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Ye Fei was quite astonished. Ling Susu wore thick black-framed gla.s.ses and she was not only the cla.s.s monitor but also a typical good student. He noticed a few words in Italian on the frame of her gla.s.ses, so it was obviously a luxury Italian brand. Clearly, her family was not poor.

However, when this beautiful, outstanding and rich girl heard Ye Fei had called the police, she actually seemed to panic.

Through her nervous expression, Ye Fei immediately realized that she was the one who had stolen the money, but he had no idea why she would do it.

Most police investigations started by establishing the motive for the crime. As the saying goes, 'if there is nothing to love, there is nothing to hate'. The students suspected Zhao Hao based on his financial situation. Because of his poverty, he had a motive to steal.

However, Ling Susu had no clear motive. Even Ye Fei doubted himself.

However, he kept his cool and pretended not to notice anything. "The most important thing is," he said, "that Chen Qun has just told me that there was a mark on the money he'd lost. Right, Chen Qun?"

Chen Qun was stunned. There was no mark on his money, but seeing Ye Fei winking at him, he immediately understood and hurriedly said, "Yes, the bills were marked."

Excited murmurs spread among the students. If there were some marks on the money, it would be easy to find out who stole it.

But when Ling Susu heard this, her face turned pale. She glanced nervously at a small suitcase next to her.

Now, Ye Fei knew that's where she hid the money.

The bell rang and the teacher walked almost immediately.

Ye Fei clearly saw that, during the cla.s.s, Ling Susu was restless. After a while, she suddenly bent down, opened the small suitcase, took out something rolled up in a sheet of paper, and tightly clutched it in her hands.

Ye Fei sneered. It was she who stole the money.

But... Why would the cla.s.s monitor, Ling Susu, do something like this?

He was curious about why she stole the money.

After the cla.s.s ended, a beauty in a police uniform was standing in front of the door. It was Murong, whom Ye Fei had called over.

Seeing the police officer there in the flesh, all the students began talking about the stolen money again. A few of the boys in particular, upon seeing that the police officer was actually a beautiful young woman, couldn't help a discreet wolf whistle.

"Ye Fei, Sister Qingwan, what's going on? I was on duty nearby and Ye Fei told me there's a situation here, so I came to see what happened," Murong said.

Lin Qingwan quickly explained the case.

"Hmm." Murong frowned and said, "If you want to access the campus' video surveillance records, we have to officially file the case first. However, we can't file a criminal case for just a couple hundred Yuan. Besides, all money looks exactly the same; even if we watch the video, there is no way to make out any practical evidence. There's no use. Anyway, they are all students so the one who stole the money would face expulsion from the university. I think that's a bit cruel, don't you?"

Lin Qingwan sighed. "Sister Murong, I don't want to make this trifle any bigger either, but if we can't find the thief, these guys will keep having their stuff stolen. Zhao Hao's family is poor, but I trust him. He can't have stolen the money."

"Just go to Zhao Hao's seat and look around and this will be over," Ye Fei said.

"Just look around?"

Murong looked at Ye Fei uncertainly. She didn't know what he had in mind, but she knew his investigative skills were outstanding, so she a.s.sumed he had already found some clues.

She nodded, walked over to Zhao Hao's desk, took out a small notepad from her pocket, and asked Zhao Hao and Chen Qun tell her the story. 

The other students surrounded them, completely focused on the interrogation.

Ling Susu also came over, holding something in her hand. She slowly stretched her right hand into Zhao Hao's desk drawer.

She thought no one saw her, but in fact, her every move was being secretly recorded by Ye Fei using Lin Qingwan's mobile phone.

To be honest, he didn't antic.i.p.ate Ling Susu would be so vicious. She was still determined to frame Zhao Hao.

In Ye Fei's view, stealing was not an unforgivable crime.

That time on the bus, when someone stole Chu Mo's wallet, he did not immediately react because he wanted to give the thief a chance.

Of course, it was also because he did not know the money was actually a donation for poor students, or he would have interfered at once.

Now it was the same. Ye Fei clearly knew Ling Susu was the person who stole Chen Qun's money and hid it in her small suitcase, but he did not immediately point it out. He wanted to give Ling Susu a chance to repent.

This girl was outwardly well-groomed and upright, but her heart was dark.

After Ling Susu put the money into Zhao Hao's desk, she quietly shuffled to the back of the crowd, her face now calm. She was sure she had handled the matter quite well and no evidence linked to her.

After Murong heard both Zhao Hao and Chen Qun's sides of the story, she stood up.

A few students clamored around her: "Officer, do you know who the thief is now?"

Ling Susu also came over and said quietly to Murong, "h.e.l.lo, officer. I am the cla.s.s monitor, Ling Susu. If you catch the thief, please let me know. I will inform the students' union."

Ling Susu's expression was very serious and her words equally so. Murong was stunned and looked at this girl with appreciation.

But at the same time, Ye Fei was grimacing behind his composed exterior. He was so disappointed in this girl. She actually offered to make sure that the student she wanted to frame for her own misdeeds would be expelled!

A girl like that... If she continued on this path, what would she become in the future?

Ye Fei couldn't even think about it.

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