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Martinson, Deb. "Bill of Rights for People Who Self-Harm." Secret Shame. http://www.selfinjury.org/docs/brights.html Fantastic bill of rights for everyone who self-harms.

Mollykat. "Things to Try to Keep Yourself Safe." http://www.geocities.com/mollykat1313/safety.html. An excellent, helpful page of suggestions for coping without cutting or self-harm. You can tell she's been there.

"Alternatives to Self-Injury." Secret Cutting and The Pain Behind Self Injury. http://www.angelfire.com/bc3/second-chance/alternativestosi.html. Tons of alternatives to help you avoid self-harm. Includes some excellent, practical, down-to-earth suggestions from someone who understands. (However, the support board is closed.) Martinson, Deb. "Self-Injury: A Quick Guide to the Basics." Secret Shame. http://www.selfinjury.org/docs/factsht.html Kharre. "Self Injury: Family and Friends. What Not to Say and Why." http://www.angelfire.com/or/kharreshome/page2.html. Great page about self-harm to give to friends and family; has an excellent section about what not to say and why.

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Collings, Mari. "Reasons Not to Kill Yourself." http://members.shaw.ca/pdg/reasons_not_to_kill_yourself.html. A powerful, inspiring, healing poem on reasons not to kill yourself, especially for survivors of ritual abuse and s.e.xual abuse. You can purchase the beautiful poster from www.survivorship.org.

Additional Online Resources:.

Self Injury: You Are Not the Only One.


Love Yourself: JoyFilled Affirmations to Inspire, Encourage, and Comfort.



Broward County School Board. "Reality Avenue: Self Injury." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHctN-NVSk8.

Robinson, Jade. "Self-Harm BBC TV Interview."



I give my heartfelt thanks to the following people:.

Evelyn Fazio, without whom you would not be holding this book. Evelyn, you plucked my book from the slush pile and ran with it, and I am so grateful! I am grateful, too, for your vision, for your compa.s.sion and insight, for your encouragement and belief in me, and for helping me to keep-and hone-my voice. You've been a dream to work with. Thank you.

Jean Rankin, who is like the kind, nurturing mom I never had and who is the most loving person I know. I feel your love and your belief in me, and it steadies and nurtures me. You have such a beautiful soul, Jean; I'm so very glad I know you and have you in my life. I couldn't have written some of the caring characters and interactions in this book without having known you first.

Andrea Somberg, my literary agent, who saw the beauty in my writing and who encouraged me even in her first rejection of my work. You have been so encouraging, patient, and understanding, and so wonderful in your dealings with me and with my publisher. Thank you!

Julie Sch.o.e.rke, who is an amazing, compa.s.sionate, and supportive friend and a wonderful book publicist. I always know I can count on you, and that feels so good! I am so grateful to have you in my life, to feel the connection between us. You give me so much!

Jo Beggs, who is my oldest and dearest friend and who has seen me through so much. You have always believed in me and my creative talents and have been able to go with me to wherever I need to go-through fun and playfulness, happiness and excitement, dreaming and hopefulness, compa.s.sion and love. Thank you!

Gail Fisher-Taylor, who gave me the first real safety and love I ever had. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Erin Thomas, for her incredibly helpful feedback on the final version of this book and for coming to my aid at the last moment and helping me fix some pesky MS Word formatting problems.

Lena Coakley, Karen Krossing, Karen Rankin, and many other writers in my critique groups, for reading multiple drafts of this work over the years and for giving me good feedback, encouragement, and writerly support.

Peter Carver and everyone in his writing critique group over the years, and Kathy Stinson-you helped nurture my writing and critiquing and watched me grow from shy and hardly able to talk to being confident in my skills.

The great writers and women in my critique group-Anna Kerz, Carolyn Beck, Anne Carter, and Kristyn Dunnion. You're the best!

Nancy Prasad, Claire MacKay, and Aino Anto, for encouraging me as a writer.

Barbara Greenwood, who always believed I'd be published and whose belief in me bolstered me.

All the YA writers in my online e-group for their support, encouragement, and wisdom over the years-especially Gail Giles, Cinda Chima, Jo Knowles, Marlene Perez, Libba Bray, Rebecca Rector, Kathlene Jeffrie Johnson, Katie Davis, Amy Butler Greenfield, and many, many more! And Alex Flynn and Marjetta Geerling, whose presence in the group I miss.

Hilary Cameron, a good friend and a kind, happy soul, who loves my writing. I always know I can come to you for encouragement!

Willow, my sweet, joyful, loving dog, who always makes me happy to come home; who twirls around, delightedly to see me, wagging her tail crazily and licking my face; and who sits on my lap or close by whenever I'm reading or writing. And Amazon, who has the best purr (and the loudest snore) of any cat I've ever heard.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone. If you've been there on this ride, know that I thank you.


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