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 Where there was oppression, there was resistance. There were still many calm, good girls around.

 On the day when all the popular forums were flooded by posts about the F4, a resistance team was formed.

 "Handsome men need comparison. Who’s the No.1 male actor in our minds?"

 "Comment on ways to identify a prince."

 "Comparison is necessary."

 Fans of Cong Nianwei and Qin Guan sent war signals.

 Some people climbed over the wall and stole Qin Guan’s original NYLON pictures, as well as the latest posters of the Armani perfume. They didn't take them for free. They left 0.5 yuan and a message that stated, "Chinese people have visited this place."

 The ones who made the posts didn't badmouth F4. They simply put pictures of the five boys next to each other.

 One of them was wearing a formal suit and a clean white shirt. His wide forehead was shining in the sunshine under his short hair. He looked like a fine, graceful n.o.bleman of ancient times. His warm smile made him look like a handsome childe.

 The girls sitting before their computers couldn't help but cover their faces.

 Handsome men really needed comparison. The four boys seemed unkempt with their thick bangs and long sideburns. With careful observation, one could tell that their brand outfits were fake. Their thick waists and short legs were also unbearable.

 I have bad taste...

 As a result, the situation changed completely. Fans were crazy, but they were not blind.

 "Wow! Qin Guan is the real deal."

 "It's been a long time since I saw him in a magazine. I nearly forgot about him. Thanks for the poster!"

 "Ha ha, I’m his loyal fan. Welcome to the club. We have branches all over Asia."

 The posts were spreading on the network like rolling s...o...b..a.l.l.s.

 Director Zhang Jizhong’s a.s.sistant was really happy. The episode of Xuzhu would be airing again the following evening.

 After a busy day, housewives liked to watch TV and chat with their spouses. They were tired of idol dramas and thought that "Demi-G.o.ds and Demi-Demons" was a good quality show.

 "Dear, you talk about F4 all the time. In my opinion, they pale in comparison to this boy."

 "Mom, your taste is awful..." Her daughter glanced at the screen impatiently.

 "Make some room for me."

 The monk on the screen was making something with the girl in the dark icehouse. There was no sense of immorality, only pure beautiful feelings.

 Crack, crack. The whole family was obsessed. Only the sound of them chewing popcorn could be heard.

 Xuzhu's beauty and suppressed sensual pa.s.sion shocked the audience. He was way better than tough Xiao Feng and slender Lin Zhiying.

 F4? They are nothing. They may wear royal gowns, but they are no princes.

 Sister Xue went back to her office, only to find the three phones jammed with messages. People sent all kinds of proposals to her.

 She hung up another call with a forced smile. I just hope he will do as well in the US as in China.

 When he returned to China, Zhang Weiping was also shocked. In several weeks, the supporting actor had become very popular.

 Okay, let's work on "Heroes".

 "Qin Guan has a short, but splendid part on ‘Heroes’."

 "‘Heroes’ goes to Hollywood. The actors on the red carpet have been decided."

 "Qin Guan's successful journey in the US."

 Only when the news were released did ordinary people find out that a Chinese person had squeezed into the American fashion circle with his own effort.

 He had become Armani’s local representative for a valued product. Could F4 have done that?

 While fans in other Asian countries were crying and asking F4 to marry them, the fans on the mainland calmed down first.

 Their idol was talented both at acting and studying, which was a positive message for young girls.

 Qin Guan, you are my prince charming!


 Qin Guan sneezed on the other side of the ocean. Who is cursing me? [1] He was reading a letter sent by AICPA.

 It was strange for a modern society to keep sending mail the old-fashioned way to show its professionalism and history.

 Shaking his head, Qin Guan pulled the letter out of the envelope. Generally, speaking, American people would take exams one by one, not all together in the same period, to avoid wasting money and time.

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