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Chapter 32: Dream

The source of the gossip about Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong was probably someone inside the 《Spy》 crew. A lot of people there knew that Yan Zi Qiong came with Yan Mu Lin. He concluded this through elimination. However, it could also be the revenge of people who got robbed of their rice bowls. Just on the day of the audition, a lot of brokers found out that Yan Mu Lin was being managed by Zhou Wen Jing. Zhou Wen Jing's most successful artist was Yan Zi Qiong.

Zhou Wen Jing had a lot of experiences with stars, but she has never raised a voice actor in her name. He was not a singing star or a film star. Yan Mu Lin's appearance broke her routine, which made a lot of agents speculate.

The agents' circle was also complicated. How many male teen idols were under Zhou Wen Jing's name? The spread of information between them was fast and abundant. Zhou Wen Jing was not an unknown agent. Her every move was under the scrutiny of many people. Now, Yan Mu Lin's popularity was skyrocketing. A young newcomer with little fame suddenly emerged. He wasn't even noticed by fans due to his appearance. It was only natural for them to doubt his popularity. Professional skills and diligence were not enough.

Anyway, since they could pour cold water on Yan Mu Lin's popularity, the easiest way would be through Zhang Jing Jing. The rest would take advantage of seeing others blacken Yan Mu Lin.

Weibo was now filled with the news about Yan Mu Lin. There was also a photo of the two in the set. The way they shot the photo was very clever. Yan Mu Lin was looking at Director Guo Li Peng, while Yan Zi Qiong was on his side looking at him with complex eyes. The photo was deliberately taken like this to let the people's imagination think that he was really being kept.

Netizen 1: Hey, Sister Yan's eyes are really affectionate. What is she thinking at that time? My little boyfriend is actually talking to this old man, annoying!

Netizen 2: An old cow eats young gra.s.s. I really don't understand what's going on the current entertainment scene. Their age difference is almost 20 years old, right? Young people now do not wish for success, but instead, use dishonest practices and take shortcuts. However, through this occasion, his popularity will rise again, right? Hehe.

Netizen 3: Hehe. This little youth looks good. Why should he be kept by an old woman, ah?

Netizen 4: I was his fan. I think the way he dubbed 《Pan Jinlian》 was very good. I did not expect that his character would be this bad. Maybe Wei Zi Jun's role in 《Spy》 would also be relying on Yan Mu Lin's voice.

Netizen 5: Male idol with an old woman, really disgusting! No longer a fan!

Netizen 6: Hehe. You guys don't understand. This is caused by other people's jealousy.

The Internet was filled with people vilifying them. Yan Mu Lin was very speechless. Only they were aware of the truth. Should they directly announce his relationship with Yan Zi Qiong, or should they remain silent? He chose the latter. It was just a rumor, why pay attention to it? If he told the media about this, and their mother and son relationship was revealed, how would they explain it? When they lie, a thousand more is needed to hide it. It was better to ignore the monkeys jumping about.

Yan Mu Lin's Weibo has been given to Zhou Wen Jing's team. He only goes there occasionally. There's no need to do something about it if he could not see it. It was really hilarious that it was starting to affect his mood.

The water army was too ferocious so Zhou Wen Jing's team had no choice but to ask their leader's opinion first.

Yan Mu Lin sat on the sofa and closed his eyes. Yan Zi Qiong sat on the other side, and if you looked at her closely, she seemed to be a little overcautious. She did not expect for this kind of thing to happen. Towards Yan Mu Lin, as his mother, she had no choice but to act like a stranger. She brought him nothing but trouble.

The company's higher ranks attached extreme importance to Yan Mu Lin. At this moment, they were foolishly standing at Fang Yi Yuan's office.

Fang Yi Yuan knew about this matter between Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong. Yan Zi Qiong wanted to disclose their relationship with each other, as right now, she did not care much about her fame.

Fang Yi Yuan asked Yan Mu Lin, “What do you think about this?”

Yan Mu Lin opened his eyes slightly and said sleepily: “Remain silent. Let them say what they want since they love talking so much ah.”

Fang Yi Yuan thought that his words made sense. He nodded, “Wen Jing, I have no opinion on this. Let's listen to Mu Lin.”

Yan Zi Qiong said, “I want to publicize my relationship with Mu Lin.”

Yan Mu Lin directly refused, “No. They will stop sooner or later. There's no need to do that.”

Zhou Wen Jing did not support Yan Zi Qiong's idea. There was absolutely no need to give up all of her hard work in order to clear up gossip. She believed that Yan Mu Lin understood.

Yan Mu Lin's method made Yan Zi Qiong feel distressed. She did not know when this child matured that he could do whatever he wants, and a.s.sume responsibility.

After determining what to do, Yan Mu Lin and Yan Zi Qiong left Fang Yi Yuan's office together. Yan Mu Lin looked at Yan Zi Qiong. He hesitated before saying, “I am not doing this for you. I'm doing this so that it would be less troublesome in the future.”

He will respect Yan Zi Qiong and treat her like his biological mother, but he did not have a deep affection for her. He was only obliged to do this.

Yan Zi Qiong said indifferently, “En.” She acted like she did not care, but her voice had a slight tremble to it. Yan Mu Lin, who was sensitive to sound, still heard it.

Yan Mu Lin added, “Aunt… you should rest well. I can handle my own affairs.”

People were targeting Yan Mu Lin, not Yan Zi Qiong.

With his eyebrows knitted together, Yan Mu Lin wore his sungla.s.ses. The young male a.s.sistant that Zhou Wen Jing arranged for him was especially quiet.

Right now, he had no plans to go out of the company with Yan Zi Qiong.

Yan Zi Qiong went to Zhou Wen Jing's office to continue talking to Fang Yi Yuan. She was not in a good mood.

Self-made troubles should be solved.

Yan Zi Qiong's mobile phone rang. She answered it directly, thinking it was Zhou Wen Jing.

Who would have thought that she would hear a voice she would never forget in her entire life, “Zi Qiong, I think we should meet.”

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