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Chapter 163: Dragon pool and Dragon pearl

Lian Xiang's appearance allows them to beat back Cheng Mingcheng and the evil energy running rampant in Long Zhanye's body to be temporarily suppressed. However, if they return like this to the city, they will no doubt bring about chaos and panic. Thus, Lian Xiang proposes to stay for a while within a vacant house nearby.

Laying Long Zhanye down on the sofa in the living room, Huo Zaiyuan caresses that pale, bloodless face, distress clear in his eyes. Turning towards Lian Xiang, he says, "Thank you very much for rescuing me. I am Huo Zaiyuan."

"So that's your name now," Lian Xiang replies with a smile. "No need to be so courteous. We are good friends."

"This…seems to be the first meeting between us." Huo Zaiyuan blinks in bewilderment.

Many call themselves his friend, but those he trusts amounts to only a few. Someone like Lian Xiang who willingly throws himself into danger in order to rescue a friend is definitely not an individual Huo Zaiyuan will forget. Hence, he is certain that this is his first time meeting the Buddhist.

"This is indeed our first meeting, but being best friends is also a fact." Lian Xiang doesn't elaborate further. "No wonder your spiritual signature is only faintly discernible. Taking on this form…"

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing. I'll go ahead and lay arrays around this house. Even if that zombie come back, there's no need to worry. Rest properly and recover your energy. It will be the best decision for you and that person." Lian Xiang advises before he turns to leave, golden jian in hand.

Staring at the Buddhist's retreating back, Huo Zaiyuan materialises a bamboo tube in his left hand and calls out. "Lian Xiang…this tube contains fermented peach juice that may be able to replenish your reserves. I don't know if it will be effective for you, so you might want to try a little first."

Although the situation was urgent, Huo Zaiyuan notices that their Arts are very different. Therefore, he isn't quite sure if the peach juice is able to help Lian Xiang.

"Un." Lian Xiang also drops his formality, taking the offered bamboo tube with a practise motion as if they have been doing this all their lives.

Twisting open the bamboo tube, Lian Xiang swallows a mouthful of liquid before a flabbergasted expression surfaces.

"What's the matter? Is something not right?"

"This is the fermented juice taken from the Nine Heavens Immortal peaches." Stating with such firmness and not a trace of question, suffice to say, Lian Xiang is no stranger to the peach tree in Huo Zaiyuan's s.p.a.ce.

"You know?" Huo Zaiyuan asks in surprise.

Ever since he obtained his s.p.a.ce and everything within, this is the first time the name of the peach tree is spoken by someone else.

"I do. The Nine Heavens Immortal peach is the Taoist 'Jade Spiritual Core' sect's treasure that is handed down throughout the generations. A rebellion broke out within the sect, led by the Heretical Dragon, and this tree was pulled up by the roots. To this day, no one knows the whereabouts of this tree. Hang on…how did you obtain the Nine Heavens Immortal peach? Did the Heretical Dragon leave something for you? If that's the case, then he can most certainly be rescued," Lian Xiang says solemnly as he points towards the man lying on the sofa.

Regarding all the "Heretical Dragon" and "Jade Spiritual Core sect" coming from Lian Xiang's mouth, Huo Zaiyuan doesn't understand it one bit. But as soon as he mentions being able to save Long Zhanye, the Taoist's eyes widen. Rushing up to the other youth, he grabs Lian Xiang by the front of his shirt.

"You…are you telling the truth? The juice from this peach will be able to save Zhanye?!"

"No, not the Nine Heavens Immortal peach. Although it is extraordinary, it doesn't possess the capability to drive off evil energy in a person's body. Since the Heretical Dragon left this priceless tree in your hands, he must have given you other items. Hmm…how should I put it…that spring pool that people calls the 'Dragon Pool'. Its water contains a large amount of pure spiritual energy. Besides being able to expel evil, it can suppress demonic energy. Long ago, when the Heretical Dragon was beaten down by Immortals, they sealed him in the 'Dragon Pool'." Lian Xiang is not a wordy person by nature. Suddenly made to talk so much clearly bothers him.

"Dragon pool…formidable pure spiritual energy…able to expel evil…don't tell me it's the Holy Nine Dragons Spring Pool! Wait here." No caring that the other sees, Huo Zaiyuan enters his s.p.a.ce in a flash of silver light and fills a bamboo tube. Reappearing after a moment, he hands it out to Lian Xiang. "Here, take a look. Is this it?"

Lian Xiang doesn't even blink or show any surprise at this feat. Expression bland as ever, he opens the tube and sips the water.

"This is it. Soak that man in the pool and set the complementary arrays around him. That way, you will be able to expel all the evil energy within. Naturally…it will require a lot of spiritual energy from you."

"I got it. For him…even if it requires my life, I will do it without the slightest hesitation," Huo Zaiyuan lifts his chin and states with firm resolve.

"I know. You were always one to give the person you love your heart and soul. No matter if it's the Heretical Dragon or this man," Lian Xiang murmurs under his breath.

"Hmm?" Wholeheartedly immersed in elation at being able to save Long Zhanye, Huo Zaiyuan completely misses Lian Xiang's words.

"Nothing. Make expelling the evil energy within him your top priority. If you are a step too late, even the Great Taoist Immortal himself wouldn't be able to save him." Lian Xiang shakes his head.

"All right." Huo Zaiyuan nods and immediately heads over to Long Zhanye. Just as he is about to carry the unconscious man up, a thought strikes him. "Lian Xiang, the spring water will lose its effectiveness after leaving the s.p.a.ce for a short while. Besides me…no other living beings can enter the s.p.a.ce. Zhanye cannot enter, so how am I meant to bring him to the pool…?"

"A restriction?" Lian Xiang pauses in his steps. "May I see the medium you use for the spring water when drawing talismans?"

"Medium? Sure." Huo Zaiyuan waves his left hand. Following a flash of silver light, the Holy Dragon Bone Brush appears. "It's this calligraphy brush."

Taking the white jade brush, Lian Xiang runs two fingers of its length lightly. Gripping it in his right hand, he injects a trickle of inner spiritual power into it. Golden rays of light give form to dozens of blossoming, burning, red lotuses. Rapidly, the Holy Dragon Bone Brush changes, morphing into a magnificent silvery-black pearl.

"This is…" Upon seeing this, Huo Zaiyuan gapes in astonishment.

"Inversed Dragon Pearl. During that time, the Dragon's bamboo house was moved elsewhere. I speculated it was brought to the Evil Dragon Mountain. Never would I have imagined 'he' will make his own Dragon pearl into the medium for the s.p.a.ce, even transforming it into a calligraphy brush. It adapts to one's needs…" Saying thus, he hands the pearl back to Huo Zaiyuan. "Place this pearl into his mouth. That way, the spring water's spiritual energy will not scatter the moment it leaves the s.p.a.ce."


Walking back to Long Zhanye, Huo Zaiyuan places the Dragon pearl into the man's mouth before retreating a few paces, stopping in the middle of the s.p.a.cious and empty hall.

Pulling the long sleeve of his left arm back, the silver dragon tattoo around his wrist has not disappeared even when the brush has changed its shape. Evidently, Lian Xiang's speculation is true.

Huo Zaiyuan has sent items into the s.p.a.ce and taken them out countless time until it has become a second nature. But never has he tried removing something that is originally in the s.p.a.ce out. Just thinking about it makes him tense with nervousness.

Because whether or not the evil energy within Long Zhanye's body can be expelled all rely on this one chance. Thus, no matter what, he must succeed in bringing the spring pool out.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm himself, Huo Zaiyuan extends his left arm outwards and closes his eyes. Concentrating intensely on the spring pool in his s.p.a.ce, he imagines the edge of it beneath his palm and wills it out of the s.p.a.ce.

Ordinary items are very easy to store away and take out of the s.p.a.ce, but this pool is on a completely different level from common goods. Although he is able to feel the entire pool moving within his s.p.a.ce, no matter how hard he concentrates, it simply refuses to exit.

Only after many repeated attempts does it gradually inch away from its original spot in front of the bamboo forest. Filled with a rush of excitement, Huo Zaiyuan mentally grasps the edge more firmly and injects every last drop of determination in his being to will it out. In the middle of the empty living room, a bright flash of silver light erupts. When it finally dies down, the Holy Nine Dragon Spring Pool sits there, finally removed from the s.p.a.ce.

His vision sways and he distinctly hears Lian Xiang's "be careful" before his knees buckle, causing him to half-lean, half-collapse in the other's arms.

"I - I'm fine. Just a little dizzy. Lian Xiang, may I trouble you to carry Zhanye into the pool while I lay the arrays?"


An arm around Huo Zaiyuan's waist, Lian Xiang supports the former to rest for a while in a corner before he half-carry, half-drags the heavy, unconscious man into the pool.

As soon as the unconscious figure is submerged beneath the spring water, silver rays of light flashes as rich, pure spiritual energy gathers around Long Zhanye's body.

After resting for a while, Huo Zaiyuan drinks a few mouthfuls of peach juice to replenish his reserves. Taking out a bottle of red crystals and a tube of spring water, he begins to draw layers of runes around the pool, forming the corresponding Energy Conjugating Array.

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