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Ling Susu screamed and swooped toward Ye Fei.

But how could she be faster than him?

Ye Fei already held her suitcase in his hands.

"Ye Fei, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what the h.e.l.l are you doing?!" Ling Susu wailed like a madwoman, "Put down my suitcase! I spent tens of thousands of Yuan on it! If you damage it, you won't be able to pay for the loss!!"

"I won't be able to pay for the loss? You underestimate me," Ye Fei sneered.

"You... You're spying on my privacy! You're going to be punished by the law!!" Ling Susu scrambled to try to wrestle back the suitcase.

"Law? You're telling me what the law is?!"

Ye Fei rushed to the podium and forced open the suitcase.


The entire cla.s.s simultaneously sucked in a cold breath. Everyone was staring at the contents of the suitcase in stunned silence.

Even Ye Fei was amazed.

The things in that suitcase were beyond his imagination.

Lipstick, nail polish, shampoo, books, dictionaries, calculators, keys, hair clips, rubber bands, stockings, sweat-stained shorts... At the top of the pile, like a cherry atop the cake, was a half-eaten apple in a transparent plastic bag.

This suitcase was like a treasure chest, full of all kinds of things, most of them worthless; some could even be called bizarre.

"Hey, there is my nail polish! I thought I'd lost it," a girl said. She had used up half of the bottle of nail polish before it disappeared. Now it appeared in this suitcase.

"Those are my stockings... They just vanished when I was taking a shower in the gym the other day!"

A boy walked over and picked up a pair shorts. "These are my sports shorts. After my last basketball game, I put them in my desk drawer and they were gone when I opened it again later."

Almost everyone in the cla.s.s could identify at least one lost possession of theirs inside the suitcase.

Now, it was clear to everyone who had stolen the money.

It must have been Ling Susu!

Who would have thought she was that kind of person...?

But why would she do this?

She had a rich family and never had to worry about food and clothing. Even if her family's financial situation weren't so good, with her looks, there were any number of boys who would buy her whatever she wanted.

But she chose to steal.

And she stole everything that came to hand, even half-eaten apples in other students' desks.

"Hahaha, well..."

Knowing she was utterly busted, Ling Susu was not panicking anymore. She coldly said, "Well, it was I who took it. And let me tell you, I take away your things because I give you face."


The students looked at each in confusion.

"You... You're shameless. Morally bankrupt!" a girl cried angrily.

"d.a.m.n, Ling Susu always seemed so put together," someone whispered.

Chen Qun's eyes bore into Ling Susu, "Because of you, I almost wronged Zhao Hao! I was surprised, how could Zhao Hao steal my money? He is so honest and upright."

"Yeah, I didn't think it was Zhao Hao who stole the money. A few days ago, he was starving at night and I offered him a packet of instant noodles, but he refused me."

"Even if he is poor, he has his dignity. Because of his character, he would never steal anything. Ling Susu, you are rich, but you are really shameless! How could you steal all this stuff?"

The students yelled at Ling Susu, instantly forgetting how they had just been shouting the very same words at Zhao Hao. Even when Ye Fei showed them the video, they still suspected Zhao Hao and wanted to believe Ling Susu.

The cla.s.sroom was in an outrage. If she hadn't been a girl, her cla.s.smates would have starting beating her.

Ling Susu didn't apologize and coldly pa.s.sed her gaze across all the students before mercilessly staring at Ye Fei. She had no notion of repentance.

The students really had no way to punish her.

Murong frowned. She had been a police officer for years, but this was her first time meeting someone like Ling Susu.

"Sister Qingwan, what should we do now?" Chen Qun asked.

Lin Qingwan was shocked too. She couldn't fathom why Ling Susu would do that. "This girl... Just unbelievable. Let the faculty decide how to deal with this."

Soon, the staff of the political and educational department came by and took Ling Susu away.

Before she left, she stared at Ye Fei and sneered, "It was I who stole everything. If you have the ability, expel me. If you don't, you don't deserve to be a man."

Her arrogance shocked her cla.s.smates, but Ye Fei ignored her.

He knew that Ling Susu's behavior was very abnormal. Her values were different from normal people's. She obviously had a few loose screws in her brain.

In a more professional sense, Ling Susu had a mental illness called kleptomania.

Once the university staff found out about the matter, they soon made a phone call to her parents.

It was a ridiculous thing for the university staff to call a student's parents, but what Ling Susu did was difficult to deal with.

Soon, her father arrived at the faculty offices. He was a middle-aged man with the bearing of a man of great success. When he heard his daughter was a thief, he laughed and said, "Impossible!"

The staff showed him Ling Susu's suitcase, and she herself confessed and said these were all things she stole, for no reason. When she saw these unattended items, she felt excited, and stealing them made her happy. She became addicted to the rush.

When Ling Susu's father heard that, he could not help slapping his daughter.

In the end, Ling Susu was not expelled from the university. By her father's request, the faculty also made efforts to contain the rumors.

However, Ling Susu disappeared from the university after this event and no longer attended her cla.s.ses. Rumor had it that she was resting at home and her father had hired a psychiatrist to treat her kleptomania.

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