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Chapter 83: Prepare to depart

That fact that Huo Zaiyuan and Long Zhanye succeeded in bringing back two relatively large trucks in working condition gives a lot of hope and joy to the villagers.

Under Qin Jun's directions, they co-operate to transport all the rations and food supplies they manage to scavenge into the back of the medium-sized one. As for the larger vehicle, with some a.s.sistance from a few stronger men, Long Zhanye's small team construct a few small air vents along the roof of the container to prevent suffocation when a hundred-odd people are squeezed into there.

Once everything is properly prepared, Long Zhanye lets the village chief pick two amongst the villagers who know how to drive to be placed in charge of the trucks. Huo Zaiyuan and his small party will be taking the off-road vehicle and leading the way to the safe zone.

Having decided on the road they will be taking, the surviving villagers pile into the back of the larger truck early the next morning, with the off-road car opening a path at the head of the line. Like this, they finally depart from Y Town.

"According to the villagers' map, X City's safe zone is established in the outer suburbs of its military district. If we take the main highway, we will be able to reach our destination in three days. Now that we're making a detour, however, the minimum estimated time it will take is seven days." Huo Zaiyuan announces as he frowns at the map splayed out before him.

This party's original destination is A City. Now that more than a month has pa.s.sed since the apocalypse began, it really feels as if they are moving forward at the speed of a tortoise.

Ai…at this rate, it will take about a year to reach A City.

"Heheh…why is little Yuan worrying over this?" A snacking Long Zhanye laughs.

"No reason." Huo Zaiyuan shakes his head, reaching out to steal a chip from the bag in Long Zhanye's hand. Nibbling it, he wrinkles his brow at the flavour before feeding the rest to the other man.

"What's wrong with it?" Long Zhanye asks as he chews.

I don't taste anything wrong ah.

"Eh…I don't know. Doesn't taste right." Flicking his wrist, he bites into an apple that appears, enjoying the sweet taste and fragrant aroma.

"Little Yuan, is it because you are cultivating from that something-something manual that led to your change in food preference?" Li Qing turns his head around from his position in the pa.s.senger seat, beaming at Huo Zaiyuan.

"Nonsense." Eyeing Li Qing, Huo Zaiyuan takes out a basket of grapes and cherry tomatoes, pa.s.sing it to his best friend.

"Wah, cherry tomatoes and grapes! Thank you, little Yuan!" If it's possible, the beam on his face becomes even brighter as he accepts the gift, cradling it like one would an infant. Turning back, he shares some of his spoil with Qin Jun, who is currently driving.

Seeing Huo Zaiyuan deter Li Qing from chattering with nothing but a basket of fruit, Long Zhanye's mouth curves upwards, pulling the youth into a hug.

"What are you thinking about?" He inquires softly as he drops a kiss on a pale cheek.

"Thinking about the safe zone." Relaxing his entire body, Huo Zaiyuan snuggles into Long Zhanye's body and gives an honest reply.

In his previous life, he was born in S City. There were no safe zones established in the military district, only a bunch of survivors banding together to set up a hastily-built refuge campsite. When the zombies began to increase in numbers and grew more ferocious, he fled together with the other survivors, seeking shelter wherever possible and running from place to place…even at the time he died, he didn't even manage to escape from S City.

"Ah. What good comes out of thinking about the safe zone?" Long Zhanye asks.

He always feels that this child harbours a lot of secrets, and has a great amount of knowledge regarding events of the apocalypse. Nonetheless, since Huo Zaiyuan hasn't come clean about it yet, he will pretend to be ignorant.

"Um…just a little curious, that's all." Eyes curving into a smiling expression, he looks up at Long Zhanye. "Don't know how the safe zone in A City will be like."

"Although that bunch of scoundrels aren't too reliable, I'm certain A City's safe zone will be the best of all." Saying this, Long Zhanye's expression turns pleased and full of pride.

"Really high self-esteem."

On the long, deserted road, a black off-road car leads in front, followed closely by two large trucks, the line of vehicles eating up the ground at a rapid pace.

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