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Chapter 400: The Wide-Mouthed Beauty

Julia Roberts took her first action after meeting with Qin Guan. She bent forward from the shadows.

Her fair skin looked transparent under the light. Her long earrings were hanging on her shoulders, swaying back and forth.

Her lips opened slightly. Her sweet lippie looked sticky as she opened her mouth. A low, s.e.xy voice came out of her throat. "Just call me Olivia!"

"Is that the character from the ‘King's Night’?" Qin Guan was confused.

"Exactly, Chuck. You surprise me. You are not like those other a.s.sa.s.sins," she said before she left the quiet booth with her handbag without hesitation.

Her white long boots wrapped around her slender legs. Her black fur coat was like a black river flowing around her body. She was a complete temptation.

Qin Guan craned his head to see her back view as she walked down the end of the corridor.

At the end of the scene, Director George said, "Cut!" His voice broke the silence. The whole crew let out a long breath. Shooting at night was the most annoying. Any small mistake could be expanded and everyone was inclined to get bored and angry.

George had chosen that short scene as a trial for Qin Guan and Julia, so they could get to their exciting erotic scene as soon as possible.

The stylist went up to Qin Guan fast. She was eager to get some sleep after the scene.

She was working on Qin Guan's curly hair, when Julia went back for a new costume, smiling brightly to warm up the winter night. She put her hand on Qin Guan's hair naughtily and pulled...

"Ouch!" Qin Guan screamed out.

What are you doing, elder sister?

Julia’s symbolic wide mouth formed an "O". She didn't stop though.

She wrapped a lock around her finger and then let it go. The lock was sticking out of Qin Guan’s hair now.

"Wow! it's real hair. It’s so elastic!"

So you just wanted to test my hair? That's why people call you silly!

Qin Guan was speechless. Julia seemed to be still interested in his hair though. That Asian boy was so cute! In her opinion, he had to have a sensitive heart under that perfect face, just like she did.

Before she could make another attempt, George shouted at the crew.

"Get ready, everyone! This is the last scene for tonight."

The crew put down their gla.s.ses. Qin Guan and Julia sat down by the table, leaning their heads slightly towards the camera and the director.

"Three, two, camera!" The funniest scene was about to begin.

Julia smiled in her black evening dress with her typical indifference and charm. Her V-neck dress was very revealing.

"Why are you here tonight?" Qin Guan placed his arm on the dining table. His voice was very seductive.

A fire was burning in the fireplace. It was the only source of light in the room.

Julia lowered her eyes, and then looked up again. "I don’t know. Your charm is remarkable."

Qin Guan took a sip of the transparent drink in his gla.s.s, slowly shaking the leftover wine. His gaze was deep and dangerous.

The cameras zoomed forward. No background was visible through the lens. Only their features and the white candlesticks were visible in the dark.

They looked at each other, communicating through their eyes. Julia felt dizzy by Qin Guan's charm.

Suddenly, she moved. Using her full strength, she pushed all the tableware to the floor.

Crack! The smashing sound was savage.

Qin Guan moved too. Her ident.i.ty was not important. He just acted on his desire. He strode onto the table like a beast catching its prey and bent forward to touch Julia’s face.

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