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Mama is Looking For Uncle Lin (1)

She sat down silently on the bed for awhile, suddenly she felt of wanted to vomit. She frowned, tore open the blanket and rushed to the bathroom, yet even she retched for a few times, there was nothing coming out.

She turned on the water, washed her hands, used the water to wet her face, then she felt somewhat better.

She didn't expect her second pregnancy, she felt the same thing as the first one.

The moment she went out of the room, Su Ran felt lacking of strength. She took her phone, and looked at it.

She had unread WeChat message.

It was Tian Mi's message, she didn't read it because she didn't have her phone yesterday, so this message she didn't see it.

It was nine o'clock when she sent it.

She pressed open the message, Tian Mi wrote: "Ran Ran, Cheng Huan's grandma pa.s.sed away this very early in the morning.

Su Ran's hand was stiff, her mind immediately appeared a face that full of kindness. Her face was immediately paled, her eyes started to moist.

When she was little, because her status as illegitimate daughter, a lot of people avoided to be close and be friend with her, just that old grandma who lived next door who is willing to be near and close to her.

That woman is Lin Cheng Huan's grandma.

Su Ran always calls her grandma, and every time she always be happy to answer her, said that it was her luck to find this good and obedient granddaughter.

When the old grandma hadn't retired, she was an elementary school teacher, so she often called Su Ran to write characters, draw, also often talked about her only grandson, Lin Cheng Huan.

The old grandma just has one child who is Lin Cheng Huan's mother. In her young age, she already got divorced, then, her daughter followed her ex-husband.

She and her daughter was not really in good terms, but with Lin Cheng Huan, she has a good one. Despite that time, Lin Cheng Huan often be abroad, but every time he returned home, he definitely would come to old grandma's house to stay. Moreover, every time he stayed, he would stay until the last day before he need to go.

After something happened to Lin family, Lin Cheng Huan was placed by her mother temporarily at grandma's house, and he knew Su Ran that time.

That time, every where old grandma, she always brought Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan together. Su Ran always felt, it should be her happiest moment during her childhood.

Yesterday afternoon, when Su Ran still on the airplane to get back to An City from Huai Hai, old grandma just left….

Su Ran took the phone and dialed Lin Cheng Huan, that time her finger was a bit trembling.

Yet it was not connected, his phone was off.

She tried for several times, but his phone was still off.

This time her phone rang, she thought it was Lin Cheng Huan, yet didn't expect that the caller was his mother.


"Ran Ran, are Lin Cheng Huan with you?" Mother Lin's voice was sounded a bit hoa.r.s.e.

"No, I'm at home. Aunty, what happened?"

"Lin Cheng Huan's grandma pa.s.sed away, at the midnight. Don't know how she left the house. The maid looked for her for a night but couldn't find her. Afterwards in the wee hours, there was a call said that she crossed the train railway track, and she was…. Lin Cheng Huan was missing this early morning. I couldn't contact him through his phone, he couldn't be fund. I know when he was little, grandma always brought you guys together. So I want to ask you, could you think of some place that he would go?" Mother Lin choked with emotion.

Su Ran didn't expect that this kind of accident would happen, she was sad. On the phone, she could hear the continuous sobs of Mother Lin.

"Auntie, don't you worry. I will help you to look for him…."

"Then please…."

Mother Lin hung up the phone, Su ran took the phone from the bed, and on her mind were flashing their childhood moments.

She knew, Lin Cheng Huan and his grandma was in good term. He really loves and cares his grandma. He was staying with her for several years, until he was sent abroad to study.

These years old grandma' mental states always not really good. Last year she got a dementia. Lin Cheng Hua had asked a professional nanny to take care of her, yet didn't expect that this kind of accident would happen.

Su Ran's heart full of extreme sadness, and she couldn't imagine how sad would Lin Cheng Huan be.

She thought about it, where would Lin Cheng Huan go now?

She remembered a place, maybe he would go there.

She called Tian Mi let her to accompany her to go there for awhile.

Tian Mi was also worried about Lin Cheng Huan, so when she heard some lead, of course she immediately agreed: "You wait for me at home, I will pick you up.

Su Ran changed her clothes, wore her coat. Today the weather was especially bad. From the morning, there was no sun seen, the sky outside was grayish.

The temperature were also low, so Su Ran chose some thicks clothing.

Waiting for Tian Mi to come, she went to Song Wei Xi's room. He was still asleep, so she just instructed the maid to tell her that she would go out for a while, let her to take care of Wei Xi.

Leaving the room, she once again entered another room, it was Madame Song's room, she told her the situation.

Then she went downstairs to wait for Tian Mi, but just in time she met Song Ting Yu and Chen Jing, who were just return home.

Their faces were not good, Chen Jing also didn't know what kind of provocation she had received. When she looked at Su Ran, her eyes were cold.

Su Ran didn't have heart and want to mind about her att.i.tude to herself, she just greeted her: "Ma."

Chen Jing smiled coldly, but didn't reply.

This moment, Tian Mi's call came, she went out and pa.s.sed by Song Ting Yu. He pursed his lips and just looked at her, but said nothing.

Tian Mi's car already stopped in front of Song house, she got in the car and fasten her seat belt. Told her an address: "Let's go."

Tian Mi drove the car to leave the house: "Ran Ran, are you okay."

"I'm okay."

"Your face not look so good." Tian Mi said directly, "Did you feel sick? Or are you in fight with Song Ting Yu? Or is it because Lin Cheng Huan's grandma?"

Tian Mi is Su Ran's junior high school friend, so she knew about Lin Cheng Huan and his grandma quite well.

This time old grandma pa.s.sed away, it was a great attack to Lin Cheng Huan, but how about Su Ran?

Su Ran said: "This is the normal situation for me and Song Ting Yu.

Tian Mi sighed, and didn't continue: "This is quite a long trip. Looking at you, last night you definitely didn't have a good sleep. Just take a rest. When we arrive, I will wake you up."

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