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Softly landing on top of a building, the bald hero's gaze brightened as he saw Rito and All Might duking it out. But even then, his thoughts didn't remain on them for a long time as he suddenly felt someone approaching him from behind.

Looking back with an impa.s.sive gaze, he saw a blonde boy staring at him with a grim expression.

"Who are you?"

The boy's eyes glowed lightly while the bald hero couldn't help but frown.

"A Kid? No... you are a monster, aren't you?"

The Bald man's words immediately stunned the boy.

"What the h.e.l.l are you saying? I am a human... albeit an ancient one."

The boy suddenly felt a crisis rise in his heart and immediately disappeared while the bald man's fist touched the empty air.

Looking sideways, the jumpsuit guy had a bright expression once again.

"You are... strong. You are the energy source that I have been feeling all this time..."

Hearing his words, the boy couldn't help but scowl!

"Tch! You don't even know the truth about yourself! Don't hinder me!"

"I am Saitama, a hero just for fun. Who are you?"

Saitama didn't care for the boy's words. It was the first time Saitama felt like this. Whenever his gaze landed on the boy's body, he felt his blood rushing throughout his body while his chest congested and his muscles tightened involuntarily.

If someone saw such an expression on Saitama's face, they would definitely think that he had to have some heavy taste for gazing at a beautiful boy with such intent.

But only Saitama himself knew that he had finally found a worthy opponent!

"Saitama... I will say this one last time. Don't get in my way."

Saying this, the boy disappeared.

Closing his eyes, Saitama couldn't help but frown. He couldn't feel that boy anymore.



Hearing the sounds of battle, his gaze was finally attracted towards the raging duo and jumped down, landing near a terrified hero.

"Hey, what's going on there?"

He asked while pointing his finger at Rito.

The sudden appearance of the strangely dressed man put the hero on his guard.

"Who are you? State your reason for showing up!"

"No, like I asked. What's going—"

"You answer me, right now!"

"Like I said, I am here because of—"

"If you don't state your true reason, monster tide or not, I will apprehend you!"

A vein popped on Saitama's bald head as his lips twitched.

"I am a hero, too."

The person standing in front of him was slightly startled. Scrutinizing Saitama, he finally spoke up.

"Let me see your licence."

"I am a hero just for fun."

The hero in front of Saitama felt astounded. The whole city was attacked! Does this look like fun?

A quirk user went berserk and he can actually fight with All Might Toe to Toe! Does this look like fun?

We are all fighting for our lives itself! Does this look like fun?

"That's it!"

The hero's hand immediately turned crimson and he slammed his fist towards Saitama.

"Wait, you don't need to do—"

As Saitama pushed his hand with a slight force, the unfortunate hero was slammed into the wall, knocked out cold.

"—that... ah, I did it again."

He rubbed his bald head and looked towards All Might and Rito.

Finding a strange looking, Black-haired hero, he put up the best smile he could muster and waved his hands.

"Hey, what's going on here?"

"Huh? Don't you know that guy's quirk went out of control?"

Eraserhead replied with an annoyed tone.

"Oh, thank you."


To Eraserhead's shock, the bald man was nowhere to be found.


"Oh my G.o.d (In English)"

All Might breathed loudly while his hands moved nonstop to meet with Rito's punches. All this while, his hands were already bloodied and he knew that he was being pushed back by this strange arrival.

With his legs long stuck into the street, All Might simply gritted his teeth and continued the face-off while the opponent's blazing eyes and towering body made him feel distressed.





As the punches rained down, a dull thud was heard as All Might's fist hit empty air while the Berserker's body was smashed into the street.

"Are you ok?"

With a kind smile and impa.s.sive gaze, a bald man walked towards All Might and actually picked him out of the street, freeing his legs.

"Who are you?"

All Might looked shocked himself. He felt overwhelmed.

First, he was being pushed back by some unknown quirk and now, that very crazed tyrant was put down in what looked like a karate chop.

"Me, I am hero fo—"

Saitama's body felt a huge force striking him from the side as a fist wrapped in dull gold gauntlet smashed him outside the border.



In front of the terrified eyes of the students and teachers alike, a part of the ceiling was slowly ripped out as Kana and a group of teachers got ready for the impending battle.

Cracks slowly spread as a green glow seeped through the ceiling and a terrible force pressurised all of the students and teachers.

As the cracks spread, the rubbles that were supposed to fall on the students remained intact and the ceiling was ripped apart, revealing a pet.i.te green-haired beauty floating with another body near her.

It was Tatsumaki!

Even when she had seen the destruction that the city had faced, she still needed to get help for her sister.

"Ryōko, I need—"


It was at this time, a terrifying roar that sent shockwaves to the whole city erupted with Rito as the origin.

The roar echoed and resounded as various tall buildings had cracks spread on their surface.

In the destroyed region of the city, a strange scene took place as two more pairs of golden arms emerged out of Rito's back, making him look like a six-armed diety.

"Is he really a human? That quirk... what is it?"

A female hero with dirty blonde hair and purplish outfit spoke with a nervous expression while her statement comprised the emotions of all the spectators.

"You are really strong."

Dusting off his jumpsuit with his hands, he looked at Rito with an appreciative gaze and touched the side of his face that still had smoke rising out of skin just by pure force of the strike.

"Who's that guy?"

If Rito was a demon in their eyes, then Saitama was a crazed civilian in a cosplay of a bald hero.

After all, not many witnessed the scene of him getting struck but those who did, like All Might, felt completely stunned.


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