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Chapter 584: Purple Flame Is Severely Injured, The Demon


Calamity Battle Ends (2)

Translator: Henyee Translations | Editor: Henyee Translations

Even the demonic Qi in the world began to thin out, showing signs of


This marked the end of the demon calamity for the human race.

This made Jiang Chengxuan and the others heave a sigh of relief.

They were now a.s.sured that for the next 1,200 years, such a catastrophe wouldn’t reoccur.

Looking up towards the Nine Heavens Realm, they saw four formidable figures. They were Heavenly Lord Purple Flame, Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain, Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean, and Heavenly Lord Xuan Yang.

However, the sight of Heavenly Lord Purple Flame’s white hair and the aura of decay emanating from him deeply saddened everyone.

It was evident that he had suffered a grave injury during the battle.

As a result, he did not have much life span left.

“Shifu, you…”

Perfected Lord Wind Cloud and the other cultivators from Purple Sun Palace

flew forward immediately.

They looked at Heavenly Lord Purple Flame anxiously.

However, Heavenly Lord Purple Flame smiled and shook his head at them.

“It’s fine. I’m fine.”

As he spoke, he looked at Jiang Chengxuan with a smile and said with


“Young friend Jiang, I was right about you that day.

You really didn’t disappoint us all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain, Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean, and Heavenly Lord Xuan Yang turned to look at Jiang Chengxuan.

They all nodded at him with an extremely solemn expression.


The three of them knew that Heavenly Lord Purple Flame was right.

Jiang Chengxuan proved himself worthy of their trust.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the reason why the human race could win this demonic calamity was entirely because of Jiang Chengxuan.

If he had not led everyone to kill more than a hundred Nascent Soul demonic


If he had not led everyone to break the Demonic Heart Array,

If not for him protecting many key array eyes,

It was impossible for the human race to win this demonic calamity.

“Senior Purple Flame, you flatter me.’

Jiang Chengxuan shook his head.

“The main reason why we were able to win this demonic calamity is because of the selfless sacrifices of the seniors.

If not for you blocking the seven Soul Formation Demon Lords for all of us,

No matter how capable we are, it’s impossible for us to do anything.”

Jiang Chengxuan was fully aware of his role in the battle but also recognized that the victory hinged on the four Heavenly Lords.

It was them who helped block the seven Demon Lords. Only then would they

have the possibility to carry out their plan.

Only then would it be possible to tip the scales in the human race’s favor.

At this moment, the human race had won.

However, despite the victory, the losses were also tremendous.

Firstly, it was Heavenly Lord Purple Flame’s injury.

Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan could feel it very clearly that his life force was burning rapidly.

At this rate, it seemed unlikely he would live another hundred years.

This meant a significant decrease in the overall strength of the northern border’s human race for a long time.

Although they still had three Soul Formation Heavenly Lords, Heavenly Lord Xuan Yang was newly advanced and was by no means on par with Heavenly Lord Purple Flame.

Even if he had a lot of potential in the future.

In terms of current strength, there was still an insurmountable gap.

Moreover, Heavenly Lord Purple Flame was not the only one injured in the battle.

In fact.

The four Heavenly Lords were all injured to varying degrees.

However, compared to them, Heavenly Lord Purple Flame was the most serious.

Next was Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain.

Previously, in a decisive moment, he had sacrificed his own intrinsic True Treasure in order to slay Wicked Moon.

For him, a Heavenly Lord, destroying his own intrinsic True Treasure was a deeply consequential and crippling act.

It could be imagined that in the next few hundred years.

Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain could no longer use his full strength, nor could he exert his peak combat power.

With that in mind,

The situation of the human race in the northern border in the next few hundred years was really not optimistic.

Unless a new Soul Formation Heavenly Lord was born during this period.

However, how could such a thing be so easy?

Even Jiang Chengxuan and his Dao companion, Shen Ruyan, were not absolutely confident.

At this moment.

Jiang Chengxuan looked at the demonic cultivators in the distance who had yet to leave the Nine Essences Immortal World and could not help but say to the four Heavenly Lords,

“Seniors, although our human race has already won this Demonic Calamity, However, there are still many remnants of demon cultivators lingering. Please allow us to go and exterminate them, to put a definitive end to this war.” Hearing Jiang Chengxuan’s words, the four Heavenly Lords present could not help but smile and nod.

“Go. Remember to be careful.”


Jiang Chengxuan and the others accepted the order.

At that moment.

Jiang Chengxuan, Shen Ruyan, Su Qingchan, and the others led a group of

Nascent Soul cultivators and an army of cultivators to start cleaning up the remaining demonic cultivators.

This extermination took several years.

After Jiang Chengxuan and the others eliminated all the remaining demonic cultivators they could find, the battle of the demonic calamity officially came to an end.

It was at this moment that everyone could clearly sense that a mysterious aura had descended on them.

Many of them had a breakthrough in their cultivation under the effect of this strange aura.

For example, Perfected Lord Flowing Snow, Perfected Lord Star Sea, Perfected Lord Vast River and the two South Sea Immortals advanced from the mid-stage Nascent Soul to the late-stage Nascent Soul.

Even the early-stage Nascent Soul cultivators like Tang Baisheng advanced to mid-stage.

Moreover, everyone’s foundation was incomparably firm and solid.

Moreover, this was only the beginning.

In the future, as they cultivated, this aura could still play a huge role. It was not an exaggeration to say that it had only been a short while. But there were countless cultivators, from Qi Refinement to Nascent, who had had a breakthrough.

Even the four Soul Formation Heavenly Lords received great benefits.

The injuries Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain suffered from self-destructing his intrinsic Pure Yang True Treasure quickly recovered. Heavenly Lord Xuan Yang and Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean also sensed an opportunity to break through.

Only Heavenly Lord Purple Flame’s injuries did not improve.

However, his essence, qi, and spirit would remain at their peak for the rest of his lifespan.

It would only dissipate on the day he pa.s.sed away.

The state of Jiang.

Mount Mystic Tai.

Xuanming Peak.

There was a creaking sound.

The door of the cave abode where Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan were cultivating slowly opened.

At this moment.

Several years had pa.s.sed since the end of the demonic calamity.

In these years,

Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan made another breakthrough and reached the eighth level of Nascent Soul.

In addition, they had also used the rewards obtained from this war and their own acc.u.mulation to successfully refine a large number of cultivation resources.

This included Nascent Soul Cultivation Pills and Nascent Soul Condensation Pills that were enough to make any Golden Core cultivator fight over it crazily. There were also several level 5 True Treasures with extraordinary effects. “Congratulations, Shifu. Your cultivation has broken through again. You are a step closer to Soul Formation.” just as Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan walked out of the cave abode at the same time, Jiang Anran, who had been guarding outside, immediately smiled and bowed..

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