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The casualties were extremely tragic. This was one of the top powerhouses of this region, yet he was actually defeated by a single person.

The elders of the Tao-creation School were even more frightened. At this moment, they wanted to escape but they could not, because there were nine layers of enchantments around them, which required them, Dragon-Elephant School and the elders of the Dragon Controlling Palace to be able to remove. However, almost all the people of the Dragon Controlling Palace and the Dragon-Elephant School were dead.

The nine levels of barrier had originally been set up to trap Chen Xiang, but now they were trapped.

"I, Chen Xiang, have no enmity with you all, but you all are trying to kill me!" Chen Xiang held the Heavenly magic sword, his voice cold and ruthless, filled with killing intent.

"It was originally an elder of the Dragon-Elephant School who coveted my Legendary mantra, and used a clumsy excuse to capture me and steal my Legendary mantra. My master fought with them for my sake, and was finally arrested! I've only come to save my master … It has nothing to do with you guys, but you keep on attacking me. "

While Chen Xiang was speaking, the Heavenly magic sword in his hand flew out and instantly reaped the lives of a group of Peak of World Defying magic realm Rankers.

"Aren't you guys just jealous of my Red fire dragon? Didn't you want to get a piece of meat from the Red fire dragon? Today, you must know why you died. It was because of your greed! Initially, all of you were watching by the side and nothing happened to you. But because of greed, you laid your hands on me.

Chen Xiang's cold words were filled with killing intent. The Heavenly magic sword, sharp and emotionless, had killed all of the people from the few big sects in front of them.

The people in the distance who were enveloped by the flames and wild thunder from the Red fire dragon emitted waves of wails.

Leader Wan Haixu from the Tao-creation School and Leader Yuan Zhiqing from the Dragon-Elephant School stood as though they were stone statues. Their hearts were filled with fear, fear of death!

They did not do anything just now, and because Chen Xiang had a good relationship with them before, they were able to survive. Otherwise, they would have been turned into ashes already!

Chen Xiang looked at the sky and took a deep breath. The Red fire dragon roared as it flew towards the sky at an extremely fast speed, releasing a vast amount of energy that smashed into the barrier.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The barrier crumbled, the ground crumbled again, the ground caved in, lava gushed out, Chen Xiang flew into the air, and after the Red fire dragon entered his Divine Sense Sea, he teleported away.

… ….

"This is retribution!" Yuan Zhiqing let out a long sigh, then looked at the Dragon-Elephant School behind him, which had already turned into ruins.

"I almost died!" Wan Haixu sighed, the two of them had witnessed the entire process from a close distance.

In the distance, there were still many people covered in dirt. They were all from that city, and the city had already been destroyed. At this moment, they were all shocked by the violent battle just now, unable to calm their hearts.

This was an earth-shattering battle, and the powerhouses of every major power were all killed!

Chen Xiang went into the quiet forest to rest. The battle before made him extremely tired.

"It's really unexpected that there would be such a change!" Thinking about it, Chen Xiang sighed. He had thought that the Killing evil dragon would devour him, but luckily Ah Hu had merged with the Red fire dragon and suppressed the demonic energy.

"It's good that you're fine." Su Meiyao and the others were also worried.

"Is Master still not out yet?" In the great battle earlier, it took more than half a day for Xiao Xianglin to be still inside the Time array.

It had been almost 50 years since Xiao Xianglin last learned the Legendary mantra, it could be seen how difficult it was to learn it.

After Chen Xiang rested for half a day, the sky turned dark, and Xiao Xianglin came out from the Time array.

"Chen Xiang, what's the situation outside?" Xiao Xianglin was very worried about Chen Xiang, but he needed to calm his heart and learn from the Legendary mantra.

"Master, sister, let me tell you!" laughed as he pulled Xiao Xianglin, and then jabbered on and on as he explained the situation to him.

After Xiao Xianglin finished listening, she found it hard to believe what she just heard. If not for the fact that Chen Xiang had escaped, she would have thought that Long Xueyi was telling the story.

"Master, have you mastered the Legendary mantra?" Chen Xiang told her and her parents to come out of You Yao Mountain Villa.

"I've mastered it!" Xiao Xianglin could not be proud now, because Chen Xiang, as her disciple, was already a Peak of World Defying magic realm Cultivator two stages ahead of her.

"What kind of incantation was that?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious.

"Doppelgänger mantra!" After Xiao Xianglin finished speaking, she waved her hand, and a ball of white light appeared beside her. After the white light disappeared, a person who looked exactly like her appeared.

Chen Xiang had seen many clones and he knew how to do it himself.

"Not much?" Chen Xiang frowned, this Legendary mantra had disappointed him.

"What do you know? Look carefully, the cultivation of this clone of mine is exactly the same as mine." Xiao Xianglin scoffed, "Right now, I can at most get three of them! If I were a Peak of World Defying magic realm, I would have three Peak of World Defying magic realm s, what do you think? "

With that, Xiao Xianglin made another clone, and had the clone release many dragon elephants. Other than that, she could also control the other two clones to do other things at the same time, such as refining and setting up arrays.

After Chen Xiang saw all of these, she was secretly envious in her heart, because Xiao Xianglin's two clones did not consume any of her power, so it was equivalent to having two more lives.

"If only I had two such clones!" Chen Xiang felt that if he had more clones, he could refine even more pills.

Right now, the Tao-creation Divine Pills he was concocting were difficult to control multiple batches at the same time, but it would be different if he had an avatar.

Seeing that their daughters were so strong, Xiao Hengyong and Ning Xi felt much more at ease. Moreover, they were together with a heaven defying person like Chen Xiang, they felt that they wouldn't have to worry about their daughters anymore.

Therefore, they decided to travel everywhere and let Xiao Xianglin roam about without worry.

Xiao Xianglin had always longed for her own independence, but now, when her parents truly wanted to leave her, she instead couldn't bear to leave, and her heart felt sad.

"Alright, you two are master and disciple together. You need to help each other. You guys are stronger than us, so we don't have the qualifications to worry about you." Xiao Hengyong laughed and caressed his daughter's head.

"Little girl, mother hopes that the next time we meet, you will be even stronger." Ning Xi also couldn't bear to part with him, because she didn't know when they would meet again after they left.

Xiao Xianglin bit her lips and nodded. With tears in her eyes, she waved her parents goodbye.

"Oh right, Master, I heard that you hid the corpse of the elder who stole my Legendary mantra!" Chen Xiang said. He was a person who originally possessed a Legendary mantra, and a series of things happened after he was taken away.

"Well, here it is! I wonder if it can devour the memories of the Legendary mantra from his soul. " Xiao Xianglin said: "I will enter the You Yao Mountain Villa and hand the corpse over to You You and let her try."

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