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Of course that 'Monster' is our MC, and he is s.a.d.i.s.tic as always.


"Gather up, that's fifteen more down, we only have fifteen left to go"

And of course the small silhouettes are the loyal 7.


And so the 7 and Jun reloaded they're pistols.

They needed quickly dispatch the enemy witches before they could cast a spell, the bolt-actions are powerful and accurate but they have a slow rate of fire, so they switched weapons.

Plus they have the advantage of being indoors.

They re-equipped they're rifles.

"Let's go"

And so they quickly moved upstairs to take out the rest of the witches.

*****************Delilah's POV****************

"What's taking so long?"

Delilah was getting irritated.

Her plan was perfect, but then something messed it up and she almost lost half of her group.

She wished nothing more than to tare apart those little brats to eliviate her anger.

"See, they gave us a surprise didn't they?"

Pel then came.

"...What killed them?"

Delilah asked.

Pel hesitated for a moment before saying.

"...Don't know, just have holes in their bodies, didn't even see them coming"


"Didn't find any, spell?"

"I didn't sense any magic, what could it be..."

*m.u.f.fled gunshots

As she was thinking, m.u.f.fled sounds came from one level below the ship.

"What's going on!?"

The 10 wiches guarding the deck were also alerted to the noise.

"Check the engine room!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

The witches quickly moved downstairs.

They arrived at the door to the engine room it was closed but not locked.

They opened it...

And was met with a sight.

7 small men standing side by side with sticks in their hands and 1 standing in front with his hands behind his back, they were all wearing strange dark blue clothing.

'He is clearly the leader'

Delilah thought.

But what was more important however, was the 3 fellow witches bound to chairs bloodied.

They were clealy injured.

While 2 corpses lay on puddles of they're own blood.




They shouted the names of the bound witches and the dead witches.

Delilah just stared at the leader of the group.

After a while she said.

"Prince, i know it's you"

The leader stayed quiet for a while.

Before saying in his child voice.

"How did you know?"

"Well there are 8 of you and your size gave it away"

"Aaww, i wanted to be mysterious, your no fun"

Saying so he took off his helmet, his googles and then his mask.

Revealing his blond, gold like hair and dazzling azure eyes, sparkling more than the worlds most precious sapphire and a face that inherited only the best features of his parents.


All the witches drew sharp cold breathes at the sight.

'He was so cute!'

But came back to reality, this was the target, if they could kill him this would be all over!

Delilah paused for a while before saying.

"You admitted easily"

"Didn't want to waste time"

He just shrugged as he said.

"So if you don't want to waste time then free those hostages and give up"

She said.


He looked at the tied up 3 and instantly understood.

"Ah, this aren't hostages, i just wanted an audience to this execution, Hans..."

"Yes sir?"

"...Gets sie Luger"

"Right away"

He then grabbed a box from a nearby table and handed it to him.

While he opened it and procured the item inside.

It was a strange contraption.

'What is it?'

She thought.

******************Jun's POV******************

Ah, The Luger, the perfect weapon for any occasion, perfect for executing POW's, Enemies of the Third Reich, Civilians, Children and soldiers not following orders.

Just joking.

I'm just doing this for the meme.

I got it when i was equipment for the 7 and found a pile of sc.r.a.pwood, so i traded it.


c.o.c.king the slide, i aimed at the girl bound in to the left.


Straight through the head.


A witch screamed.

It seems the one i had just shot was Tulip.

Let's see who the next the one is.

I aimed again.


Another one.


Another witch screamed, she was prevented from charging at me by another witch.

"Kill Him!"

Delilah ordered.

"He-der'cr..." (AN: All the spells are made up, you think i would waste my time making a magic system? Read my f*cking username)

She then cast a spell.

The others followed behind and casted they're spells also.

"Sigh, not even gonna enjoy the show..."



"Open fire"

The 7 then raised their rifles and fired at will.

*Bang*open bolt*bang*bang*bolt...

Soon gunfire drowned the room.

Witches dropped left and right.

"Defensive spells!"

It was Pel this time that ordered.

Soon they changed their attack spells to defensive ones.

But they weren't enough.

The bullets just pierced through them.

Hitting the witches trying to defend themselves.

The witches realized it was futile so Delilah ordered.

"F-fall back!"

She had been injured by a bullet to the left shoulder.

There were only 6 left of the 10 and most are injured.

They covered escape by making smoke with magic.

And then ran to the deck.


The 7 then switched to infrared to pursue them in the smoke.

So when the witches turn back to look.

They see 7 pairs of red glowing lights pursuing them relentlessly.

4 more witches dropped as they retreated to the deck of the ship.

Only Delilah and Pel were left.

When the 2 reached the deck, they tried to get on they're brooms, but took a bullet through the knee.

"Arrgghh...This is no Prince, it's the devils child..."

Pel said through gritted teeth for she was in pain.


They looked up, only to see Jun.

"Let's have a nice chat shall we ladies?"

He said smiling.

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