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Samael was the being who once stood above all guardian spirits, wielder of the life element and one of the most charismatic beings in the world. As the only one who could fight against Demos, the archangel of death head-on and not fall into a disadvantaged situation, rumor has it that he even surpa.s.sed Demos reaching the peak grade of the Demi-G.o.d realm, only a step away from becoming a true G.o.d like the creator.

At that time, he utilized gained more power forcibly s.n.a.t.c.hing the life force of a lot of living beings and powerful warriors, thereby increasing his strength endlessly. When he broke into the peak grade of the Demi-G.o.d Realm, he successfully created his own domain, Just like the creator he too became the G.o.d of his domain, capable of controlling all the forces in his domain.

As a rising star and with the help of the intimidating power he portrayed, Samael felt he was ready to take the place of the creator and create a better world. The creator had always been nonchalant about the affairs of the world and has never appeared for millions on years.

Judging from its presence which filled the heavens, everyone felt it was only at the true G.o.d realm just a grade ahead of Samael!

Using his absence and nonchalant att.i.tude towards its creations as a reason, Samael sowed seeds of discontent in the hearts of up to 70 percent of the angels in the heavens and lead the revolution!

The battle lasted for over hundreds of years, millions of angels battled against each other in the heavens with Demos and the other guardian spirits leading the resistance.

With more guardian spirits on his side, Demos was able to resist the horde of angels and Samael for over 500 years before they were defeated and the revolutionary army gained access to the chamber of creation, the resting place of the creator.

Rumor has it that the battle only lasted a minute, more than 50% of the angels that chose to stand with Samael were murdered while the rest were brutally injured, barely escaping with their lives. Samael was no exception. To escape from the all-seeing eyes of the creator, Samael and his cohorts escaped into his domain, a s.p.a.ce that belongs to Samael alone and even the creator cannot find it.

Rumor has it that the wingmen tribe are descendants of Samael and his fellow fallen angels! Being the direct descendants of these amazing beings, the members of the wing clan possess extraordinary power which allowed them to create the powerful force they named the holy church!

To think that such a legendary character would appear in this special place meant for mortals. It actually means that there is something worth the risk of leaving his safe zone here


Samael's eyes narrowed and a charming smile bloomed on his emaciated pale face. His star-like eyes glittered and his golden hair fluttered in the wind, it was quite obvious that this archangel use to be extremely handsome when he was still at his peak, the only person that can compare is Demos!

"This is a gift from me to you Demos.... Watch as your precious host dies at my hand... And when this is all over, I will regain the power I lost and even more!... The master of the life element will return!" Samael laughed hysterically while gazing upon the ma.s.sive golden gate levitating in midair.

"If this is the best you can do, then I'm disappointed!" A hoa.r.s.e voice echoed from the ma.s.sive golden gate!


Within the gate was Derik whose skin has been burned away leaving only his muscles and tendons visible. His eyes were as calm as the ocean, his body trembled and darkish purple murderous aura burst out of his body!Within the golden gate was deadly black energy spreading like a plague, threatening to desecrate the ancient heavenly gate!

With his limiters removed Derik was capable of shielding his body from the divine golden flames. Instantly, his werewolf regenerative abilities kicked in and his skin began to appear at an astonishing speed which the human eyes can behold!

With just a little effort, Derik shattered the golden chains that bound him and he hand reached out to the void, tearing it easily. The s.p.a.ce tore open revealing the underworld!

Terrifying gray aura burst out of the void and poured into the heavens gate! In just a few seconds visible cracks appeared on various parts of the ma.s.sive gate before shattering


Samael could only watch this with knitted eyebrows and a frown on his face. He gazed at Derik who stood gallantly in midair beside the miniature pa.s.sageway to the underworld!

"Remember you can leave this place but you cannot return here using this same method... The mysterious power of the creator prevents us from appearing here through this same route that's why I cannot help you!" Demos reminded him.

"Kill!" Derik roared ignoring Demo's words.

Suddenly the ma.s.sive bloodshot eyes of the Shadow Lurker appeared and red beams shot of the miniature pa.s.sageway, dashing towards Samael! Simultaneously, Derik punched out into the empty air and a ma.s.sive skeletal bone hand appeared beside Samael and struck forward!

Considering the kind of power this being possessed in his weakened state, Derik dared not to imagine what kind of power Samael possessed when he was at his peak. He came to the conclusion that if he couldn't kill this fallen angel now, the path in which he will work in the future will be filled with thorns. For that reason alone, he vowed to end everything here and now. Even if he is left in a weakened state for a while after this, he is ready to risk it!


The darkish purple skeletal fist smashed into Samael from the side, pushing him over 5 meters to the left. The attack from the side was something he was unprepared for and now it connected, he didn't have enough time to react to the red beams of the shadow Lurker!


His body shivered as he was forced to retreat by a few steps, he spat out a mouth full of golden blood from his mouth as he gazed at Derik with murderous intentions visible in his eyes.

"Hahahaha!!!!" Derik laughed hysterically and punched out continuously with both hands. Once again the boney hands of his skeletal avatar manifested and rained down on Samael.

The scorching red eyes of the Shadow lurker remained fixed on Samael, waiting for an opportunity. Even though it can not cross over, it could stand their and aid him from the other side using ranged attacks.

Seeing this, Samael grimaced and roared. His hand reached for the orange flame sword on his back and with a casual swing, a sea of scorching divine flames poured and consumed all the attacks aimed at him, dashing towards Derik.

"I will risk my life against you!!!! " Derik roared and his avatars ribcages appeared around him.

"Death magic: Bone wall!!!" He roared and a ma.s.sive bone wall erupted from beneath and stood gallantly in front of him.


The sea of flames crashed into Derik's defenses and they all crumbled one after the other! He received second-degree burns from the attack alone but his fighting will did not quiver one bit!


Clasping both hands together, Derik roared and his darkish purple eyes burned even brighter. Instantly two bone darkish bone hands appeared by Samael's sides and clasped together, attempting to crush the arch Angel with this attack.

"One of us has to die today!!!!" Derik roared and the crimson red eyes of the shadow lurker lit up and a ma.s.sive beam of red energy shot out, this completely consumed the bone hands that grabbed on to the archangel.


Derik spat out a mouth full of blood and fell on his knees. His body turned pale and his fiery darkish purple eyes dimmed.




Golden light erupted from within the two skeletal hands and then exploded! The shockwave knocked Derik off balance and a figure shot into the sky, Standing majestically with a blazing sword in his right hand, covered in golden blood.

"You're truly worthy of being Demos' new master! I must confess you exceeded my expectations... But in the end, you're Still human!" Samael's voice sounded like lightning and thunder!

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