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SEG Chapter 4.3 —The G.o.d of Online Games is Spoiling Me (3) [Not proofread yet ^^]

After leaving the game world for three days, Su Wan has not been idle these few days. She first took all her savings from the bank and opened an account on the exchange to start a short-term investment. After that, she quit her original job and sent a cover letter to a game studio through mail.

As for the remaining free time, Su Wan used all of it to relax.

She didn't have many friends in reality. Because of work, there's very little contact between them, but her friend in the game, Shi Li Hua Mei has not seen Su Wan online recently. She finally couldn't bear it and gave Su Wan a call, asking about her recent situation.

Because the two happened to be in a city, Su Wan invited to meet her at a coffee shop.

Shi Li Hua Mei was called Xu Hua. She was not as tall as she was in the game, but she was especially lively. She was also very warm and loyal.

Because the two got to know each other in the game, they had the habit to call each other by their game ID.

"Wan Yue, you're really not going to play anymore?"

She asked for a cup of Blue Mountain and looked at Su Wan with some pity on her face. She was also an avid online game enthusiast. Over the years, the only fellow gamer that made her admire and take the initiative to be friends with was only Su Wan.

Although Xu Hua was not in s.h.i.tian Guild, the both of them had underwent a lot of tough trials over the years in the game together. What Su Wan paid for s.h.i.tian, Xu Hua was very clear on it.

Now Ye Tian said that he did not want her, so he did not want her. 1The original is 现在叶天说不要她就不要她了. Which means that Ye Tian says "I don't want her anymore." So he was doing what he said. Errrr…… it's hard to explain. I'm not the best for this, so maybe one of you could try explaining? This made Xu Hua feel extremely angry from the bottom of her heart!

"Hua Mei, I won't quit."

Su Wan leisurely drank a sip of coffee. Then, she lifted her eyes and looked at Xu Mei seriously: "I've just been having a good rest these past few days. Next Tuesday after the game updates, I will go online!"


Hearing Su Wan's words, Hua Mei's gaze brightened. As a guild leader, Xu Hua was also very concerned about the game update. She knows that the new update will make all the major guilds expend a lot of effort. Almost in an instant, Xu Hua became aware of Su Wan's thought: "Wan Yue, you're so clever! Let's do it like this ba! After you come online, join Xiaoyao Pavillion. I'll bring you go leveling!"

"No, no need."

Su Wan indifferently rejected Xu Mei's good intentions: "Hua Mei, right now your guild has already lagged behind a lot. You don't have to trouble yourself for me. I've already found a good person to help me. They will help me level."


Xu Hua froze for a bit when she heard Su Wan's words. Because in the fourth district, n.o.body dared to brazenly offend Di Shi Tian and Du Lang like her.

Who was the person  that Su Wan was talking about?

At this time, in another city center, in Ju Feng Online Game Studio, a cold-faced man was looking at the email in his mailbox in a daze.

This was a cover letter, a very special cover letter.

The person who wrote this letter was currently the hottest character in the fourth district, Su Cheng Wan Yue.

Men were familiar with this ID. In the past few years, he did not have little contact with s.h.i.tian Guild and Su Cheng Wan Yue was s.h.i.tian's former vice-leader.

From the vice-leader of a guild that dominated the entire server to the target of scorn of everyone in the game. Let alone Su Cheng Wan Yue who was a woman, even a big lord would fear the current situation and wouldn't have any ambitions at the moment.


The man moved his finger to swipe the mouse and pulled the cover letter to the end, on which there was a bank account number and also a secret pa.s.sword symbol.

After easily cracking the secret code, the man used his private computer to log in into that bank account. Seeing the balance in the account, the man unconsciously narrowed his eyes. What a Su Cheng Wan Yue ah!

After knowing her for so long, it was really the first time he had a whole new level of respect for her.

A week pa.s.sed, and with the new version of the update, the game world ushered in a hot scene just like when it was a beta test.

Su Wan once again logged into the game one week later, still located at the novice village.

She exited the novice village with ease and killed a monster west of the village. Rising from level 10  to level 11 did not need much experience.

After Su Wan used her primary light bullet skill to kill dozens of cute bunny rabbits, her whole body flashed a white light and her character upgraded.

After upgrading, Su Wan did not stay in place and continued going deeper until she reached the next map, Yangquan Plain. This was the closest level 13 leveling point and was the mot suitable plce for Su Wan to upgrade.

This kind of novice leveling map already had very few people pa.s.sing by now. Su Wan was especially relaxed as she attacked the monsters from afar. In less than an hour, Su Wan rose to level 14.

Level 15 was a hurdle. To get to level 15, you had to go to the outskirts of Longcheng and kill level 15 mobs.

In 《Ling Shen》, Longcheng was currently the largest main city. Each character had the qualifications to enter the city after they reached level 15. After leaving your name card at Longcheng's relay station, you could use the scroll for returning to the city anywhere to transfer back to Longcheng. Also, if you use a locator, you can also set your resurrection point in the centre of the city.

Su Wan hesitated at the entrance to the map on the outskirts of Longcheng. One move and she entered the entrance of the map. When she opened her eyes again, the scene that entered her eyes was not a plain but a verdant and lush forest.

This place was where she was killed last time.

Recalling that the original owner would be miserably killed every time she returned to level 15, Su Wan's face got a little more grave.

She cautiously observed her surroundings. Luckily, most people were enjoying the bustling scene at the new instance. The only people who were killing monsters at the outskirts of Longcheng were only genuine newcomers and those newcomers were obviously unfamiliar with Su Cheng Wan Yue this renowned ID.

It seems that she did not wait one week in vain. Su Wan looked for a place with a lolt of monsters and began to level up alone.

Killing monsters and leveling up was actually a very boring task, and Longcheng outskirts' tree demons and lantern monsters were simply far apart from the cute little monsters outside the novice village.

Fortunately, Su Wan was not an ordinary girl. Concerning these repulsive monsters, she didn't feel anything at all, but a girl's scream could occasionally be heard from a leveling team not far away. 

"Ai ya ya! It's coming over! How scary!"

"Wu wu wu, the monster's death is so ugly!"

Su Wan just casually glanced when she heard that voice, she saw that the newcomer leveling team were actually three fifteen or sixteen year old students, and understood in her mind.

Although that girl's voice was somewhat noisy, Su Wan did not feel disgusted.

Girls of this age should be innocent and a little cute like this, and for a person Hui Mou Yi Xiao that kind of obviously twenty something but still always had a childish look, there was a really big difference— The world is so chaotic, you pretend to be pure for who to see? 2 This sentence is a direct translate of what Su Wan was thinking. I don't know how to translate it other than this, so if you guys got anything smoother, then I'm all ears.

"Ya! How does it still tread on with the red circle under its feet?" It was still that melodious female voice. This time, her tone was filled with surprise.

"This is called a small wild BOSS!" The teammate on the side quickly answered her.

Su Wan's thoughts were interrupted by their dialogue. She returned to her senses and sure enough, she saw a tree demon BOSS with one foot in a light circle already being surrounded by those three newcomers.

Evidently, it was their first time coming across a wild BOSS. Three of them were fl.u.s.tered and because their levels weren't high, their equipment were also not good. The warrior team leader had his health halved very quickly by the BOSS.

"Xiao Wu, 3 'Xiao' as in 'little'. It's a term of endearment. quickly add blood for your brother ah!"

The male mage on the side who was known as Bing Huo Xing Zhe (Fire Ice Walker) was surrounding the BOSS and doing his best to hurl ice arrows from a distance while reminding the female priest on the side. The target of his reminder was that very talkative girl earlier. Her ID was Wu Baobei (Dancing Baby/Darling).

When she head Bing Huo, Wu Baobei hurriedly waved her priest's staff. She was just going to release a skill when that tree demon BOSS suddenly extended numerous branches, unleashing a large group attack-

"Ya! My blood dropped!"

Wu Baobei was scared enough. She took a few steps back in a panic and saw that her blood had dropped. She immediately subconsciously added blood on herself.

At this time, the warrior on the side only had a sliver of health left. If the warrior this MT (main tank) collapsed, then the other two can just directly kill themselves and return to the city.

It was right at this time when the body of the warrior was suddenly bathed in layers of faint glow. A series of numbers followed after, appearing on top of his head-

"+ 100, + 100, + 100."

A priest's healing skill!

Wu Baobei and Binghuo Xingzhe subconsciously turned their heads and saw a young woman wearing a priest gown calmly standing behind them: "Don't look at me, continue fighting the monster!"

"Oh oh!"

Binghuo Xingzhe immediately turned around and continued fighting the monster while Wu Baobei stared at the ID of the priest who suddenly appeared-

Su Cheng Wan Yue!

Ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah!

Wu Baobei felt like she couldn't calm down!

It was Su Cheng Wan Yue! It really was Su Cheng Wan Yue ah! Idol-daren!!4 Daren is how you would address your superior(or whoever?) with respect. Today, I finally saw the live one!!!

The First

BLU: Su Wan to the rescue! And the number thingy is back again….. Still don't get what it means :

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