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Before Common Era

A lot of youth were listening towards a little boy, it was a peculiar sight but for the tribe it was a norm. A daily ritual. A way to acquire knowledge.

A youth with a tanned skin with good physic was having a dream, a dream where he - became a G.o.d, when he calls, the wind and cloud will heed but it wasn't just him, another boy with the same great ambition also has it.

In actuality all of the tribesmen were having this ambition, but they knew they still has low knowledge on how a mortal can become a G.o.d.


One night a tanned youth was sitting in an open valley, when a rustle came by and another pale looking youth came by.

As they saw each other they knew, they knew that the both of them has the greatest ambition within the youths of the tribe.

Then time came by, every night they would meet and talk about how they will make their ambition a reality.

The tanned burly youth thought him fighting skills and battle tactics, and because the pale skinned youth was a little sickly he only know how to study, and he thought the tanned youth how to read, write, calculate, how the ways of a leader should be, medicine and even morals and vileness.

But their friendship would not last for eternity as time came they knew that they had to fight for each other for sovereignty.

When they became adult they decided to find their own ways the tanned strong youth had become a capable adult journeyed towards the unknown desert and heat while the sickly and pale youth became handsome healthy and manly where he journeyed towards the unknown place of east.

End of POV

Aeon's POV

" Tsk.....The tribesmen were really hospitable they really welcomed me wholeheartedly while I was just blabbering some old stories...hehehehe..."

End of Aeon's POV

End of Chapter

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