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Translator: Reflet

 One truck was running along Juunishima at night. In the trunk rode several men and women, and when they stopped at a traffic signal, the driver of the car alongside them looked quizzically at them, but with just one glare from one of the women, the driver, panicking, averted their eyes.

「Chan Suu, don't bother with small frys」

 Just one man riding in the trunk lightly rebuked the girl.

 Surrounded by women, Saekusa Tsuk.u.mo was sitting cross-legged in an arrogant manner.

 One girl rested her head on his lap, using it as a pillow. She had a youthful face and was resting curled up like a cat, but even in that state, the fact that she had quite the physique was evident. Tall enough to where if she were to stand up she would probably be around one hundred ninety centimeters.

「Oi Honoka, hurry up and move, my feet are falling asleep」


 The tall girl named Honoka refused in a spoiled tone. She shook her head on his lap, instantly rubbing her cheeks against him like a cat.

「Don't wannaー don't wannaー、I wanna do this for a bit longerー」

「If you don't give it a rest, I vill kill you right 'ere」

 Chan Suu, who had relented when scolded by Tsuk.u.mo, glared at her with open hostility, speaking with the typical foreigner's intonation. Not only that, but she also thrust her hand into her bosom, appealing・・・that she could draw at any time.

「All of you, please give it a rest」

 Before Tsuk.u.mo could open his mouth, a girl operating a tablet computer rebuked them. In contrast to Honoka she was one hundred forty centimeters tall or so with a short height, but her chest area was fine enough to give many a gravure idol a run for their money.

 The so-called big-breasted loli girl's name was Haku. Chan Suu and Honoka who she had spoken to directed their gazes to her simultaneously.

「I'd welcome trash and dregs smashing each other, but please leave it for earlier or later than the operation. Doing that sort of thing, if there would be something to hinder the operation――」

 Haku said, glaring at the two with a completely changed face.

「――I'll kill you」

 The moment she said that, Chan Suu as well as Honoka shivered. Chan Suu lowered the hand that was concealed in her bosom, and Honoka also stopped resting on the lap and slowly raised her body.

 Looking at the two, Haku who had returned her expression to normal looked downward, returning her sight to her tablet.

 Operating something with accustomed hands, shortly after, the two who had been glared at like a snake or whatever had electronic sounds come from them at the same time.

 It was the sound of receiving mail, and both of them took out their ringing smartphones, checking them.


「Zis is…your confounded work」

 They looked at Haku quizzically at the same time.

「I have picked up several outside points where there are no people or any hindrances, so if you're going to do it you might as well duke it out somewhere there's no people. If you do it after the operation then there will be no conflict」

 Chan Suu and Honoka looked at each other with complicated expressions.

「When you go at it, it would be amazing if one of you could do me a favor and die. Like poison, the person who survives as a result of the fight between trash and dregs should be useful」

 Haku said, grinning. Sweat was languidly flowing from their shoulders as she said that.

「Oi oi, what are you doing without my permission」

 When the atmosphere had become complicated, Tsuk.u.mo cut in with a light manner to shift that.

 The Absolute One in this place, Saekusa Tsuk.u.mo.

 The two females who realized that he was covering for them embraced him at once.

「Uwaaan, I was scareeed」

「I wet myself, just a bit」

「Awーthere there, you don't have to worry anymore」

 Tsuk.u.mo said, patting their heads. The two women who had been glaring at each other with animosity and intimidation earlier had been charmed by him like cats.

 There was a girl who had been watching the course of events.

 Unlike Tsuk.u.mo and the rest・・・・・・it was a ponytailed girl riding in the trunk.

 Hans and feet tied up, Miki Aoba was looking at the people in front of her with complicated eyes on a league above Honoka and the others.

 The signal became green, and the truck began to run.

 Looking around the perimeter, Tsuk.u.mo noticed Aoba's gaze.

「What's wrong」

「Just what are you guys」

「……Do you like mother daughter bowls?」


「Mother daughter bowls man, mother daughter bowls, the kanji symbols are for『mother』and『daughter』、not parent and child but mother and daughter. I mean that kind of mother daughter bowl. You see, I love those mother daughter bowls, and I've set myself to be the man who risks his life for them」

 Tsuk.u.mo said, stealing Chan Suu's lips and reaching under Honoka's clothing to rub her chest thoroughly with his open hand.

 The sound of glutinous water was heard from their connected mouths, and heavy breathing escaped the child-faced Honoka's mouth.

 Aoba unconsciously averted her eyes from the sudden cheap AV-like scene unfolding before her.

 Having stopped kissing, Tsuk.u.mo spoke to her.

「Although I'd have liked you too, unfortunately your mothers weren't all together. If all four of your mothers had come to this island I was ready to request them by all possible means. Ah too bad too bad」

「H-How serious are you?」

「I'm serious whenever. Cause I've set my current self to behave in that fashion.」

「"Set", what kind of weird things are you――」

 Aoba said, but soon held her tongue.

 Hearing her words, Honoka had stood up abruptly.

 Only looking at her face she was a child-faced pretty girl, but that height was close to one hundred ninety centimeters.

 The height that would have no trouble fitting in men's basketball looked down at Aoba.

 It was like being overlooked from above the heavens.

 That distance stirred up Aoba's fear.

「Weird thiiings?」


「Right now, were you saying "weird things"?」

「Th-That wasl――」

「You said it didn't youuu」

「That was, speaking about his word choice――」

 An unknown fear a.s.sailed Aoba, she had initially tried to vindicate herself, but before she could, Honoka had crouched, pushing her shoulders.


 Pinned on the trunk, Aoba's head crashed, letting out a scream.

 Honoka approached her, touching the hands tied behind her back.

 She grabbed Aoba's narrow index finger――



 The carefree voice and the sound of a finger snapping occurred at the same time.

 A short interval later, Aoba's scream pierced the night sky. When Honoka released her hand, Aoba's index finger was visibly bent in what was an ordinarily impossible direction.

「Hmmm, sorta doesn't seem good enough. Think I'll go for another oneee」

「Maybe you could use zis?」

 Chan Suu said, holding out a gun to Honoka. It was a small model that fit snugly in the palm of the hand but it was unmistakably the real deal.

「Wonder what I should dooo」

「Stop it you two」

 Tsuk.u.mo halted them with a quiet voice.


「I understand」

「Haku, treat her」

「Treat this garbage?」

「Even she has mothers, you know」

「Yes yes, I understand. It's always that isn't it」

 While complaining discontentedly, she drew close to Aoba, applying treatment just as she was told.

「Well of course, a girl who has a mother, basically means that she's a box filled with the possibilities of mother daughter bowl. If we let her live then the chances of becoming my mother daughter bowl increase to fifty percent, and if we killed off one of them then it becomes zero, y'know?」

「Although I think that even if they're hurt a bit they can still become a mother daughter bowl?」

「You don't get it man, hurting them isn't really the issue. It's just that it's best for me to do it. For example hmm……like Chan Suu」

「You mean zis?」

 She said rolling up her clothing. There was a small tattoo labeled『Tsuk.u.mo』.

「Yeah yeah that thing. Attaching it to mother and daughter at the same time in this fashion is definitely good」

「Mother was『Saekusa』.Honestly that vould 'ave been better」

「Why's thaaat?」

「I 'ear that in zis country zere is a special meaning in receiving a surname」

「Ohhh that's very truuue」

「It's difficult isn't it, all that」

「Not at all」

 Tsuk.u.mo exaggeratingly shrugged his shoulders, afterwards turning back to Aoba.

 Crouching, he peered straight in from the side of Haku who was applying treatment.

「It's truly a disappointment, that your mothers didn't all come」

 Aoba trembled.

 The peering Tsuk.u.mo's eyes were scary. These were the eyes that she had encountered before in her life.


 That vocabulary ran through her head.

 She felt madness, not just from Tsuk.u.mo but from everyone here.

 Fear a.s.saulted Aoba.


 Hoping against hope, Aoba called the boy's name in her heart.

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