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Chapter 67
S . B . F . C Chapter 67: Yingling High School Video Game Department

"Let's start with my requirements . The first and most important point is that I will take this game to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion and the bonuses and follow-up benefits will be owned by me personally . "

Li Yalin’s request, the first thing to say is definitely the issue of interest .
Although the prize money for this compet.i.tion is not too much, it is still unclear whether the online promotion will be profitable .
However, regarding the money, Li Yalin’s att.i.tude has always been the first gentleman and it is his money .
He must get it!
No way, which will let him have the task of earning 100 million Yuan in three months?
Even if his demand for money is not high it is enough to spend enough, but there are tasks and this is really the only way .
After all, the flies are also fleshy, right?
"No problem, I can promise you that . "
Li Yalin suddenly talked about the problem of money .
It is indeed a little unexpected, after all, if you are a high school student . You will still pay more attention to whether your work will be accepted or not, not whether you can win prizes .
Li Yalin wants to think about money at this time .
Is it too early to think about it?
Of course, this is not a problem for Womi .
Advertis.e.m.e.ntSince Li Yalin proposed his request, she can immediately agree to the decision .
After all, the game is made by Li Yalin, who is fully qualified to get all the benefits of the game .
"Well, since we have settled this, the next step is simple . I am going to create a new club . The future game will be submitted in the name of this club . Is that okay?"
The problem of money has been solved .
Not to mention the next step .
The premise of Li Yalin’s reward is to create a club .
As the vice president of the student union, he submitted a community application to the president, which is an easy task .
“Create a new club? This is fine, but the condition for creating a club is that you must have more than five members, otherwise it will be downgraded to a bad club . . . ”
"Although I really want to help my cla.s.smate, as the president of the Student Union . I really can't take power to seek personal gains . So, Yalin, then your task is to find four companions and submit your application to me . I can help you . . . . . . "
"I see . When I made the game, I didn't say anything about making the game, and I will leave . . . goodbye . "
It's really easy to create a club .
It's just a matter of putting a stamp on it .
However, after Li Yalin proposed to create a new club, Womi actually took the shelf .
As a president of the Student Union, she can't use power for personal gain?
Is he ready to use school resources to make 18X games . . . ?
Is he really qualified to do this?

In addition, he needs to find four companions first?
He is the first member of this d.a.m.n game, ah!
He always feels that if he sighs at this time, it would be too tiring, so Li Yalin stood up and decided to leave .
Because he is so embarra.s.sed, can he give up?
"If I was not wrong, I can approve Yalin's student to create a club, as for club members as long as you have five people next month, you can do it . "
Li Yalin just stood up, and Womi saw he immediately grabbed his arm very quickly, so she can't move at all .
Looking at Womi who has not changed color, Li Yalin was completely speechless .
Sure enough, this president has no limit at all . . .
In spite of all kinds of things, eventually, Li Yalin's club has been established - the video game Department of Yingling High School .
As vice president of the Student Union, he also wants to annex the post of minister of the new society .
Of course, as a brand-new club, the member of the video game club is only Li Yalin alone .
Although the seal is covered afterward, Womi can also join the video game department to help him get together, but the result is It was rejected by him and his words .
If you want to grow up, you will be your president to your club .
You would better not mix between tasks .
Yes, Li Yalin does not want to see Womi join his own club .
In the student union, it is no problem to lose her support .

If she goes out, she can be at the head of the student union but she should be a little conscious!
All in all, the task of creating a club is as simple as that .
As for the problems of new members, it is better to put them aside for the time being .
Anyway, time is still abundant, and then his energy should still focus on game production .
Yes, yes, according to the propaganda on the poster there are only ten days left before the exhibition .
This is also the thing Li Yalin most wanted to think about .
Ten days, he wants to make a finished game to partic.i.p.ate in the exhibition .
Since he is a long-time adult, he can make such a brainless decision!
In fact, if Li Yalin can get a system reward, he can't promise such a ridiculous thing .
Fortunately, he has a versatile system!
"Yalin-San, you are . . . "
In Rabbit-House, looking at Li Yalin with a big bag and a small package in his hand, Chino's eyes were full of doubts .
It's no wonder that brand-new laptops, image scanning, and audio recording devices .
This is all that Chino rarely touches on weekdays .
Li Yalin suddenly bought these things .
What exactly did he want to do?
Used to draw manga?
Although I have long heard that computers can be used to draw manga, in the impression of Chino, the manga is still the kind that needs to be drawn by hand .
"I was told by the president of the students, and then I have to work out a game . I am sorry Chino . I think my time in playing piano in the afternoon will be shortened . "
After leaving school, Li Yalin ran for the first time in the electronics city .
After all, the workmanship must first be sharpened .
A computer with superior performance is really important for making games .
Other professional gadgets .
It is also essential .
Since the establishment of the club and the acceptance of the system reward, Li Yalin knows very well what is missing so this professional equipment is not lost at all .
However, even if there is systematic help, then the time is short and the task is heavy .
In this case, it is necessary to shorten the playing time in the coffee shop .
At this point, Li Yalin must say sorry to Chino in advance .
"Is Yalin to make a game? It doesn't matter, if you don't have time, you can stop playing . "
Suddenly she heard Li Yalin’s apology, which made her could not help but stunned but just after she returned, she shook her head gently .
For Chino, although Li Yalin's performance is an important factor for Rabbit-House to attract customers, his performance is only a sentiment, not an obligation .
If he does not want to, he can stop playing at any time, let alone just shorten the time .
This is enough, she can’t ask too much .

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