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Monster and NPC's AI. Also, what put out Valhalla to be constantly compared with other virtual reality games was the system deeply imprinted on Valhalla game which can also represent everything of Valhalla: 'Inheritance' system.

Valhalla. It is a Utopia recorded on Scandinavian mythology. A palace where the warriors who died fighting for Odin, G.o.d from Northern Europe, could stay, and there they prepared for the War of the Apocalypse.

The moment a player makes an account in Valhalla, its system scans the player's brain frequency and a.n.a.lyses it to create a hero. This hero's information would be added on Valhalla's data base and the player could receive the inheritance of the hero's name. To put it simply, a skill befitting the player would be added to the character.

'The skill of each character is different.'

It's easier said than done. Doesn't it mean that each of the hundred million players has a different skill. The system that makes this impossible work possible is Valhalla's AI, 'Odin'. One artificial intelligence is covering the NCP and monsters' AI and all the servers supporting over hundred million users.

'Besides the Inheritance, there is another growth route.'

Even so, it doesn't mean there is only the Inheritance system. Warrior and magician, thief and so on. There is even the Basic Cla.s.s from Fantasia. This was the influence of the Magic Company that was acquired by Hero Company.

If one wanted, they could not to choose the Inheritance and start with Basic Cla.s.s. In these cases, the Basic Cla.s.s would gain a little advantage. It was the faster skill growth. In the beginning it almost didn't have a difference, but as the level increases it gets harder to level up.

'However the majority chooses Inheritance.'

Just because one gets a skill by Inheritance, it doesn't mean they can't choose the Basic Cla.s.s. In normal cases one would get a skill by Inheritance, and then continue with Basic Cla.s.s.

Kim Hyun-sung also was planning to do that. He was rather curious to what kind of hero his brain frequency would create, but getting a unique skill by Inheritance was the same as choosing the Hidden Cla.s.s.

'Let's pick Fighter for the Basic Cla.s.s.'

This wasn't even worth mentioning. Laden, who was called King of the Arena in Fantasia, was also a Fighter. He could choose other Basic Cla.s.s, but Kim Hyun-sung was the most confident playing a Fighter.

He observed the first routes. Valhalla's world was vast and there were ten cities a beginner could choose to start from. After verifying each territory's characteristics, Kim Hyun-sung nodded.

'The start area will be the West.'

The conditions for a player to grow easily were simple.

If there was a hunting zone where the player could farm a lot of low-level monsters in the proximity.

If there was a lot of quests for the beginners.

If the quests were well linked.

The ten beginner's cities satisfied almost all those conditions, but the West was the most minor.

What the West emphases wasn't on the players, but on the NPCs. If it was a normal game, the emphasis on NPC wasn't a problem, but in Valhalla was different.

In Valhalla, NPCs wasn't so different from players. Which meant that in Valhalla the player didn't only have to compete with other players, but also with NPCs. It wasn't rare the cases that the one who stole the kill while hunting wasn't a player but a NPC.

In that point, it was hard for a beginner to grow in the West.

'But that is only about the hunting case.'

The methods of growing besides hunting were unlimited. Kim Hyun-sung knocked his temples while organizing the information in his head. He was a little tense in regard of returning to virtual reality games since it has been 5 years, however, at the same time, his heart pounded faster.

15 years old, he recalled the first time he logged in a virtual reality game.

Kim Hyun-sung's lips curled up with a smile.

Inheritance: 계승. It translates to ‘succession’, ‘inheritance’. I thought it was better as this.

Fighter: 무투가.  Game term, I think it is a cla.s.s, but I couldn’t find a translation, only images. I hope it is right. Please, if it’s wrong, tell me.

King of the Arena: 투왕. [왕] is king, but idk what [투] means (probably ‘cause it comes from korean kanji). I got this from rainbow turtle translation’s previous chapters.

Minor: 마이너. It literally is p.r.o.nounced “minor”. I think he chose the most “disadvantageous” area of the ten cities.

This actually is what I wanted to translate for the first part (‘cause it’s until the ” * * * ” that separates the original chapter) but I was too impatient to post it.

Personally, I think this is better than the “part 1” hahah

I hope you enjoyed your stay~

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