this place and saw the picture, I would have to leave." Chen Xiang said: "Otherwise, it would be extremely dangerous."

"Yes!" However, not many people know about this pattern. I've only heard of the star design, but have never seen it before. " Yan Jiu looked into the distance. "What is the background of this friend of yours?"

"He was my good brother, then he was accepted as my disciple by a mysterious old man. I don't know who his master is, so he didn't tell me." Chen Xiang never thought that this pattern was actually that of a Eight ancestor contract map.

"Senior, what exactly is this Eight ancestor contract map?"

Yan Jiu returned the map to Chen Xiang and said, "Back then, there were eight ancestors … The current seven Tao-creation Mountain s and the original Tao-creation's Evil Mountain have all been destroyed. "

Chen Xiang nodded, he knew about this matter, "I'm talking about the eight First Tao-creation Ancestor s, right?

Yan Jiu said: "Yes, this Eight ancestor contract map was a contract made by the eight ancestor back then, and this contract has many effects. It is said that because of the contract's power, many strong things were birthed, some are even stronger than the ancestors, because these things were jointly created by the eight ancestor. These strong things will be responsible for protecting some things, or for maintaining order in the Tao-creation Mountain. "

"If this area of Tao-creation Ancient Place truly has this pattern, then it means that this item is still here. If you accidentally enter this kind of thing's domain, then it would be extremely dangerous."

Chen Xiang really wanted to find Song Longprofound and ask him why he had this Eight ancestor contract map.

"Also, Eight ancestor contract map is a powerful seal … Looks like the Tao-creation Ancient Place is sealing something. " Yan Jiu said: "If you want to break the seal, or drive the Eight Ancestor to contract and create something, then you need the Eight Ancestor's blood. Otherwise, any of the ancestors would be powerless."

"Senior, I came here because I don't want to return empty-handed. No matter what, I have to 'get' a Supreme Mantra." Chen Xiang said. He was anxious to use it to concoct pills so he could step into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank as soon as possible.

Right now, he was a Red fire dragon that had stepped into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank, but he had not. This had caused his body to be unable to release the strongest power of the Red fire dragon.

"Paternoster beast are not so easily hunted, even if they are the experts of the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank s, many of them have died in their mouths. You might not know this, but generally speaking, Paternoster beast s are hunted by dozens, or even hundreds of people for a small team. This kind of strength is considered the apex of power within the sect."

Yan Jiu said, "From the time Paternoster beast were discovered to when they were hunted, it has all been over a thousand years, before being handed over to the sect's Incantation Master."

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched.

"Senior, you cannot return to Flame Mountain Sect now. Do you have any plans?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Sigh, I'm about to step into the World Defying Stage Legendary Rank. I plan to break through first." Yan Jiu replied, "It's fine if they don't return, I've been loyal to them for so many years, but they actually want to silence me by killing me."

When this matter was brought up, Yan Jiu was extremely furious.

"Senior, how about this, you go to the Fighting Glorious City and find the City Lord. Even if you were recommended by me, Chen Xiang, when the time comes, you will be safe in the City Lord's Mansion." Chen Xiang laughed: "When I go back, I will also be able to find you."

"Alright!" Yan Jiu immediately agreed. He felt that being with Chen Xiang was pretty good, since Chen Xiang had an extremely high talent and unlimited potential to learn World Defying Dan grain.

After Yan Jiu recovered from his injuries, he left the Tao-creation Ancient Place and continued to search for Paternoster beast in the Ten Thousand Mountains. Although he knew that he couldn't beat them, since he was here, he still had to see what the Paternoster beast were like.

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