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Awful yet not Awful Dad (3)

Chapter  3

After finding the canteen with Qiao Panpan, he saw her nervousness. Wei Mingyan smiled and said softly, “Enjoy your meal, I'll go first.”

"Okay, thank you, Chief Wei."

Looking at the handsome man moving away from her, It was only when she saw how he responded smilingly on a greeting thrown to him along the way, how he is very jade-like. How truly a n.o.ble of a man he is, For the first time.

Wei Mingyan was really a very attractive man. His charms were not only reflected in his handsome appearance and tall and slender figure, but also in his words and deeds, and that sort of elegance that leaks from the inside of his bones.

Qiao Panpan was grateful for his own boss at the moment, especially after knowing that it was he who had instructed Zhang-jie to teach her.

        She looked around and saw people queuing in order at each window. She hurried over and just stood up. Someone behind her called her.

"Panpan,  what a coincidence!" It's Lu Lin.

They had planned to meet at the dinner table together, but they did not expect to see themselves in the same line. Qiao Panpan was somewhat surprised. When Lu Lin's face was still this bright, she knew that she had a good internship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

"I tell you this, I asked my seniors about it. The best-tasting food in this dining hall is the window we are standing at now. So I came here especially. I didn't expect you were here!"

Lu Lin was still a chatter-box as usual and Qiao Panpan answered her from time to time. At last, its the two girls' turn and they happily came to the window.

Next, to the disinfection cabinet, Qiao Panpan took out the tableware and handed it to the cafeteria aunt. Before she the had time to ask how much money, the aunt quickly filled her  bowl and shouted, "Next."

"I haven't paid yet..."

The aunt turned around to face the young girl and showed a kind smile. "Did you come here today as an intern? We don't want money in the canteen. It's free."


Qiao Panpan stood on the side, confused, looking back at the tables full of seated-staff, and then looking down at the meat and vegetable mix in her hands.

How much does it all cost?

Lu Lin walked out with a plate of dishes in hand. Seeing her standing and looking distracted, pulled her to the table and sat down. Satisfied with the meal she explained happily. "Nan Ya covered the employees' food.  Since the founding of the company, Chief Wei has built a vegetable garden. The vegetables inside are green and pollution-free, specially produced for the canteen. It is said that some people outside want to buy them but can not buy them!"

She said as she took another bite and chewed on it: " Living-s.p.a.ce and food are all covered. The pay is high. The staffs are all treated nicely. The boss is very thoughtful of his employees. That's why everyone rushes to get in Nan Ya. So Panpan, Let's do a good job until we finished our contract here, and strive to work here again. Not to mention anything else, just this green non-polluted green vegetables, it's worth it!"

"And although the dormitory is small, it has good sound insulation. It is said that there are security guards and various security facilities. It's especially safe. If we come here later, how much will we save, a?"

Qiao Panpan had never thought that there would be such a good company. She was holding chopsticks in her hands and stared at the dishes on the plate. She was more determined. She had to come to Nan Ya to work after she finished her studies.

When she remembered that that gentleman was her boss, Qiao Panpan admired him more. "Chief Wei is really kind,  even the staff dormitory was taken seriously"

"Well! I heard this too!"

Lu Lin was eating without raising her head. She wiped her mouth and began talking when she heard her friend's words.  "It is said that Chief Wei used to have a wife and daughter. They were caught on fire and did not manage to escape because their house back then, was too crude. That's why now, he paid special attention to the safety of the dormitory!"

"I heard that the fountain nearby was built for the purpose of pumping water to rescue if a fire broke out. I don't know whether it's true or not. Anyway, the company has opened several branches and many construction sites. It hasn't had an accident for so many years."

Qiao Panpan was a little distracted to continue listening.

The reason why they moved out was that their home was caught in a fire. Without daying, It was very difficult for her mother to take her with her. A big fire burned all their belongings and money without remains. Her mother was angry and suddenly fell sick, and almost did not survive.

Qiao Panpan, who was still young at that time, could only bite her teeth while listening to her mother lying down on a bed, selling the land to Erlaizi, who has been pestering his mother. and left the small village with that little money. (Tl: Erlaizi, it is something like her father's second brother, well her uncle.)

Therefore, she has always been very afraid of the fire. She was always  She used fire is usually with caution. and now when she heard that the dormitory's fire prevention was well done, her yearning for Nan Ya is now stronger.

Her eyes were bright and full of expectations for the future. "Lu Lin, we will work hard together until we finish our work and come back together."

"Good!" Lu Lin nodded her head with high fighting-spirit and then reminded her immediately. "Qiao Panpan eat quickly. The food here is really delicious!" 

With a high monthly salary, food and shelter, safety and security, Qiao Panpan is full of fighting spirit at the thought that she will probably work in such a company in the future.

While trying to absorb the knowledge taught by her seniors, she carefully took care of Wei Mingyan according to the notes left by Secretary Liu.

Really began to know that this gentleman, a man who knows everything, hardly take care of himself in life.

He can handle tens of millions of contracts confidently, and he can set up nine-figured business deals between talking and laughing, but he never remembers to eat or to rest.

Sometimes Qiao Pangpam always felt that Wei Mingyan regards himself as a spinner that continues to rotate on an axis. He can work continuously without rest. He doesn't care whether his body will collapse in this way.

As a personal a.s.sistant, all Qiao Papan had to do was to remind him to follow the instructions in her notes and help Wei Mingyan to live a normal life.

On the 16th day of the month, Qiao Panpan looked on the record above [Wei Mingyan's wife and daughter's Death Anniversary, The day of grave sweeping], and after a few seconds of silence, she knocked on the door of the CEO's room.

The man who used to work hard every time she came in had already changed his clothes. He was cutting the sharp thorns on the roses by himself, cutting them one by one, and putting them in a beautiful vase.

Seeing Qiao Panpan coming in, the handsome boss put away the sadness on his face. As usual, he smiled softly at her. "I think they miss me already. Let's go, ba?"

It is clearly said with a smile, but it makes people feel sore in their hearts.

Translator's Corner: Hey guys! just want you to know that my phone was confiscated by my mother, which is the one I'm using while translating. Huhuhu.. I hope she'll give it to me already so I can translate even while in school.. I know it's my fault since I'm rereading hidoku shinaide late at night.. Just lucky that it is not on the lemony part.

p.s. Grammatical errors are there.. so If there's anyone kind-hearted id love to receive your help.

p.p.s. I think i did it not so good.. I hope someone can help me with this.


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