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Brocade Palace

Li Changlu, the valet at the empress dowager's side, came in quickly, bending his body very low.

""Empress Dowager, the king has summoned a young man called An Sheng.""

His voice was soft, but every word was clear.

To be able to keep someone like Su Qing warm by his side and still be valued for a long time, it was enough to show Li Changlu's capabilities.

Su Qing's personality was unsettled, and her temper was even more irritable. The number of people she had executed for no reason over the years could not be counted, but Li Changlu had always been deeply trusted and valued by Su Qing.

Empress Dowager Su leaned against the bed, a lazy beauty hidden within her charm.

No matter what her personality was like, she could not deny that she was a beauty.

Even though she was no longer young, the beauty of a mature woman was even more mesmerizing.

Her face was delicate, and there was hardly a blemish on it.

Although the years had left their mark on her face, they had not taken away her beauty.

""An argument?""

Empress Dowager Su repeated the name, then pointed to her legs.

Li Changlu quickly knelt down and moved over to ma.s.sage Empress Dowager Su's legs.

Empress Dowager Su only wore a long, muslin dress, and her beautiful legs were faintly discernible beneath the veil.

Furthermore, she did not wear underpants, and the darkness between her legs would occasionally pique Li Changlu's heart.

However, he didn't even glance sideways, and even controlled his breathing to become more stable.

He knew when he should show an appreciation for his master's charm, and when he must maintain a subservient, humble posture.

His technique was very good, much better than those maids in the brocade palace.

When his hand gently pinched the roots of Empress Dowager Su's thigh, Empress Dowager Su couldn't help but let out a sweet snort.

""The one who caused such a ruckus in the academy because of him?""

Empress Dowager Su asked as she enjoyed Li Changlu's service.

Li Changlu replied, ""That's him. He advanced to the East Warm Pavilion after about an incense stick of time.""

Empress Dowager Su narrowed her eyes in acknowledgement. Her voice was rather long, making one's blood boil.

""He is just a troublesome youngster. Because his military and martial academy have been turned upside down, it is normal for the King to meet him.""

However, this youngster was extremely daring. He was clearly a person with no courage, so there was no need to pay too much attention to him.

""After you get down, just a.s.sign a few people to keep an eye on you.""

""But the Empress Dowager, when the King received this peace and quiet, he left no one by his side.

""Even An Chengli was ordered by the King to go to the Military Department to give orders. It seems that there are only two people in the East Warming Pavilion, the King and An Zaiyue.""

Empress Dowager Su opened her eyes and frowned. ""Are you saying that the king cares about this person?""

Li Changlu nodded. ""Empress Dowager, there are rumors that this dispute is a p.a.w.n of Hao Ping.""

The reason why the fight for the Martial Arts Academy ended up like this was entirely due to Hao An's guidance.

""The purpose of this rumor is to get rid of our people in the Martial Arts Academy and the Military Department.""

Empress Dowager Su sat up, and Li Changlu hurriedly crawled back a few steps on his knees.

Empress Dowager Su sat up straighter. The two lumps of softness on her chest trembled a few times before the two buds pushed her clothes up. They were exceptionally clear.

""If that's the case, Hao Ping is using his own death to declare war on me?""

Li Changlu said, ""That's why this matter is so strange. Logically speaking, regardless of whether the security dispute is right or wrong, how could such a rash person be taken seriously by the King?""

It is customary to be punished for being put in jail and never hired again.

No matter how useless the King was, there was no need for him to care so much about a boorish man.

The servant thought, ""Actually, the King knows about the military and the Martial Academies. Did the King and Hao Ping discuss this?""

""Hao Ping committed suicide in order to not implicate the king?""

Li Changlu raised his head, his eyes still fixed on Empress Dowager Su's chest for a second.

Fortunately, Empress Dowager Su's thoughts were all on the east side of the pavilion, so she didn't notice the dishonesty in his eyes.

""If that's the case, it means that the King wants to use this dispute more seriously … Is he trying to win over the young man?""

Empress Dowager Su mumbled to herself, then her tone suddenly became sharp. ""Don't worry about what the king thinks. We can't keep this dispute alive.""

""Arranging for people to get rid of him could also serve as a warning to the king.""

Li Changlu lowered his head and said, ""He's just a small fry. Even in a critical position, he's still a small fry.""

That's why I feel that if we send our own people to get rid of him, we won't be able to deal with him once he shows any flaws.

This way, the servants can arrange for the people from the Grand Cauldron Academy or some other academy sect to find a way to get rid of An Zhe.

A battle between cultivators to mistakenly kill a person was nothing.

""And the King naturally knows the deeper meaning behind it, so the King will also restrain it.""

Empress Dowager Su nodded. ""Let's just make the arrangements.""

She laid down on the bed again and spread her legs. ""It's been a long time since you've waited on me properly. The young men you found may be brave, but they are far from being good … Come here.""

Come here, these three words are like a spell.

Li Changlu crawled over on his knees, then carefully climbed onto the bed. He lifted aside Empress Dowager Su's dress and buried his head between her legs.

A moment later, Empress Dowager Su couldn't help but let out a groan.

Her upper body involuntarily lifted up, and she hugged Li Changlu's head, pressing it down.

East Warm Pavilion

Mu Changyan smiled at An He and said, ""You sure have an idea. It would be better if you said that outside the palace.""

""It is more convenient for me to work outside the palace than to be watched by many in the palace,"" he argued.

""If the king has any orders, just send someone to tell me.""

Mu Changyan nodded. ""That's fine, this matter is settled then … Besides, the reason why I called you over, is actually to ask about Xiao Qidao's situation.""

An Xuan said, ""Xiao Qidao's personality is reserved. Although he's young, he's sensible and calm.""

Mu Changyan asked, ""Does he know about his mother?""

An Zhan shook his head. ""I don't know.""

Mu Changyan heaved a long sigh of relief. ""Then don't tell him for now, I will think of a way … Have a good fight. Remember, Xiao Qi is very important to me and more important to Aunty Ye.""

So I hope you can protect him. ""

An Zhan cupped his fist. ""Rest a.s.sured, my King, I will do my best.""

Mu Changyan took out something from the table and handed it to An Zaihai, ""Keep this jade token. I have interacted with many young talents like you in the past few days. I intend to bring you all together and cultivate you properly.""

This plate is a token that you all know each other's ident.i.ties. As long as you see someone else wearing this plate, that person will be mine.

""All of you are cultivating outside. When I need you, I will arrange for An Chengli to meet you.""

An Xuan took the plate and discovered that it was carved with the words' Vermillion Bird '.

""Go on.""

Mu Changyan replied, ""Do your job well, and I won't mistreat you.""

An Xuan clasped his hands together and then left the East Warming Pavilion.

Not long after he left, the six envoys were still waiting for him.

An Zhe discovered that the positions of these six people had never been moved. What they had left behind was still the same as it was now.

After An Zaiyue left Extreme Heaven Palace for an hour, Li Changlu came out of the brocade palace in a sorry state.

His eyes were complicated, and it was clear that he was in pain.

He had just experienced the most beautiful thing in the world, yet he could do nothing about it.

The only way he could satisfy that woman at the pinnacle of power was through her means … Oh, no, other than her means and her mouth.

For a man not yet forty years of age, the pain was palpable.

Therefore, he was rather annoyed.

After another hour, Li Changlu appeared within the Grand Cauldron Academy.

The Grand Cauldron Academy was founded by the royal family in name and had the best tutorials and resources.

Therefore, most of the n.o.bles and officials of Great Yan would choose to send their children to the Grand Cauldron Academy for cultivation.

Not only did the Grand Cauldron Academy train cultivators, it was also taught by a few scholars from the Han Lin Academy.

Someone once said that those aristocratic children were born on the shoulders of giants, and the Grand Cauldron Academy was one of them.

Li Changlu was already very familiar with the way to the Grand Cauldron Academy, and he was received by the Dean of the Grand Cauldron Academy, Su Pei, as soon as he entered.

Su Pei's surname was Su, and this was enough to prove his point.

""Eunuch, what orders do you have for this trip?""

In front of Li Changlu, the head of the Grand Cauldron Academy, Su Pei, seemed more like a servant.

Because he knew how heavy Li Changlu's weight was, even Su Mao and Su Zong had to treat this person with respect.

""I'm here to ask, how is the investigation on Su Feiyun's disappearance going?""

Li Changlu sat down, crossed his legs, and asked casually while holding the teacup.

Su Pei shook his head, ""I still haven't found any clues. That child from Feiyun has been too indulgent. I don't know where he has offended him.""

""I guess he was probably killed in a fight. Right now, he can't even find his corpse.""

Li Changlu said, ""Didn't he say that he was the last to show up at the Gathering Merchant House?""

Su Pei said: ""I've checked with the rest of the officials. Su Feiyun went there indeed, and he also teased Mr. Zhuang Fei Fei and then left the courtyard. No one knows where exactly he went.""

Li Changlu slightly frowned: ""This Su Feiyun is a bit too presumptuous. Our relationship with the Military Department is already very tense. The Gathering Merchant House is a business of the Military Department, and Zhuang Feifei is from the Military Department. If we allow him to mess around, sooner or later he will ruin everything.""

If he really died, it would be a good thing.

We can kill our own people, but we can't kill anyone else.

""If we're to put pressure on the other side of the courtyard, even if the courtyard really doesn't know anything, we should at least get some benefits from the courtyard.""

Su Pei said: ""Don't worry, I know what to do.""

Li Changlu grunted and looked out the window, saying, ""Recently, the Great Cauldron Academy seemed to have had their limelight suppressed by the academy. This is not good, the empress dowager is very dissatisfied.""

Su Pei hurriedly said, ""The martial academy is full of bad news, there's no need for us to compete for the limelight.""

When the Autumn Festival comes, you can crush the Martial Arts Academy to death.

""I ask my father-in-law to inform Her Majesty that I will not disappoint Her Majesty on the occasion of the fall ceremony.""

Li Changlu said, ""Although that's what I said, I can't let the name of the Grand Cauldron Academy be suppressed by the academy from beginning to end.""

I heard that there was an exam candidate from the Martial Arts Academy that was preparing to take the exam and called him 'An'. Thus … you arranged a person to compete with him, so of course, the Grand Cauldron Academy was unaware of the secret exchange of pointers.

""In that case, if anything happens, the Grand Cauldron Academy won't have to bear any responsibility.""

Su Pei immediately understood what Li Changlu meant, ""What … .what a big accident?""

Li Changlu stood up, his tone was a little cold, ""How much of an accident?""

If it was a small accident, was it worth me going there myself?

""Dean Su, this isn't my personal meaning, but the empress dowager's. You think about it yourself.""

He turned to leave, Su Pei followed him and said humbly, ""Eunuch, go back and tell the empress dowager that I will take care of this matter properly.""

Li Changlu waved his hand. ""Of course I would say such kind words. Just don't disappoint the empress dowager with your actions.""

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