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"Tie Dan, what's wrong with your mom? Why did she find a cripple as his husband? I remember, your mom's condition is very good."

Ye Fei frowned and asked.

"He was not a cripple before, in fact... He used to be a good man, at least he was honest and hardworking. He was working in the city and could get back a lot of money every year. But... Since he liked gambling, his temper became bad, not only hit me, but also hit my mom. The money you sent to my mom was taken away by him."

Tie Dan move chairs for Ye Fei and Xu Haifeng, and then went to the kitchen to boil water for Ye Fei.

"Tie Dan, Tie Dan!"

At this time, a young man's voice suddenly sounded outside.

A figure came in, it was a boy of the same age as Tie Dan.

"Ya Mao, you come to me."

This boy was a friend of Tie Dan, nicknamed Ya Mao, when two people meet each other, they tightly hugged together.

"Tie Dan, how did you get back? Your dad... Didn't your dad send you to work in the city?"

Said Ya Mao in surprise.

"I... I want to come back and see my mom."

Tie Dan stopped and didn't tell the truth.

"Your mom? Your mom was sold to the village head by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how do you come back now?"

Ya Mao was so surprised.

"d.a.m.n it, Xu Jie, f.u.c.k you."

Tie Dan immediately became angry, then took a kitchen knife from the kitchen to go to the village head's house.

"Tie Dan! What are you doing, put the knife down!"

Ye Fei shouted loudly.

"I will kill Xu Jie and the village head Luo Bixu these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds with the knife. Anyway, I'm not fourteen years old, the police won't shoot me."

The hand of Tie Dan was trembling, and tears gushed out from his eyes, but the steps stopped.

"Tie Dan, you are a hero's son, if you do something foolish, that means you will tarnish your dad's feats, understand? Besides, I'm here, I'll be your boss! So put the knife down!"

Ye Fei angrily said.

Tie Dan let go of his hand, and the kitchen knife fell on the ground, then he rush toward Ye Fei, cried, "Uncle, I also have no other way!"

"Tell me what's the matter."

Ye Fei coldly said.

"Uncle Ye Fei..."

Tie Dan was crying in an uproar, could not clearly say any words.

But the boy called Ya Mao spoke out the whole thing.

A few years ago, Luo Cun, like other nearby countrysides, young people went to work to earn money and returned to build houses.

Life in this countryside was not rich, but was not poor at all.

The village head Luo Bixu saw the villagers were rich day by day, so he was a little jealous, then he thought of a bad idea, he opened a casino in the village, pulled the young people to gamble.

Young people did not have the ability of self-control, and Luo Bixu was the village head, so originally the villagers wanted to give him a little face, played for a while in his casino, unexpectedly, so they were addictive.

Now, more than 50% of the young villagers had been infected with gambling, not only the men, even the women often went to the casino to play cards.

People who used to go out to work now did not go out, but gambled in the casino, so there were so many young men in the village.

Some villagers lost their savings that they went out to work to acc.u.mulate, and this money all fell into the hand of the village head.

Other people not only lost their savings, but also lost anything. Such as Xu Jie, he lost all the money, and sold out the house, the son, the wife.

This house of Tie Dan was also lost by Xu Jie, and Luo Feng was also lost, became the servant of the village head's family.

The words of Ya Mao made Ye Fei extremely angry.

Of course, Xu Jie this gambler was hateful.

However, Luo Bixu this kind of bully of the village was more hateful.

"Tie Dan, I will help you make a decision."

Ye Fei stood up and led the way out.

Tie Dan nodded and followed Ye Fei.

Ya Mao stopped Tie Dan and shook his head, "Tie Dan, don't go, you can't beat down the village head."

"I can't, but uncle Ye can!"

Tie Dan said firmly.

"What is he, the township head? Or the director of the local police station?"

These two were already the biggest officials in the eyes of this rural teenager.

"Uncle Ye Fei, like my father, is a hero!"

Tie Dan raised his small head and said proudly.

At this time, Ye Fei reached the door of the house of the village head.

Do not need someone to lead the way, Ye Fei still found the house of Luo Bixu.

Because his house was too conspicuous in the whole village.

In the village, other houses were not dilapidated, they were basically two-storey buildings.

But the village head's house was like a five-star hotel, with luxurious decoration, there were two giant stone lions in front of the door, hung with red lanterns.

In front of the door also stood two bald villagers.

Ye Fei just walked to the door, saw a person was carried by several people, threw out from inside the house, fell on the ground.

This man incredibly was Xu Jie.

"d.a.m.n, believe it or not, I'll beat you!"

When the bald villagers saw Xu Jie, they pointed at Xu Jie's nose to scold.

"I'm looking for my wife!"

Xu jie struggled to sit up and said.

"d.a.m.n, if you don't go, I'll break our other leg!"

Several people rushed out from the door and beat Xu Jie.

Ye Fei saw this scene, immediately shouted, "Stop!"

"Who are you? You dare to shout in front of the door of the village head."

When this group of village ruffians saw a young man suddenly came out, immediately turned displeased.

"I come here to visit my family from Shanghai, and I hear the village head has some fun here, so I want to come here to play."

Ye Fei seriously said.

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