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I need to escape from here.

It has been ten days since I had been rescued by this madman after falling off the cliff, and is now slowly recovering in a cave. My arms were completely paralyzed and my left foot was broken. The only body part with any mobility left was my right leg. It wasn't impossible for me to recuperate at the bottom of the valley, but hiding in a cave was a better option than being discovered by those righteous cultivators who were hunting me down. If I were to be caught by them, then there really will be no chance of survival.

But … my savior was a lunatic with severe mental illnesses. If I don't run away soon, I think I will go crazy with him.

Speaking of him, a noise at the mouth of the cave was heard, tossing my nerves into a jumbled mess. The maniac was back!

The sun was shining brightly outside, while the cave was cool. The light emitted from the entrance was enough for me to make out the man who walked into the cave.

He was a very tall man, dressed in straw and animal weaved clothing. His hair was disheveled like a bunch of weeds. His facial features were obstructed by his equally messy beard, only a pair of bright phoenix eyes could be seen through the thick beard.

I took a glance at the prey he had thrown from his shoulder onto the ground. It was a fat stag.

“Brother, you are so talented, being able to hunt such a big deer," I wanted to flatter him a bit more, but the other party impatiently strided over and tore off my clothing. Completely ignoring my injuries, he pushed open my legs and pulled out his big guy.

I had reached the worst of luck: not only to break both the hand and foot, but to also meet a lunatic, a lunatic that likes to use the backdoor and couldn't tell a man from a woman, and then be humiliated by the said b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

“You…… Ah……. Don't……. It hurts!” The man had absolutely no control. Every time he entered, it felt like he was trying to nail me to the ground.

Both of my hands were weak, and I could only move one leg, so I could only try to kick him away from me with that same leg.

"NanNan, be good. Birth me some children" He seemed to see through my intentions, and immediately held down my leg, pushing it to the side, and started to pump into me even more vigorously.

“Ah ah!” All of a sudden, my legs had gone soft, no longer having the strength to put up a struggle.

Who wants to give you a baby?! Open up your f.u.c.king eyes, this Grandpa, I, am a MAN! A man with a d.i.c.k! (The grandpa is referring to our narrator)

But I can only say these words in my heart, because as soon as I open my mouth, I was left embarra.s.sed by the shameful moans I had unconsciously let out.

“Get pregnant … want children…” the madman spoke in a strange, hoa.r.s.e voice, sounding as if he had not spoken for many years, while mounting me, thrusting wildly like a dog in heat.

“Don't…” I shook my head powerlessly, my long hair had became damp with sweat. Gradually, even during such crazed intercourse, the painful sensation had subsided, and was replaced by pleasure.

I couldn't help but gasp heavily, trying to block the screams that were trying to burst from my throat.

From the very day I woke up, I was f.u.c.ked like a woman by this psychopath.

I don't know whether he had mistaken me as a woman or if his mind was so damaged that he has forgotten that a man couldn't give birth. Each day, he was either hunting for food or f.u.c.king me in the cave. And every time, he will say a phrase or two, such as "give me a child," or "this time, you will definitely bear a child."

If I can recover, even if only to 40%, no, even to 30% of my power, the first thing I will do is to castrate him. Otherwise, I would not be able to vent my hatred.

At last, the man finally stopped after a heavy thrust, and I felt a warm liquid being injected into my body, causing it to spasm.

“Ah, ah…"

The uncomfortable tension in my body made me very miserable and pained, and was finally let out with a painful, but refreshing croon, which had sounded to me, very pitiful.

(I really did not know how to translate this sentence: 本就伤痕累累,身体不可抑制的紧绷让我非常痛苦,终于发出了又痛苦又舒爽的低吟,听起来甚至有些让我不愿承认的……惹人怜惜。)

“Be good. Have a baby….” The madman attempted to kiss my face which I avoided with disgust. Who knew how long the man had gone without shaving. His beard was all long and p.r.i.c.kly.

"You deranged person! I am a MAN! I can not have children!" I don't know how many times I have told him that, but they were all spoken in vain.

I moved my lower body and found that he was still in me. I grind my teeth in anger and was tempted to bite off his teeth then and there.

“Get out!” I grit my teeth.

He seemed to understand this sentence, but did not get up. Instead, he pressed closer against me, causing my wounds to hurt.  

“It's flowing out… not pregnant."

f.u.c.k your mom! This one of course can not get pregnant. You can try for a thousand times and I still won't get pregnant.

Closing my eyes, I endured my anger and gritted out, "I'm hungry, hungry… about to starve to death."

He listened to what I said and slowly pulled out. With dry gra.s.s, he proceeded to clean me up. After helping me get dressed, he got to the cave entrance and prepared the stag for our meal.

I can't do this anymore. I have to figure out a way to deal with this lunatic. But, I can't deal with him using ordinary means.

I glanced towards the cave entrance, the madman was topless, showing off his bulging muscles as he smashed the fat deer with a stone axe, causing blood to splatter onto his face, making the man look gruesome.

My sight slowly retracted and fell onto my own stomach, where it very firm and tight and still uniformly flat….

The next day, when the maniac wanted to press against me again, I suddenly turned my face to the side and dry heaved.

If I can't fool this half-stupid idiot, then I, Han QinYan, had really wasted these twenty years of living.

By the time I "give birth" in ten months, I'm afraid I would already had recovered, and then….

I will be leering at the madman's surprised expression, then flaying him alive and having him quartered.

Chapter 1 is done.
Please feel free to point out any mistakes that were made. There were a few spots where I wasn't sure how to translate the words fluidly.

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