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The winery came to mind. It shouldn't be difficult to get something out of it, but I still would have to take it slow since I knew nothing about them.

I got up in the middle of the night, tiptoed to the hall, and grabbed three bottles of red wine.

I picked up a fancy bottle opener and brought the bottles to the bathroom. I remembered Yun Huan mentioning that these wine were extremely expensive.

I opened all of them and poured the contents down the sink, before returning to my room with three empty bottles. I slept peacefully through the night.

I was awakened by Yun Huan the next morning.

I looked at him, half-asleep, as he asked, "You drank all those three? You like wine?"

"Yeah... didn't you say I can drink them? They taste great. That one especially," I commented, pointing to a random bottle.

His face changed slightly. "You're quite the drinker. That bottle cost 70,000 and was older than both of us. It's fine if you sipped on it slowly, but chugging it down... don't you think it's a waste?"

"I saw it and wanted to try it. I did not expect it to be so expensive," I said.

"Wine tasting is an art. You shouldn't have hurried it down."

I tried, "Teach me then?"

He looked taken aback when he responded, "Everyone has his own style, so there's really nothing to learn."

"Okay. I'll probably drink more tonight, would you mind?"

It seemed as though he wasn't keen on me changing my habits. In fact, he wanted to accommodate and learn from me, which was extremely suspicious.

After a short pause, he continued, "It's probably going to be hard to find white wine. Is vodka acceptable?"

"Yup, I drink vodka when there's no white wine," I answered, smiling.

"Alright. Wait for me while I go get a few bottles. You don't have to destroy art to get drunk," he told me.

"Buy plenty. I prefer wine," I said. "Aren't you gonna learn to be like me, though?"

He looked stumped. "Do your parents know about your binge drinking habit?"

"Of course. My dad was the one who taught me."

"So you drink with him at home?"

"Yeah, I do."

"In that case, I'll train up my alcohol tolerance slowly."

He walked out, presumably to get my requests.

Yun Huateng told me that Yun Huan was going to familiarize with my rough habits in order to pa.s.s off as me when checked by the police. From Yun Huan's behavior, however, it seemed that he was more keen on replacing me completely.

I had planned to provoke him further but all I managed was to send him away.

Li DanFC was watching some TV outside and from where he was seated, he had a clear view of my room.

I had tried to go out to explore a few times, but I caught his gaze every time so I could only pretend to get a drink or head to the bathroom.

I needed to have a look in Yun Huan's room, but it was simply too challenging and I did not want to take unnecessary risks.

A long time later, Yun Huan came back with two bottles of vodka.

I took one from him and returned to my room.

"Why are you bringing it in your room?" he asked.

"So there's a bed ready for me when I get dead drunk. Duh."

He only gave me a look of contempt and sympathy in response.

After dinner, I went back to my room, opened the bottle, and poured half of it out of the window.

I then lay around, waiting for them to return to their own rooms.

Sometime later, I brought the bottle out to the hall, sat on the sofa, and turned on the TV.

I increased the volume and placed the bottle on the table, before shutting my eyes and pretending to be drunk.

Yun Huan was the first to notice. He came out and shouted, "It's late, turn the TV down!"

I ignored him.

I heard him picking up the bottle and putting it back down before running to Li DanFC's room, shouting, "Brother Dan, come out!"

I kept my eyes and mouth shut. I even drooled a little to perfect my role. 

They came back into the living room and shut the TV off.

Yun Huan asked, "Where did my dad find this b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"Actually, I was the one who found him. Doesn't he look just like you?" Li DanFC replied.

"Yes, he does, but he's garbage . Why does Dad want me to imitate his behavior?" Yun Huan asked him.

"Boss has thought this over for a long time so do your best," Li DanFC answered instead.

"Can't I just kill him now and go back to China with his ident.i.ty?" Yun Huan grumbled.

"Be patient and wait for a month. Learn his behaviors well. We've found a way to get rid of the video on his phone, but don't slack off. It's to ensure that you can pa.s.s off as him in front of his relatives and friends," Li DanFC told him.

"Why? Can't I just keep his ident.i.ty and return to Dad's side?"

"That's not a good idea. At least, not in the next ten years. We'll talk about it when it's done. You know how the board of directors feel after seeing the news, don't you? No one's going to be able to save you if you reappear. You're lucky as it is that you get to keep your life. Don't push it," Li DanFC advised firmly.

"Didn't money got me out of jail for killing someone in China as well? I've already taken two lives so why would one more matter? Can't I just move into another country? Must we go through this much trouble?"

"Boss wants you to take over his a.s.sets but he isn't up for risks, which is why I'm the one settling all the procedures now. There mustn't be any more slip-ups. The other directors can't wait to see your father fail, so Boss has thought long and hard about how you can take over his business."

"What will happen when I return to China?"

"Your father's thinking of retiring in 10 years' time. He gave Gou Dan a sales managerial post so you'll be able to get a sufficient amount each month for the next 10 years. Before he retires, he'll nominate you to take over his position. By then, the storm would've blown over and you'll go back as his G.o.dson, Gou Dan. To outsiders, you'll just be someone who looks like Yun Huan."

"I'm already fine with being a Gou (dog) for the rest of my life, but why do I still have to wait 10 years?" Yun Huan protested.

"No more whys. This is your last chance. I'm sure you know that you're a murderer in the eyes of the directors, so cherish this chance to start over."

"Fine. Bring him back to his room," Yun Huan conceded before walking back to his room and slamming the door behind him.

Now I know Yun Huan's real character.

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