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Zhou Hongtao took a deep breath, and he stretched out his hands to wipe the sweat of the head, he knew that this matter would shock the country, and even the whole world. Now he was like dancing on a rope, at any time his position might be lost. 

"I hear you say Yuan Chen took lots of martial artists to fight with others? Who's that?"

Zhou Hongtao asked.

"There is only one person, it is Ye Fei."

The police officers knew Zhou Hongtao knew Ye Fei, so they said in a low voice. 

"One person? Ye Fei?"

Zhou Hongtao stared at the police officers, full of amazement, then he angrily said, "Are you joking? Yuan Chen took lots of martial artists to beat Ye Fei one person?"

Zhou Hongtao originally thought it was impossible, but suddenly remembered at that time Ye Fei escaped from the Dog King alone.

"Get Ye Fei first!" Zhou Hongtao shouted.

Although he was not sure if the thing of the explosion had nothing to do with Ye Fei, he had to find someone to take the blame, and Ye Fei was the man who he chose.

At this time, Ye Fei just walked down from the building, and he felt very weak, was ready to sit on the ground to rest for a while, then a few policemen ran over and took out handcuffs to cuff Ye Fei.

"What are you doing?"

Liu Qian ran over from the side, and shouted at the police. 

Behind Liu Qian, followed the people of Eagle Claw National Martial Arts Club, Liu Ao, Xie Xuan were also in them. 

In fact, when they drove out of the underground parking lot, saw no one chased out, so they hid nearby, but did not think the direction of the underground parking lot suddenly exploded, they knew something wrong, hurriedly came over. 

Liu Qian and Xie Xuan took lots of disciples to stand in a row, left Ye Fei behind, and didn't let the police catch him.

Liu Ao was standing in front of Ye Fei, angrily said to the police officers, "What the h.e.l.l is going on with you cops? Why don't you catch the bad guys? Why you have to catch a good man."

"Sorry, this matter needs to be investigated before we can decide, this is the director's order!"

The police officers did not give Liu Ao face, directly handcuffed to Ye Fei's wrist.

"You dare to touch Ye Fei?"

Liu Ao was furious, stepped forward, hit on the policeman's body, knocked him down to the ground.

"Old man, you want to attack the police?"

The policeman took out the pistol at his waist and aimed at Liu Ao.

"Eagle King, forget it!"

When Ye Fei saw this scene, he walked over, pulled Liu Ao back, said, "This thing really is because of me, I go with them."

"No! You are hurt like this, and you can't go with them!"

Liu Ao's temper was very stubborn, he said aloud.

"That's the director's order!"

The policeman coldly said.

Liu Ao angrily said, "Ye Fei wounded like this, he should be sent hospital first. If you takes him back, then he has something wrong, your director will come out to take on the responsibility?"

"It's nothing to do with you, our director has given orders we must take him back!"

The policeman glanced at Ye Fei and said, "Be a man and stand up for yourself."

Ye Fei shook his head, did not speak, his face was pale, in fact, he was badly hurt, especially the internal injury.

Liu Ao saw Ye Fei's injury was very heavy, but those policemen could not see, only knew to carry out the task.

Liu Ao was so angry, but he had no good way.

Even if Liu Ao was a well-known martial artist, he was just a common person.

"Camera, this way, this way!"

At this time, after Liu Ao suddenly saw a TV-news car drove over, she suddenly shouted out.

A man who was carrying a camera, and the woman with the microphone Ouyang Xiaxia ran over, they were the workers of Shanghai Television, and they were preparing to randomly find pa.s.sers-by to interview the specific situation, when they heard Liu Qian shouted, so they ran over here.

"Sister, look, these police officers are preparing to have a violent enforcement."

Liu Qian shouted to Ouyang Xiaxia.

In fact, the camera had not yet been turned on, and Ouyang Xiaxia did not respond when several police officers confronted a group of people, and she saw the young man who was sitting on the ground.

When the police saw the reporter coming, they were not happy about it. A policeman came over, covered the camera and shouted, "He's a suspect. You can't give away police secrets."

Ouyang Xiaxia originally had no interest, was ready to go to the underground parking lot to see. But when she heard this youth incredibly was the criminal suspect, she immediately said, "Hurry up, turn on the camera."

The man who was carrying the camera stepped back, and turned on the camera. Ouyang Xiaxia excitedly said, "There is a explosion incident in Shanghai, the reporter Ouyang Xiaxia report the latest situation on the scene for everyone."

A policeman asked for something through the walkie-talkie, then he walked over and said, "The director said, you can take him to the hospital."

"I'll go with him."

Liu Ao was still worried about Ye Fei.

The policemen could only agreed, let Liu Ao go to the hospital with Ye Fei, and they did not handcuff Ye Fei.

Ouyang Xiaxia wanted to go to interview again, but was stopped by the police. She was very depressed, then she went to interview other pa.s.sers-by.

Although Ouyang Xiaxia's interview failed, Ye Fei's face still appeared on the TV.

In a dark warehouse of Shanghai, a young man was leaning on the sofa, drinking beer and watching TV, he was constantly throwing peanuts into his mouth.

When he saw Ye Fei on the TV, he suddenly jumped up.

"Ye Fei, he is Ye Fei, unexpectedly, besides I Liu Han, there is another member in the Falcon alive."

A hint of ecstasy flashed through the young man's eyes.

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