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Chapter 66: Nest, so cool!!

“W-well then, see you….”


After the conversation with Ethique was over, I once again traversed the halls I walked through earlier to return to the room where the maids were.

“Geez, you’re so slow.”


When I got back to the room, Aura and the others, who should have been somewhere else, were waiting with the maids.

Furthermore, everyone was fitted with a dress that suited them respectively.

“…What do you think about this?”

There, Aura asked for my impressions, just like yesterday.

“Y-yeah. Er, it suits you.”

Aura’s elegance, something that surely wouldn’t appear when she’s in plain clothes, was brought out to the surface and I was honestly fascinated.

It’s embarra.s.sing so I won’t say so though….

“Nest~! What about me~?”

At that moment, Lily thrust herself between Aura and me.

For a second, I thought Aura had an unusual look of discontent on her face regarding Lily, but it must have been my imagination.

“Oh, as I thought, Lily’s cute too~!”

When Lily clung to me without any hesitation whatsoever, I recalled what Ethique told me just then, but I guess I don’t have to ask about it now.


When I pat Lily on the head, she looks at me with a dissatisfied face as though she sensed something.

“Ahaha, sorry, sorry.”

Afterwards, I focused on what was in front of me and pat Lily’s head a lot.

After praising Lily, it was Tré’s turn.

There was last night’s incident as well; I won’t forgive any blunders here.

“Tré looks really mature.”


She originally didn’t talk much, and unlike Lily, her not coming directly to me to be pampered showed maturity beyond her age.


She just nodded at my words, but didn’t say any more.

“Er… Come over here.”

I beckoned Tré over and she immediately came before me, then I pat Tré on the head like did to Lily before.


Tré writhed in embarra.s.sment, but I didn’t stop my patting.

“…It’s alright, Tré’s cute too.”

I say that once, and once again continue petting Tré.

“T-thank you…”

“You’re welcome.”

After a while, Tré looked satisfied so I separated from her.

When we separated, my hand felt a little empty, but I thought that patting a girls head too much might be you know, so I endured.

“Nest-sama and companions, it’s almost time to head to the a.s.sembly hall.”

Right then, I was addressed by a maid.

“Huh, but isn’t it still a little early?”

According to the letter I received, the party was said to start at night time if I remember correctly….

“No, you will also need to go around and pay your greetings to the various party attendees, so this time is appropriate.”

“Ah, I see.”

If the maid is saying that then I’m sure that’s how it is.

We walked over to the party hall, led by the maid.

In the party hall, just like the maid had said, many n.o.bles at already arrived.

“Hey, Aura, What am I meant to do at times like this!?”

As I tried to ask Aura whether we should go pay our greetings or something too, several men suddenly cut in between us.

“I-I’m called Ivy!”

“I’m William! N-nice to meet you!”

Somehow, it seemed like everyone was introducing themselves to Aura.

Well, Aura is certainly a beauty, so it can’t be helped if she gets surrounded in a place like this.

“T-then let’s ask Tré…”

It was already too late.

Tré had also been surrounded by several boys.

Wondering if Lily was alright, I turned to have a look. It looked like Lily had clung to me somehow, escaping disaster.


Eh, no one is coming to me?

…L-lily came, didn’t she!

“…Er, let’s head to a corner…”


In the end, I decided to head to a corner of the hall, bringing the puzzled Lily with me.

At that time, food was rapidly brought into the hall.

Meat and vegetables, as well as fruit, there were really many kinds of dishes.

Looking at the people around, it seems like it’s alright to eat the food that was brought in.

“Does Lily want to eat too?”


When I look at Lily’s face, it doesn’t seem like she is very hungry yet, so I decided to wait a little longer.


Suddenly, the sound of plates breaking resounded.

“M-my apologies!!”

What was heard next was a woman’s apology.

When I turned to see what was happening, it seems like a young maid had dropped one of the dishes.

She bowed her head and apologised over and over, and even now she was cleaning up the broken plate.

The surrounding n.o.bles didn’t reproach her, but their faces didn’t look too good nonetheless.


Then, the maid cut her finger on the plate and gave a small cry.


When Lily called out to me, I quickly dashed over to the maid.


Lily laughs as though she understood what I wanted to say.

“Show me your hand.”

“Eh, o-okay…”

The maid timidly holds out her uninjured hand.

Perhaps she was worried about being told off.

“Not this one, that one.”

I took hold of the maid’s other hand. Since I’m not trying to do anything bad, I’ll just ignore her nervousness for now.


I cast recovery magic.

When I do, the wound on the maid’s hand that had been bleeding until now completely disappeared.

“Err, that’s it.”

Leaving the dumbfounded maid behind, Lily and I again returned to the corner of the hall where we were before.

“Nest was so cool~!!”


I relaxed my face at Lily’s compliment and continued walking.

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