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Ye Fei wanted to take Zhong Mei to the hospital for a preliminary examination to see how much plastic surgery would cost. 

But first, he had to go to the art department to tell her about this plan. 

The desire to look attractive was universal. Although Zhong Mei had a high self-esteem, Ye Fei didn't believe she would refuse his kindness.

Thinking of Zhong Mei becoming a beauty warmed his heart.

If Zhong Mei completed this metamorphosis from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful b.u.t.terfly, everyone who ever mistreated her would be ashamed of themselves. The boys would treat her as a G.o.ddess.

Ye Fei stopped a random student in the art department and asked her which cla.s.sroom Zhong Mei was in.

In a huge art cla.s.sroom stood rows of easels. The corner of the room was populated by an array of full body plaster sculptures covered by a large white sheet, and on the walls hung paintings of famous people. A few students were discussing the paintings, while the rest were silently focused on their a.s.signments.

Ye Fei waited for a while outside the door for Zhong Mei to finish her painting lesson.

Painting was very time-consuming work, so these kinds of cla.s.ses usually took a long time.

After a long while, he knocked on the door and walked inside.

A sudden hush spread across the room at the sight of the intruder, and all eyes fell on him.

He glanced around and did not find Zhong Mei. He also noticed that her cla.s.smate, the beautiful girl called Lu Xueman, was missing as well. He wondered if he had walked into the wrong room.

"Excuse me, is Zhong Mei in this cla.s.s?"

His tone was very polite, but the students were silent and no one spoke to him.

Ye Fei frowned and pointed at a nearby student with gla.s.ses, "Hey, is Zhong Mei in this cla.s.s?"

The guy with gla.s.ses couldn't believe his ears. "Zhong Mei? You mean that ugly girl?"

Ye Fei's blood immediately began boiling in his veins.

What's wrong with being ugly?

She was ugly when she was born and she couldn't change it. Why did these people keep laughing at her and trampling all over the poor girl's dignity?

Ye Fei suppressed his anger. He had already caused too much trouble in the university and he didn't want to start anything.

However, the student with gla.s.ses stood up from his seat, turned to the other students, and shouted: "Look, this guy is here for Zhong Mei!"

Far too many of the students burst into shrill peals of laughter.

"Oh G.o.d, did that guy really come here for that eyesore? Is he taking her to the set of a horror film?"

"Haha! Is he blind?"

"Hey, I know this guy, his name is Ye Fei! You all heard about him! A few days ago he insulted everyone in the cafeteria and then ran away. He's a coward!"

"An eyesore and a coward, a perfect match!"

Countless dirty words from these students' mouths mercilessly stung Ye Fei's heart. He didn't know what was wrong with this cla.s.s, so full of negative energy, ridicule, abuse, contempt, disdain…

The most unbearable thing was their eyes. Ye Fei thought he could endure anyone's disdain, but in the eyes of these youths he saw nothing but malice.

This was an undisguised ugliness, and it made him a little sick. The image of a holy lotus blooming in the mud popped into his mind.

Yes, these students were mud! 

Rotten, depraved, and filthy.

And Zhong Mei was the holy lotus.

Ye Fei didn't know how anyone on earth could face all this contempt and ridicule on a daily basis. Even he himself couldn't do that. With his temper, he would have punched every one of their sneering faces into their skulls if he had to put up with this for that long.

Zhong Mei's smile emerged in his mind.

It was so pure, so indifferent. 

He really admired Zhong Mei's resilience.

However, Ye Fei had to admit, she only became like that because of these students' bad characters.

In this world, light and dark coexisted.

The lotus grew in the silt, but it was not stained by it. 

"Something funny?" Ye Fei's eyes swept over every student's face like a blade, his voice cool and indifferent.

His sharp eyes immediately stopped the laughter in the cla.s.sroom. They were all afraid he would do something crazy.

The student with gla.s.ses snickered awkwardly, "Hey bro, don't stare at me like that. Tell me the truth, have you made love to that ugly girl? No way you'd stay with her if she didn't at least put out! How can you bring yourself to have s.e.x with her, though? Do you put a mask on her face? Hey, she's got to be a virgin, though. The bride price on a virgin in the countryside these days is twenty thousand Yuan!"

The cla.s.s was silent. After a moment, they burst into harsh laughter again.

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