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Dark Samsara (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

How could the War G.o.d's sword be any ordinary item? Ling Chen could clearly remember that when the War G.o.d initially lifted it up, his Twilight Spear and Chilling Star had both trembled in fear. This showed just how powerful it was. After hesitating for a moment, Ling Chen stretched out his hand and picked up the large, jet-black sword. The instant his hand touched the sword, an imperceptible light was released from the sword and travelled along Ling Chen's fingers into his body.

"Ding… you have received a gift of power from the War G.o.d, HP+2000, MP+1000, Strenght+200, Const.i.tution+100, Agility+50, Spirit+50, Comprehension+2, SP+90,0000, skill [War G.o.d Technique]'s level has been raised to LV15, maximum level has been raised to LV25. Skill [Heaven Destroying Slash]'s maximum level has been raised to LV12, skill [Boundless Desolation]'s maximum level has been raised to LV12, skill [Eight Direction Annihilation]'s maximum level has been raised to LV6. You have received the War G.o.d's unique skill [War G.o.d's Will].

Ling Chen froze in shock, an incredibly complicated feeling inside him.

A gift of power from the War G.o.d… this meant that the instant before the War G.o.d disappeared he had sent all of his power into this jet-black sword so that when Ling Chen picked it up, it would increase the power of his War G.o.d's profession.

Did Ling Chen hate the War G.o.d? Of course he did. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done all that he could to destroy him. After all, he had caused Ling Chen's pets to die for the first time. However, his battle power came from the War G.o.d, and after the War G.o.d had perished, he had left him power… in that instant, Ling Chen simply didn't know how to express how moved he felt.

After activating [Shura's Death Domain], he had lost 120 points of stats, but the power from the War G.o.d had given him 2000 HP, 1000 MP, and 400 points of stats! What's more, 200 of those points were added to Strength, and he had even gained Comprehension. Also, the maximum level of many of his skills had been raised. He had even received a new War G.o.d skill. This was the most stats Ling Chen had ever received.

[War G.o.d's Will]: Special skill, cannot be levelled up. The special skill given by the Undead War G.o.d Chi Xuan Wu Hen. Effects: Once activated, 80% chance of not being knocked back, knocked over, or knocked up when receiving damage.

This skill gave an 80% chance of nullifying an impact from attacks - this was undeniably a powerful skill. When fighting the War G.o.d, no matter how powerful his attacks had been, the War G.o.d had been like a steady mountain that could not be moved. With this skill, he could essentially fight like the War G.o.d had, like an immovable mountain. When fighting against powerful enemies, this skill would undeniably be incredibly useful.

When Ling Chen held the Undead War G.o.d's sword, it not only felt incredibly heavy, but it also felt bone-piercingly cold. However, what allowed Ling Chen to release a breath of relief was that the jet-black sword did not release energy to resist his touch. As far as he knew, incredibly powerful weapons that had reached a certain grade had a mind of their own. Once they chose an owner, they would resist anyone else. If someone else tried to forcibly use them, they would release energy to attack the person.

The large jet-black sword's appearance was simple and unadorned. It was completely jet-black, and the sword's edge was quite blunt. It was incredibly wide to the point that it was quite difficult to hold in one hand. Apart from this, there was nothing else to be described. It didn't have any inscriptions on it, and it was so ordinary-looking that if it was hung in a weapons shop, most people, including Ling Chen, wouldn't spare it an extra glance. However, it was the War G.o.d's sword, and it had caused the Heaven's End grade Chilling Star and Twilight Spear to tremble in fear, so it definitely wasn't any ordinary sword. Ling Chen picked it up with great difficulty and looked at its stats:

[Dark Samsara]: Type: Double-Handed Sword, Grade: Mysterious G.o.d, Equipment Requirements: A weapon that has had restrictions cast on it by the Underworld King. Only those who the Underworld King chooses can use this weapon. Currently, only the Undead War G.o.d Chi Xuan Wu Hen has been given permission. A sword forged by the Dwarf Clan 10,000 years ago using Starfall Metal and Extreme Darkness Chalcedony, it was fused with hundreds of thousands of dark souls. It devoured the blood of the Darkness G.o.d Beast, and it was bathed in the Underworld Blood Lake. In total, it took 130 years to forge the sword. When the sword was completed, the sky, sun, and moon became dark and brought a divine tribulation. It has the power to rend the heavens and destroy the earth; the power to annihilate stars and break moons. It was originally the Underworld King's personal sword, but it was given to the Undead War G.o.d to be used a thousand years ago, and it has been with him ever since.

Stats: Only those who can equip the weapon can see its stats.

Bonus Skills: Only those who can equip the weapon can see its skills.

Ling Chen's eyes shined as he tightly gripped the Undead War G.o.d's sword… although he had expected this, waves of shock crashed into his heart when he saw the sword's grade.

Mysterious G.o.d grade… this was a Mysterious G.o.d grade Double-Handed Sword!! An actual G.o.d's sword! It was not only the Undead War G.o.d's sword, but it had also been the Underworld King's personal sword in the past!

There were definitely not more than 3 Mysterious G.o.d grade swords in the entire Forgotten Continent, and yet this sword was in his hands. If Ling Chen could equip this sword, his overall power would skyrocket to a completely different level! Just thinking about it made all of the blood within Ling Chen's body started to boil.

However, even with the max-level [Item Manipulation Technique], Ling Chen was unable to equip the Mysterious G.o.d grade sword because it was clearly written that the Underworld King had set restrictions on it so that only those whom he gave permission could use it. In other words, if Ling Chen wanted to use this sword, he had to ask the Underworld King to give him permission…

As soon as this naïve thought appeared in Ling Chen's mind, he immediately quashed it.

What a joke! He had charged into the Underworld's Forbidden Area, the Underworld Blood Lake. Once the Underworld King knew of this, he would order the entirety of the Underworld to capture or kill Ling Chen. Why would he release the restriction for Ling Chen?

After obtaining the Mysterious G.o.d Grade sword and not being able to use it, Ling Chen felt as if he had brought a very beautiful woman to bed but simply couldn't take her clothes off. This sort of feeling was incredibly uncomfortable. After feeling quite complicated for a while, Ling Chen threw the sword into his bag… it was simply impossible to ask the Underworld King to give him permission to use this sword. However, with the Dwarves' wisdom and skill in forging, perhaps they would have a way to undo this restriction. This was especially so because it was the Dwarves who had forged it 10,000 years ago - it was possible that they had left something within it that allowed them to control it.

Ahead of Ling Chen was the Underworld Blood Lake, one of the Underworld's most restricted and dangerous areas. Ling Chen had arrived in quite a good condition, and he looked at his current SP. After killing the 3 Heaven's End grade beasts and the War G.o.d, he had also received the War G.o.d's gift, resulting in 2,130,000 SP! After looking at all of the War G.o.d's skills that had been upgraded, he quickly allocated the SP among them, bringing the [War G.o.d Technique], [Heaven Destroying Slash], [Boundless Desolation] and [Eight Direction Annihilation] to max level.

[War G.o.d Technique]: Current Level: LV25, max level. Powerful battle technique originating from the War G.o.d's soul force. After practicing, one's Attack Power is greatly increased permanently. Effect: Strength increases by 25*X points, Physical Attack Damage increased by 60*X (X=Current level).

[Heaven Destroying Slash]: Current Level: LV12, max level. A single-target skill upgraded from [Ling Tian Slash], it possesses even more destructive power and contains enough might to destroy the heavens and split the earth. Uses one's weapon to attack a single target, releasing the ferocious and mighty War G.o.d's power, dealing ma.s.sive damage to the target. Effects: Single target attack, Damage is equal to 600% of normal attacks, Critical Chance+30%, 10% chance to stun the target for 3-5 seconds, 10% chance for the target's Defence to fall by 70% for 5 seconds, 90% chance of knocking the target back. MP Consumption: 50, no cooldown time.

[Boundless Desolation]: Current Level: LV12, max level. An AOE skill upgraded from [Ling Tian Burst], it has a larger range and more destructive power. Guides the War G.o.d's power into one's weapon and then releases it as one sweeps their weapon, causing a large-scale explosion. Attacks the area 12 metres in front of the user, and it has a 100% chance of knocking back the targets. Damage is equal to 350% of normal attacks. MP Consumption: 70, no cooldown time.

[Eight Direction Annihilation]: Current Level: LV12, max level. An ultimate skill upgraded from [Four Corners Star Formation]. Unleashes the War G.o.d's power without reservation when cast, and it creates a terrifying storm of destruction within 30 metres of the user. Damage is equal to 1500% of normal attacks, Critical Chance+30%, 100% chance to knock back targets. MP Consumption: 280, cooldown time: 60 seconds.

After raising the 4 skills that the War G.o.d had upgraded to their new maximum levels, Ling Chen looked at his remaining SP and instantly felt dumbfounded… the terrifying 2 million SP was now 940,000 - he had spent over half! The 3 attack skills were not too bad, but it required 80,000 SP to upgrade [War G.o.d Technique] from LV15 to LV16, and every time he levelled it up after LV20 it cost him more than 100,000 SP. When Ling Chen raised the levels of his skills, his hands trembled because of the aching in his heart. However, the max level War G.o.d Technique was undeniably incredibly powerful, causing his Attack Power to skyrocket.

Now, his Basic Attack Power had broken through 10,000, and it was more than twice as powerful as it had been before he had fought the War G.o.d!

The situation did not allow Ling Chen to continue dallying. He once again jumped onto Snow Cherry's back and brought Leng'Er as they sped forwards like lightning. After exiting the destroyed Fire Purgatory, they came to a dark pa.s.sageway. With Snow Cherry's extreme speed, they pa.s.sed through the pa.s.sageway in a flash. The instant they pa.s.sed through the pa.s.sageway, Snow Cherry's body froze, and Ling Chen stared ahead.

"Ding… you have entered into the extremely dangerous region 'Underworld Blood Lake'. The Underworld Blood Lake is one of the Forbidden Areas of the Underworld, and entering will bring the wrath and anger of the Underworld King. Please quickly depart before the Underworld King notices!"

In front of him was a gigantic lake of blood… that's right, a lake of blood! The system announcement in his ears confirmed that this was the Underworld Blood Lake that he had come for.

The Underworld Blood Lake was not as large as Ling Chen had expected - at least, it didn't stretch on as far as the eye could see. Ling Chen could see the Underworld Blood Lake all the way to the other end. It formed an imperfect circle, and it was roughly 1 kilometre in diameter. The water was a shocking dark red colour, looking like incredibly dense blood. The lake water constantly bubbled, and an incredibly dense and heavy air hung above it.

Ling Chen slowly came to the edge of the Underworld Blood Lake and looked at the colour of the lake. When thinking of the name 'Underworld Blood Lake' before he had come here, he had imagined several possibilities, and what he saw was quite close to what he had imagined. However, it still gave him quite a big shock. Looking at the dark-red lake water, an important question surfaced in his mind…

Since the Underworld Blood Lake was so large, how could he find the Orb hidden within it?!

Because Xiao Hui had died earlier, he needed to sleep for 3 hours. Without Xiao Hui's detection abilities, Ling Chen had no idea how he would find the Orb. Furthermore, he didn't know if the Orb was around the lake or within the lake! If it was within the lake, he wouldn't be able to go into it to find the Orb even if he knew exactly where it was… this was a terrifying lake that had refined countless high-grade Undead's corpses. Without even thinking, it was obvious what would be the result if a living creature jumped into it.

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