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Chapter 1195 - Blood Flame Qilin Race

The heavens and earth rumbled as countless Intent attacks created a display of breathtaking beauty. Several hundred experts with True G.o.d levels of strength were engaged in combat, their terrifying clashes flattening nearby mountains.

 At present, seven treasures had fallen from the transparent palace. The white teacup had already been obtained by someone from the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land.

 The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's group was fighting over the comb, where the conflict was less intense since the number of factions struggling over it was smaller.


 The dark yellow comb would occasionally release several spatial thorns, which would pierce through the air at rapid speeds. However, the experts involved in this battle were now prepared for this and could evade these thorns.

 "If we manage to get this comb, our fighting power will receive a big boost. This will be a major boon in the upcoming struggles!" a Rank Five True G.o.d with black skin and red eyes of blazing fire said, his face suffused with greed.

 The attacks the comb launched on its own could easily kill a Rank Two True G.o.d, so if it could be refined, it would be able to exhibit even greater power.

 "Keep dreaming!" Another group fighting for the comb immediately retorted.

 "Gentlemen, we can work together temporarily to seize this comb!" the red-eyed Rank Five True G.o.d made an offer to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's group. Although the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's group had a rather low cultivation levels, their strength was decent. Moreover, he could not find anyone else willing to work with him.

 "Okay, we will help Senior get this treasure!" the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon replied with a smile.

 In reality, everyone knew that each faction had their own plans.

 Booom! Bang! Crash!

The two sides fiercely battled. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's group took on the smaller part of the enemy group, leaving the majority of the enemies to the red-eyed Rank Five True G.o.d's group.


 A silver-gray line flashed forward as the little thieving cat used the dark-gold dragon-snake whip in its hands to grab the comb.

 "Haha, a pack of fools!" The red-eyed Rank Five True G.o.d sneered.

 "Kill them!"

 Once the little thieving cat obtained the comb, the other three factions immediately began to attack the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's group.

 "What is this thieving cat doing?" Little Ling was flabbergasted. Treasures were all well and good, but there were far too many experts here. Anyone who obtained a treasure would immediately become the target of all the other factions.

 The faction behind the red-eyed Rank Five True G.o.d that had allied with them just moments ago also began to attack them.


 The little thieving cat grinned as it used the whip to throw the comb to the side of another faction.

 "d.a.m.n, this stupid cat!" The other factions cursed in frustration as they rushed off to attack the faction that received the comb.

 The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon continued to cause trouble, choosing not to take any treasure.

 Two hundred thousand li underground, Zhao Feng was continuing to take in the situation with his profound gaze.

 "Let's first have all the major factions hate each other and stir a little more chaos in the area!" Zhao Feng chuckled.

 The first batch of objects that had dropped from the transparent palace was not as valuable compared to what still remained within, so Zhao Feng had no plans to fight for any of it.

 "That is…?" Zhao Feng's gaze froze as he focused on the transparent palace.

 In the center of the transparent palace, in an area shrouded by a thick spatial layer, a silver robe emerged. This robe was embroidered with countless wondrous runes, all of them glimmering with a silver l.u.s.ter.


 The silver robe began to move through the palace all on its own.


 A terrifying spatial wind blew upon it.


 Spatial ripples appeared on the dark silver robe and blocked the power of this spatial gale.

 The majority of the experts fighting outside the palace naturally saw this scene as well.

 "What treasure is that? It has intelligence that allows it to move on its own, and not even the terrifying spatial winds can harm it!"

 The many experts beneath the palace felt their hearts beat faster.

 Boom! Bang!

 The silver robe suddenly began to randomly bash itself against the walls of the palace. Spatial storms of various sizes battered at the silver robe, but none of them were capable of harming even a single thread of it. In fact, a few of the other treasures in the palace were knocked flying as the silver robe randomly flew through the palace.

 "What a formidable treasure!"

 Everyone could see that this silver robe was the most intelligent treasure in the palace.

 "I have to get my hands on that robe!" The Rank Five True G.o.d from the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land had a vicious light in his eyes. No one was more familiar with s.p.a.cetime Intent than the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land; his judgment told him that this robe was very possibly the most valuable object in the palace. However, this object was not an offensive type, so outsiders couldn't tell how precious it was.


 The robe caused the entire palace to tremble, and many of the objects within were jolted loose.

 Whoosh! Whoosh!

 Even more objects dropped from the cracks in the palace.

 "Another batch of treasures has fallen!"

 "The quality seems even higher than the first batch!"

 The experts below were stunned, their bodies trembling as they prepared for battle.

 Many of the treasures in this batch were plants - precious materials likely to contain s.p.a.cetime Intent that could a.s.sist one in comprehending the power of s.p.a.ce and time.


 One of these treasures, a mirror, shot out a ray of Void Light that vanished into the air. In a flash, the s.p.a.ce in that area was locked down, and everyone in that area was incapable of using s.p.a.ce Intent.

 "That's… the Spatial Lock Mirror!" An elder from the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land had his eyes locked onto the mirror, his mind reeling from shock.

 The Spatial Lock Mirror could lock down s.p.a.ce in an area and make it impossible to use s.p.a.ce Intent. This was a treasure that the people of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land had a particular fear of.


 After locking down an area of s.p.a.ce, the Spatial Lock Mirror immediately fled into the distance.

 "Go! We can't let the Spatial Lock Mirror escape!"

 Ten factions immediately ran off in pursuit, the people of the three Sacred Lands among them. After all, this Spatial Lock Mirror was the highest quality treasure that had appeared at the moment; it was of a far higher level than those teacups and combs.

 Anyone who could control the ability of the Spatial Lock Mirror would find it much easier to obtain any future treasures.

 "Hurry, go after the remaining treasures!"

 The Spatial Lock Mirror had drawn away a large number of the more powerful factions, leaving the remaining factions to struggle over the rest of the treasures. These treasures might not be as good as the Spatial Lock Mirror, but they were far more valuable than the treasures from the first batch.

 "Go!" the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon roared. So many treasures had dropped out of the sky, and the more powerful factions and experts had all gone after the Spatial Lock Mirror.

 Boom! Bang! Thump!

 Two weaker groups were currently struggling over a silver plant, both sides fully immersed in their battle. At this moment, an eye of a faint golden color appeared above them, lightning of various color arcing around it. It was cold and callous, seemingly an existence on par with the heavens and earth as it looked down upon all things.

 The two groups instantly paled in fright, their bodies shivering as their souls were a.s.saulted by an invisible pressure. Only the two Rank Four True G.o.ds among them were able to maintain some composure.

 "Forbidden Illusion Lost World!"

 Bzzz! Thwish!

 This enormous amber-gold eye transformed into a maze-like world of violet-gold, one that exuded a fatal attractive force. All the experts on both sides were entranced by this powerful illusion, and even the Rank Four True G.o.ds showed signs of struggle in their eyes.


 A vortex of Eye Intent appeared around the silver plant and swallowed it whole. The golden Eye of Heaven that dominated the sky subsequently vanished.

 The two groups glanced at each other in shock, immediately knowing that neither side had been responsible for this move.

 "Was it a genius of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land hiding in the shadows?"

 After voicing this question, the Rank Four True G.o.d led his group after another treasure. These small factions naturally did not dare to offend the people of a G.o.d Realm Sacred Land.

 Underground, Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. If he used the Eye of Heaven in this chaotic battlefield, no one would be able to tell just who had used it. Moreover, in this area, the Eye of Heaven's techniques were not as shocking as usual. With the people of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land around, the majority of the people would place their suspicions on them.

 "The abilities of my Eye of Heaven seemed to have gotten much stronger!" Zhao Feng elatedly said.

 This was the first time Zhao Feng had used the Eye of Heaven in the Ancient Dream Realm. In that moment, Zhao Feng sensed that he could borrow even more strength from the world to strengthen his eye-bloodline techniques.

 The Eye of Heaven would provide a boost to all of Zhao Feng's various eye-bloodline techniques, and this boost was even larger in the Ancient Dream Realm.

 "Eh? The ancient species are planning to move?" Zhao Feng muttered to himself, his left eye having sensed signs of activity on the far-off horizon.

 The location of this activity was precisely where the ten factions were fighting over the Spatial Lock Mirror.

 "That's…!" Zhao Feng's eyes widened in shock as if he had seen something absolutely terrifying.

 Boom! Bang! Thump!

 For the Spatial Lock Mirror, the ten factions were fighting with such ferocity that the earth shook and the heavens dimmed.


 At this moment, the distant horizon began to shake, a cruel and ancient Qi surging into the air.

 "Watch out! A strong enemy has appeared!" Quasi-G.o.d Si Kong of the Tianyun Sacred Land retreated a step, ceasing his attacks.

 Swoosh swoosh…

 Two enormous figures, one black and one red, charged onto the scene.


 Dreadful and mighty Intent caused the auras of all the experts fighting for the Spatial Lock Mirror to freeze and their bodies to sink.


 The enormous red figure charged straight at the Spatial Lock Mirror.

 "Stop!" a Rank Four True G.o.d of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land roared and immediately attacked.


 A blazing beam of light shot from the red figure, swallowing up the Rank Four True G.o.d. When the flame vanished, the person was no longer there!


 The more than one hundred experts present felt their souls shiver, their bodies growing stiff as they stared at the enormous red figure.


 This was a ma.s.sive Flame Qilin. Tremendous waves of energy radiated off it as it raised its savage face to the heavens and howled.


 The world shook as all the experts near the Flame Qilin felt their souls being heated up by an inextinguishable flame. The blood in their bodies trembled as if it wanted to explode from their bodies.


 Anyone with strength less than a Rank Four True G.o.d vomited blood.

 In the distance, those factions fighting for treasure beneath the transparent palace were also caught up in that invisible wave of energy.


 As the Flame Qilin roared, even more enormous ancient beasts surged out from behind it. These ancient beasts could not be considered very strong, but their numbers made them a terrifying force.

 However, everyone's eyes continued to remain fixed on that blazing red Qilin.

 "Ancient G.o.d!" a Rank Five True G.o.d of the Tianyun Sacred Land murmured in shock. This powerful aura was definitely that of an Ancient G.o.d expert.

 "It's actually an Ancient G.o.d!"

 A few experts from five-star powers reeled in shock upon hearing these words. The prodigies of the three Sacred Lands also felt their hearts sink.

 "This is the race ranked 125th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races - the Blood Flame Qilin Race!" An extremely old Rank Four True G.o.d recognized the true ident.i.ties of these two ancient beasts.

 A powerful Ancient G.o.d from a race ranked above two hundred on the ranking of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races! Just how dreadful would its strength be!?
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