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Lv Danyang was extremely angry, pushed the door out.

Bei Meiqi deeply looked at Ye Fei, she really did not think, Ye Fei incredibly did not want to help Lv Danyang. Bei Meiqi felt now she still could not see through Ye Fei this man.

Bei Meiqi was silent for a long while, then opened her mouth and said.

"Ye Fei, it is unwise of you to make this decision. You can definitely promise him, and then not to help him seriously. However, you directly refused him like this, he must use his position to revenge to you for a private grudge. I know Lv Danyang this person, he is very narrow-minded."

"I know."

Ye Fei was lying on the bed, said, "I always believe that Liu Han will not be a traitor, Lv Danyang wanted to take advantage of my friendship with Liu Han to set traps, he was wrong."

"So What are you going to do?" Bei Meiqi said in amazement.

"I have to rely on my own ability to find Liu Han, and ask him whether he betrayed the country."

Ye Fei's tone was firm.

Bei Meiqi couldn't help but laugh, "Ye Fei, you are too naive, MSS and our international police can not find this person, how can you find him? However, I like your stubborn character, we will give you the information about Liu Han, I wish you good luck."

Bei Meiqi just walked out of here, suddenly turned back and said, "By the way, I tell you something, Liu Han is in Shanghai now. If you want to find him, you must seize this opportunity."

Ye Fei looked very calm, it seemed that he did not hear the words of Bei Meiqi, but his hands were tightly grabbing the quilt.


"Ye Fei, you this bodyguard often lies in the hospital, and I will take care of you. You're my bodyguard? Or am I your nurse?"

Lin Qingwan sat beside the bed, peeling an apple and whining.

"You can deduct my salary."

Seeing the appearance of Lin Qingwan, Ye Fei was not angry, on the contrary, he was moved, he knew Lin Qingwan was worried about him.

"Of course I'll deduct your salary. If next time you still stay in the hospital, I'll just fire you."

Lin Qingwan stared at Ye Fei and said.

"By the way, If I want to find a person in Shanghai, what should I do?"

Ye Fei did not know what he should do, so he would take advantage of this opportunity to ask Lin Qingwan, she was a very smart woman, maybe she would have some ideas.

"Who are you looking for? Is that your grandfather? There are many ways to find people, the most effective is to find the police, let them check the use information of ID card through the system, or you can spend money to employ a detective."

Lin Qingwan thought for a moment, then said.

"I have just thought about what you said. The person who I am looking for is not my grandfather, but my comrade, Liu Han. Just like me, now he is being framed as a terrorist and he is in a dangerous situation. The police can not find him now, as for the detective, the possibility is also low, after all, the population of the Shanghai is too much."

Ye Fei shook his head, vetoed the two methods of Lin Qingwan.

"Your comrade? A terrorist? Now he is also in Shanghai?"

Lin Qingwan slightly frowned, glanced at Ye Fei, "Ye Fei, since the police are also looking for him now. So your movement must be under police surveillance. If you want to find your comrade, you must be careful. And if you find him, he will be in danger."

"Of course I know, so I don't know what to do."

Ye Fei sighed.

"Don't worry, you tell me the details of Liu Han. Where is his hometown? If his hometown is not Shanghai, what will be his purpose in coming to this city?"

Lin Qingwan wanted to give Ye Fei some ideas.

"His hometown is Anhui. In Shanghai, he probably doesn't have any friends or relatives. I can't imagine what he's doing here."

Ye Fei thought for a moment and shook his head. 

"Ye Fei, you are a fool!"

Lin Qingwan suddenly smiled, "Since he does not have any friends or relatives here, well, he comes here to look for you."

"Me? You mean, Liu Han comes here to look for me?"

Ye Fei suddenly excitedly said, "It's quite possible, because I have a good relationship with Liu Han, and he taught me his Eagle Claw Attack."

"That's easy. You leave your information in the newspaper. When he sees it, he will come to you."

Lin Qingwan smiled and said.

"Newspaper... Anyway, Liu Han never read the newspaper. He has been practicing martial arts since his childhood, he can be called an illiteracy, so he does not like the words."

Ye Fei was silent for a moment, and said.

"Well, you can use the network, now the network is very convenient." Lin Qingwan continues to advise Ye Fei.

"I have said, Liu Han is an illiteracy, and has been in the army, so he is not good at using computers."

Ye Fei shook his head again.

"Well, through the TV?"

Lin Qingwan said, "At any time, we Ya Lai Group can go to the television station to make an exclusive interview program, you can show up on the television. The problem is... Now there are so many programs, your comrade may not see it."

"Indeed it is."

Now Ye Fei thought only if there was an explosive news that attracted worldwide attention could attract Liu Han's attention.

"By the way, just now you said your comrade was practicing martial arts since childhood, he must be very interested in Kung Fu."

Lin Qingwan thought of a good idea.

Ye Fei nodded.

"Look at this thing."

Lin Qingwan took out a piece of crumpled advertising paper, on the paper was written "The Great Battle of Shanghai."

There was a line of small words on the paper, after reading th words, Ye Fei knew that there were many martial arts clubs in Shanghai, and they organized a tournament. Through this tournament, they ranked.

Ye Fei had no interest in who could win. However, the semi-finals and finals would be broadcast live on Shanghai TV.

If Ye Fei could enter the top ten, he would show up on the television.

This was best method to made Liu Han find him.

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