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At night, the moon was high into the sky.

14th district, the center of the West Street district.

Here was notorious for the whole city of Tokyo, and whenever night fell, it will become a small place for ghouls to gather.

The ghouls that gathered here were all thugs. Their purpose was very simple. They were killing each other and eating each other. They stood out among many other ghouls.

The status between ghouls was nothing but strength.

The current time was around 8:30 in the evening and shadows flashed from time to time on both sides of the street. Most of the ghouls had begun to gather eagerly.

A man and a woman were walking along the street. Compared with those sneaky ghouls, the two didn't think about hiding.

“Byakuya, is this really not a problem?”

Mado Akira held the suitcase, wearing a black uniform, and glanced around slightly nervous.

“Ha~.” Su Xiao yawned.

"No problem, I will act by the 'plan'."

Unlike the nervous Mado Akira, Su Xiao looked casual.

“Byakuya, I always had a question.”


“Where is your Quinque, we may have to fight with ghouls later…”

Su Xiao did not have Quinque, he preferred to use [dragon flash] compared to Quinque.

“I don’t need Quinque.”

When Mado Akira heard Su Xiao's words, she suddenly stopped and looked at Su Xiao with confusion.

"You Don't need a Quinque?"

The voice of Mado Akira was obviously higher, and she even seemed to have some doubt about life.

“Come on, Akira, you can just stand here.”

Su Xiao patted on Mado Akira's shoulder, then leaped forward in few steps and jumped on the top of a second floor of the street, disappearing in the night.

“Byakuya? Byakuysama?”

A Quineque in Mado Akira's hands almost fell to the ground, she vaguely guessed Su Xiao’s plan.

She was now the bait.

As a second-cla.s.s Investigator, Mado Akira at most can kill B-cla.s.s to cla.s.s ghouls. If she encounters the cla.s.s ghoul, she may not be able to win.

She felt like being stripped down and thrown into the ice by Su Xiao.

When Mado Akira just wanted to run, several pairs of red blood red eyes appeared in the darkness around.

One, two, three… a total of seven ghouls.

She's gonna die, if Su Xiao does not save Mado Akira, she will absolutely die.

Mado Akira pressed the b.u.t.ton on the handle of the suitcase, and her Quinque appeared. It was a kind of weapon like whip called Amaz.

“Ghouls Investigator!”

“How can an Investigator appear here?”

“It's okay to kill her. Now is not the mutual eating time yet. I haven't eaten an Investigator before."

Didn’t know why, there were no fights amongst these ghouls, and their mutual eating surprisingly had a certain time.

It seemed that the situation in the West Street district was definitely not a spontaneous organization.

There seemed to be a power that maintained the place. Otherwise, these ghouls will never start killing each other until nine o'clock.

This should be a sort of selecting method. After standing out among many ghouls, that ghoul could join a certain force.

“Come, this woman is not strong, she isn't dangerous.”

The more ghouls gathered from the original few ghouls to more than a dozen ghouls.

Mado Akira's heart had already become cold, and now she had no chance to escape.

“It seems to work well.”

Su Xiao's voice came from the roof beside the street.

When Mado Akira heard Su Xiao's voice, she was really relieved, but she still had no some idea what will happen. Can this new CCG Investigator really handle this amounts of ghouls, although she heard that he was very strong?

“Who are you?”

"Are you an investigator?"

The dozen of ghouls surrounding Mado Akira watched Su Xiao vigilantly.

Su Xiao gave them a different feeling from Mado Akira, it was a feeling of a natural enemy.

Su Xiao had already held [dragon flash] and jumped from the top of a few meters high roofs and landed smoothly.

“Fourteen ghouls can be solved in five minutes.”

Su Xiao walked slowly toward the ghouls, and his footsteps became faster and faster, and eventually turned into a blur.

Two of them were witty, they found something wrong immediately, and they turned around to run. The remaining twelve ghouls were facing Su Xiao.

Ten rinkakus and bikakus. .h.i.t Su Xiao.

At this moment, Su Xiao was almost wrapped up by kagune.

Seeing this scene, Mado Akira was shocked, she held Quinque rushed to an cla.s.s ghoul.

This was already the best ability of Mado Akira, even if it was an cla.s.s ghoul, she might not be able to cope with it.

Dark red kagune wrapped Su Xiao, and the bright sword light crossed in the night.

Su Xiao opened [Qing Gang Ying], 2 Mana points were consumed per minute.

The ten kagunes were instantly cut off, and the broken kagunes turned into a red mist and dissipated in the air.

The ghouls that had their kagunes cut off made a scream, and some looked at Su Xiao with fear.

Su Xiao quickly rushed to the front of an cla.s.s ghoul, [dragon flash] left a light blue, white line in the air.

A skull rose to the sky.

Just a face-to-face, the ghoul died in Su Xiao's sword, a crisp and clean kill in seconds.

Su Xiao's rapid steps did not stop, and when he moved, he rushed to a nearby ghoul.

Perhaps the partner died too quick, this ghoul was actually stunned in the same place.

After a second, the ghoul turned to run.


Su Xiao’s black eyes seemed to be shining.

It was undoubtedly the most stupid behavior to escape while fighting and turning your back at the enemy, and it was no different from sending yourself to die.


[Dragon flash] cut through the heart of running ghoul, Su Xiao held the handle with both hands, and the strength attribute of 13 points made it easy for him to pick up the ghoul, and then threw it at another ghoul who was running.

With a sn.i.g.g.e.r, the ghoul rolled on the ground.

When the ghoul wanted to get up, a sleek sword light came to its sight.

First, there was a humming sound in his ears, and then the ghoul fell.

The last memory of this ghoul was a headless body that was squirting blood, and a man standing in the moon with a sharp blade, like a G.o.d of death.

Twelve ghouls, except for the one who was entangled by Mado Akira, there were still eight remaining.

In less than 20 seconds from opening the war, only eight of the eleven ghouls were left.

The remaining eight ghouls, now only had the idea of escaping, they needed to get away from this G.o.d of death.

“That's impossible, how can such a strong human appear in the mutual eating area, why didn't the organization do anything?”

After a roar, the ghoul turned around and ran.

Su Xiao’s agile attribute was 13 points, which was the same as the strength attribute. In the world where the power system was not strong, he was considered quite strong.

Su Xiao was not strong because of his attributes which were higher than ordinary people, but because of his Sword and fighting skills.

Of course, the function of the shadow of the law could not be ignored.

There was only one combat skill in the shadow of the law, as the time from when he got the shadow of the law was too short. The power of this profession had not been completely used yet.

Su Xiao ran on the street and killed a ghoul from time to time.

Painful sorrow and pleading around the streets.

They were not stupid, they all ran in different directions.

In the end, from the eight ghouls, Su Xiao killed six, and two lucky guys escaped.

At this time, Mado Akira was still struggling with the cla.s.s ghoul, the cla.s.s ghoul had been almost crying out, he was not afraid of Mado Akira, but afraid of the man that seemed to be a G.o.d of death.

Mado Akira was engaged in battle, as the level ghoul gave her a lot of pressure. She didn't have time to check the surrounding situation.

She was still too young, checking the surrounding in battle and looking at the situations was necessary. Otherwise, it was very likely to be sneakily attacked.

“Please, let me go.”

Suddenly, ghoul asked for mercy which made Mado Akira stunned. When the ghoul had the upper hand, why did he start begging for mercy, the battle temporarily stopped?

At this time, Mado Akira just saw the situation around.

Su Xiao was sitting on the body of two ghouls, smoking the cigarette, and the long sword in his hand was still dripping blood.

The pretty eyes of Mado Akira were rounded. She had not solved this single ghoul. The person surprisingly killed the remaining ghouls.

“The one over there, if you dare to run, I will cut slice by slice.”

Su Xiao looked at the last remaining ghoul, and the new bait appeared. After all, it was not too good to use the subordinate as a bait.


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