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CAPTAIN LOCKWOOD, U.S. Signal Corps C.C. Brandt.

CORPORAL DUNN W.J. c.u.mmings.

BENSON Wm. Barnes.

OLD MARGERY Mrs. Haslam.

JANNETTE Esther Drew.


HAVERILL.--Act I. Full Evening Dress.--Acts 2 and 3. Uniform of Brigadier-General, U.S. Vol., 1864. Active Service, rough and war-worn.--Act 4. Civil Costume, Prince Albert, &c.

KERCHIVAL WEST.--Act I. Full Evening Dress.--Acts 2 and 3. Uniform of Colonel of Cavalry, U.S. Vol., 1864 (with cloak in Act 3). Active Service, rough and war-worn.--Act 4. Travelling.

CAPTAIN HEARTSEASE.--Act 2. Uniform of Captain of Cavalry, 1864; as neat and precise as is consistent with Active Service.--Act 4.

Afternoon; Civil.

LIEUTENANT FRANK BEDLOE.--Act 2. Lieutenant of Cavalry, 1864; Active Service. He must have a full beard.--Act 3. Same, disarranged for wounded man on stretcher.

GENERAL BUCKTHORN.--Acts 2 and 3. Major-General, 1864. Active Service.--Act 3. Same.--Act 4. Civil. Afternoon.

SERGEANT BARKET.--Acts 2 and 3. Sergeant of Cavalry, U.S. Vol., 1864.

Active Service.--Act 4. Plain undress uniform, sacque or jacket.

ROBERT ELLINGHAM.--Act I. Full Evening Dress.--Act 2. Confederate Colonel: Infantry, 1864. Active Service.--Act 4. Citizen; afternoon.

Prince Albert (Gray).

EDWARD THORNTON.--Act I. Riding, but not present English Cut.--Act 2.

First, Confederate Captain of Cavalry. Active Service. Second costume, same, in shirt sleeves and without hat or cap.

HARDWICK.--Uniform of Confederate Surgeon, 1864. Active Service.

CORPORAL DUNN.--Uniform of rank, Cavalry, U.S. Vol., 1864. Active Service.

BENSON.--Uniform of 2nd Corporal, Cavalry, U.S. Vol., 1864. Active Service.

LIEUTENANT OF INFANTRY.--Uniform of rank, U.S. Vol., 1864. Active Service.

MRS. HAVERILL.--Act I. Full evening ball dress.--Act 4. Mourning, but not too deep.

GERTRUDE ELLINGHAM.--Act I. Riding habit.--Act 2. First costume, afternoon at home; simple enough for the South during war. Second costume, picturesque and not conventional dress and hat for riding.--Act 3. First costume of Act 2, or similar.--Act 4. Neat travelling costume.

MADELINE WEST.--Act I. Full evening ball dress.--Act 2. Pretty afternoon costume.--Act 3. Same or walking.--Act 4. Afternoon costume at home.

JENNY BUCKTHORN.--Act 2. Pretty afternoon costume, with military cut, tr.i.m.m.i.n.gs and general air.--Act 3. Same.--Act 4. Afternoon costume at home.

MRS. EDITH HAVERILL.--Young widow's costume.

OLD MARGERY.--Neat old family servant.

JANNETTE.--Young servant.


In ACT I, just before the opening of the war, HAVERILL is a Colonel in the Regular Army. KERCHIVAL WEST and ROBERT ELLINGHAM are Lieutenants in his regiment, having been cla.s.smates at West Point.



The citizens of Charleston knew almost the exact hour at which the attack on Fort Sumter would begin, and they gathered in the gray twilight of the morning to view the bombardment as a spectacle.--NICOLAY, _Campaigns of the Civil War, Vol. I._

"I shall open fire in one hour."--BEAUREGARD'S _last message to_ MAJOR ANDERSON. _Sent at 3:20 A.M., April 12, 1861_.


The Union Army, under General Sheridan, and the Confederate Army, under General Early, were encamped facing each other about twenty miles south of Winchester, on Cedar Creek. * * * General Sheridan was called to Washington. Soon after he left, a startling despatch was taken by our own Signal Officers from the Confederate Signal Station on Three Top Mountain.--POND, _Camp. Civ. War, Vol. XI._

On the morning of October 19th, the Union Army was taken completely by surprise. Thoburn's position was swept in an instant. Gordon burst suddenly upon the left flank. The men who escaped capture streamed through the camps along the road to Winchester.--POND, _supra._

Far away in the rear was heard cheer after cheer.--_Three Years in the Sixth Corps._



I feel that we are on the eve of a new era, when there is to be great harmony between the Federal and Confederate.--GEN. GRANT'S _Memoirs._




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