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Chapter 56: The smell of cigarettes

After confirming the circ.u.mstances on the main highway, Long Zhanye and Qin Jun exchange positions. Turning the steering wheel, Qin Jun puts the vehicle in reverse and heads towards a side road before squeezing in between two deformed cars and pulling away from the highway.

Compared to the highway where zombies are still rampaging around on, this small road had evidently lesser people. Besides being un.o.bstructed, they didn't encounter a single zombie even after driving for quite a distance.

"There's no sign of anyone." Now sitting in the pa.s.senger seat, Li Qing presses up against the window. After encountering more zombies than humans everywhere, a trace of uneasiness plagues everyone when not a single undead could be seen.

"Zombies are becoming spa.r.s.e here." Huo Zaiyuan corrects him, gazing at the surrounding scenery and the wide open fields further down.

Because Judgement Day came early, just in time when farmers have finished sowing weeds and planting seedlings. Looking out at the open fields now, with healthy green saplings spanning the area, it doesn't seem to have been influenced by the chaos one bit.

In his previous life, Judgement Day came after the harvest period, meaning there was more food on hand for everyone even if there weren't many survivors. This time, the food in everyone's house is lesser and hence needs to be rationed properly. Under this sort of circ.u.mstances, would there be more survivors this time round to balance things out?

Once Judgement Day came, Z City almost instantly fell to the chaos. Even the military district didn't yield a single survivor…against his will, Huo Zaiyuan's face becomes depressed again.

Long Zhanye who is studying the map suddenly glances at the window and sees Huo Zaiyuan's desolate expression reflecting off the gla.s.s.

"What are you thinking about?" Placing the map down to one side, he reaches out and pulls Huo Zaiyuan into his embrace.

Exhaling softly and surrounded by a sense of security, the person being held by Long Zhanye feels a sense of satisfaction coursing through him.

"Eh…no - nothing." Being warmly and comfortably held causes Huo Zaiyuan to smile, his tensed muscles relaxing.

He's not sure whether it's due to being kicked down the hill, but after his rebirth, he has become less sociable, disliking interaction with strangers. But Long Zhanye seems to be the sole exception. As long as Huo Zaiyuan is by his side, he wouldn't fail to feel safe and secure.

The faint smell of tobacco is Long Zhanye's distinct smell…wait a minute…tobacco smell?

Originally content to nestle in Long Zhanye's arms, Huo Zaiyuan abruptly sits up before turning his body to feel around Long Zhanye's military jacket.

"Little Yuan, what's wrong?" Faced with Huo Zaiyuan's unusual actions, Long Zhanye didn't resist, letting that pale, delicate hand roam all over his body.

Very quickly, Huo Zaiyuan discovers a hard case filled with Yuxi cigarettes from the inner pocket of the coat. His eyebrows raise.  "Older brother Long, where did you get these cigarettes?" Shaking the case, the sound of things sliding around could be heard faintly, showing that there aren't many sticks remaining.

"I took it from the pockets of that group of eight men who busted their way into the military district. Why? Do you smoke too?" Re-positioning his arms around Huo Zaiyuan, he urges the youth into his embrace once more, watching amusedly as those slender fingers touch the case, turning it here and there.

"I don't smoke. I smelled it on your clothes and got curious." Saying that, Huo Zaiyuan returns the case back into the coat's inner pocket. "Smoke a little less. It's not good for your body."

Hmm…he really wasn't paying attention and didn't realise older brother Long has a smoking habit, and he doesn't have any cigarettes in his s.p.a.ce…it seems like at the next city, he'll need to search through any shopping malls they come across. Not to mention, the paper wrapping on a cigarette does have many uses.

(Translator’s notes: Another filler, but it’s a fluffy filler…so, no complaints here… (*>艸<)>

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