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Chapter 1118 Discussion

"Huuu…" Noel glanced at Anna. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. You should worry about yourself." Anna shook her head while looking around, finding only corpses around the area.

"Yeah. I'll recover a little bit. You can look around and examine the spider's corpse."

"Alright. You did push yourself too hard this time." Anna looked at the spider. "To think that she still had that kind of trump card."

"I was lucky this time that using my Spirit Fusion Ability inside her body worked so well. I guess the spider didn't expect me to use that kind of attack."

"More like, there was no reason for you to go underneath its body, especially since you could easily be crushed by lowering its body." Anna shook her head. "I couldn't even cry if you died so foolishly."


"Anyway, I'll take a look at our surroundings first."

"Alright." Noel smiled.

After killing the spider, the first thing he did was help Anna. Even though he had exhausted a lot of spiritual energy, he still had his True Spirit Body.

Without any support from their leader, the demons started losing their ground. Anna was pushing back with all her might.

Even the Gra.s.s Demon had trouble facing these two, especially since the demons had started panicking.

They had no choice but to disperse in all directions, preserving all the remaining strength they had.

They ended up getting slaughtered by Noel and Anna due to that decision.

Out of the eighteen thousand demons, more than twelve thousand of them had actually died in this place.

Sadly, Noel and Anna couldn't kill all of them by themselves.

However, they had killed all the Superior Demons except for the Gra.s.s Demon and one more Superior Demon.

Although it was a shame that he couldn't kill all of them, Noel believed this was enough. His True Spirit Body had run out as well, so it wouldn't be good to chase after them any further.

Noel was reviewing the battle against the spider. It was true that he was extremely lucky. He originally expected that the battle would actually last much longer.

'Changing the shape, huh? Maybe I will start working in that area. If I can change the shape of my Spirit Fusion Ability, I might be able to become stronger. There is also a method to limit the amount of elements I can put into the Spirit Fusion Ability like the spider earlier.

'There are still many ways to get stronger. And if I can master all of them well, I can reach the next step, the Spirit King.'

Noel noticed one important thing. Now that they had killed the Ancient Demon, who would get the crystal?

Noel personally wanted to give this to Anna. But Anna would definitely reject him.

While stabilizing his condition, Noel chose to contemplate this matter.

Anna came back after fifteen minutes.

"There should be no more demons in this area. There might be some stray demons returning to the airport, so we'll clean that area. After that, Dimitri can enter and take care of these demons. The only problem will be butchering it to a size that can be lifted by the airship." Anna explained.

"Mhmm. We can butcher it later. For now, there's something I'd like to discuss with you." Noel nodded.

"No." Anna flatly rejected him.

"I haven't said anything." Noel let out a long sigh.

"I know you're going to give me the Ancient Demon Crystal. However, you should know how rare an Ancient Demon is. I don't think we can find another one pretty soon. So I'm thinking about focusing the resource on you this time."

"Let me explain." Noel stopped her.

"No, you should listen to me first." Anna shook her head. "Since your limit has been doubled, you should be able to approach the spiritual energy necessary to become a Spirit King… at least easier than me.

"While I can produce twice the amount of power you have, you still have an easier time making progress. Right now, we don't have a lot of time to prepare for the Demon King. If you are going to be stubborn and both of us fail to become Spirit King, then we will basically lose the match for a very foolish reason.

"So we should focus the resource on you. I mean, you can probably fill up more than half of the requirement for spiritual energy by absorbing low level to superior crystals to the limit. The rest can be done with some ancient crystals.

"Meanwhile, if it were me, I could only fill a third… or even less than that with the rest of the crystals. So I need a lot of ancient crystals to fulfill the requirement."

Noel fully understood her reasoning. In fact, that was the best option. If they still had five years or something, they could probably become a Spirit King together.

That just showed how hard it was to find an Ancient Demon.

Still, Noel didn't really want to accept it just like that. He said, "But…"

"There's no but!" Anna harrumphed. She must have thought about it ever since he died back then. Her action had become a bit different.

"That's… I mean…" Noel scratched the back of his head. It was really hard to refute her words. "How about storing the crystal inside the mansion first? I mean, if it's not enough, then I don't mind absorbing all of them.

"But if that's enough, you will absorb them. After all, you can utilize twice as much power as me at the same level. It can be said that you have a higher chance to defeat a Demon King!"

It was Anna's turn to be unable to refute his words. Now that they had become a Spirit Transcendence expert, they looked more relaxed to think about options. So it might not be wrong if they stored everything first.

Anna let out a long sigh. "We can probably do that. But the security needs to be tight. We can't afford to let a thief steal the ancient crystal."

"Of course. I'll set up runes."

"In that case, let's go with that arrangement." Anna nodded. "I guess it's important to create the family treasury to avoid it."

"Douglas has built it. But if we are planning to continue this way, the Treasury might end up getting filled pretty soon."

"That's a problem for another time." Anna shrugged. "Anyway, we should recover fast, clean up the area, and dismantle this spider's corpse."

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