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With the blow of the referee's whistle, the match resumed.

Wu Haomin immediately ran up to Ye Fei and showed him his fist, "You'd better not touch the ball anymore. This match has nothing to do with you, so stay out of it, or I'll mess you up!"

"Captain Wu, catch the ball!"

A teammate pa.s.sed the ball to Wu Haomin, who gave Ye Fei one last threatening glare before shoving past him. It was time for his team to organize their attack. If Ye Fei scored another three points from the midfield, Wu Haomin would take him out.

"Mess me up?"

Ye Fei smirked at Wu Haomin's back. "Mess me up? Really?"

Meanwhile, Wu Haomin was dribbling toward the goal post. He broke through Xu Gang's defense with a graceful twirl and faced the basket. Jumping up from the free throw line, he took the shot.

Wu Haomin knew the ball would go in.

Just then, a nimble figure arced across the air.


The shot was blocked to the sound of a standing ovation from the spectator stands. The noise grated in Wu Haomin's ears.


Wu Haomin was surprised to find that the man who blocked his shot was actually Ye Fei. He was behind him just now!

When did he run past him?

Ye Fei was only wearing leather shoes. Even in proper running shoes, it was impossible to run that fast!

He was like lightning, like thunder, like a sharp throwing knife.

Wu Haomin's had a resilient mind, but the successive failures infuriated him!

Ye Fei completely ignored him and slowly went back to his position on the mid-court line.

"Ye Fei, catch!"

Having proved his skill, Xu Gang and his partners were happy to pa.s.s the ball to him, hoping he could continue to score three-point shots.

The ball reached Ye Fei's hands.

Immediately, Wu Haomin and two others surrounded him.

A sneer covered Wu Haomin's face. He was just waiting for his opportunity.

While his two teammates blocked the referee's line of sight, Wu Haomin stepped forward and sent a kick toward Ye Fei's knee. 

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