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Nerissa "Remember."

Reima didn't really know what she meant but after a couple minutes of charades he think he found what she meant. The Diadem seems to have allowed her perfect clarity of her memories of their fight, she can recall everything, every detail, minute muscle movement and expression. She could even remember how many breathes she took which surprised him.

Fleur and Ciri walk over after he'd talked with Nerissa, apparently they thought he was coaching her and was preparing for another round which is why they stayed back.

Reima "We've discovered the Diadem's function. It allows the wearer a perfect memory while wearing it. The rumour that it makes you a genius is pretty accurate when you consider the possibilities" he says.

Ciri "You know, now that I think about it I think it would suit me well."

Reima "Yeah, no. The only person who gets to wear it is Nerissa as she's earned it." he says quickly in response to her cheek.

Fleur "Can I not borrow it for studying?" she asks.

Reima "That's up to Snuffles there." he points to the young vampire.

Nerissa "Squeaks." she says while cleaning her nails with a bored posture.

Reima "Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up. Just don't forget that Dragon's trump Rabbits." he snaps at hearing the name.

The sides of Nerissa's mouth upturn and she begins to transform, however it isn't into a rabbit but a huge dire wolf that towers over them.

Ciri and Reima look at her in surprise as they'd never seen her transform into something that wasn't a rabbit.

Reima "Dragon's still beat wolves." he says while crossing his arms.

Nerissa turns back, "Baby Dragon."

Fleur and Ciri can only look on and laugh at their antics.

A few days had past since the Second Task and everything was relatively normal, the only change to Reima's normal routine was the fact that Harry was being stubborn and refused to be tutored by him any more. From what he'd heard from Hermione Harry felt that he couldn't learn from someone who he'd seen brutally murder another. Hermione herself didn't actually seem too bothered about it after he had explained the situation to her, though he suspected her reaction would be a lot more negative if she was actually there...

As a result of Harry being a "little s.h.i.t" Reima decided to guarantee his plans would go off without a hitch. The boy-who-lived had been spending more time with Moody to talk and train, hopefully he hadn't revealed anything important, though his relationship with the imposter was one of the reasons Reima hadn't told him anything important.

Late in the night Reima finishes up a little project he'd been working on. After discovering he could inscribe his name onto objects and give them to people who'd need his help, he decided to look more into it. This led to him finding various runes that worked when channelled with Elder Blood Mana. Though the only substance he had that was strong enough to handle the power contained in it was t.i.tanite, something that while he had a lot of, was still finite.

This is where Reima's hair was incredibly useful, he was sitting about a table with a look of intensity, a small gla.s.s lense was attached to one eye as a few strands of hair manipulated tiny carving tools. They were slowly carving a rune that he'd derived from "Hearth" that the ancient Greeks used. Hearth meant home, comfort, safety and fire. It took a while and a lot of deciphering from other runes that belonged to different parts of the world but he'd finally managed to create the one needed for this to work. The rune itself simply meant Location, usually it'd need to be mixed in with a full rune set that integrated well with it however when used with Elder Blood Mana it'd effects were more p.r.o.nounced.

His hair continued to carve the tiny Location rune into the extremely small shard of t.i.tanite that was laid upon the table, after that was done he added a symbol that wasn't usually regarded as something usable in a rune set. It was an eye, the reason this wasn't regarded as something usable was due to the high variety of meaning it could convey, various societies around the world used it for their own means. Some use it for truth, justice and wisdom while others may use it for future, tomorrow and clairvoyance... However one of the most common uses of it was simply for... "Sight".

When used together the runes would mean "Location Sight", this would be completely useless to normal people without the Elder Blood but for Reima it would allow him to know where it was at all times. He doubted even the Fidelius charm would stop him as it creates a separate dimension that people not aware of the secret can not access. With the Elder Blood's s.p.a.ce attribute this protection was almost useless.

After Reima made sure the runes were complete and not at risk of exploding he channelled Elder Blood Magic through the strands of his hair with caused them to glow a dim Turquoise light that shimmered due to their crystalline structure. It traced down the hair and eventually into the runes which flashed briefly indicating it'd worked. Reima walks away and doesn't even need to try and "sense" it as it's obvious to him where it is.

Reima "Finally done." he mutters as he wipes his forehead, he'd been sweating due to antic.i.p.ation of it's completion... That and worry as he wouldn't know how to explain why half the castle was disintegrated and how he was the only one who survived... Nor why it's magical signature matched his own.

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