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Chapter 574 You Dare to Bury the Lion in His Den! You are Courting Death!

Li Yundong looked down and saw a familiar figure standing below. Dressed in fashionable and s.e.xy clothes, the person seemed incongruent with the scene in front of him. When he saw this person's appearance, he was shocked. "Ding Nan? How come you're here? Have you reached the Zhuji phase?"

But soon, Li Yundong saw a woman with brown hair and blue eyes with Ding Nan. It was none other than Alba, who had been clamoring with Kris and the others to be his apprentice!

"Why is she here? Ding Nan, are you crazy? Let her go!"

Ding Shaking all over, Ding Nan was most afraid of Li Yundong feeling disgusted and disdain for her. In front of her, Li Yundong's angry eyes were like a sharp knife, cutting her heart piece by piece.

Ding Nan gritted her teeth and said in a trembling voice, "If you don't want her to die, hand over the Diyuan Jindan!"

Li Yundong couldn't believe what he was seeing and said in surprise, "You! Have you lost your humanity after accompanying Zheng Yuan for so long? How can you take an innocent person hostage? Are you still the girl that I once knew?"

Suddenly feeling like a sharp edge had been inserted into her chest, Ding Nan couldn't help but tremble violently. As she cried, she giggled and said, "Yes, I am no longer the one you knew! Hurry up and make a choice. Whether this person lives or not is up to you!"

Although Alba couldn't understand Chinese, she was no fool. Seeing this situation, she could suss what was happening. Feeling alarmed, she shouted at Li Yundong in English, "Help, Master, help me!"

Alba was a rare beauty. She was tall and s.e.xy, with a strong South American charm. At this time, she was crying and begging, making the people around her tenderhearted. Many cultivators turned their faces away and could not bear to watch.

Li Yundong's eyes revealed a hint of sympathy. He secretly shook his head and said coldly to Ding Nan, "Ding Nan, you are walking the devil's path! Moreover, if I give you the pills, they will definitely fall into Zheng Yuan's hands! Zheng Yuan is a man with a human face but a beast's heart. He commits all kinds of evil. If they fall into his hands, he will definitely cause more innocent deaths. As the saying goes, doing some small good will lead to great evil. In order to save Alba, I will have made more innocent people die by Zheng Yuan's hand. It would be a great evil in the human world!"

Li Yundong's eyes gradually turned cold. He said in a cold voice, "However, I want to tell you that if you dare to kill her, from now on, you will no longer be my friend or cla.s.smate, but my enemy! When I see you again, I will not be soft-hearted and will enforce justice on behalf of G.o.d! Anyone who dares to harm the people around me will be hunted to the ends of the earth. No matter how vast the sky is or how broad the land is, there will be no place for you to hide!"

His words were resolute and full of murderous intent, creeping everyone out. For a moment, Tiandu Peak completely quieted down. Some people watched Ding Nan and Li Yundong, observing the changes in the situation. Others were shocked by his words, beginning to retreat.

Ding Nan was also frightened by his amazing momentum. She subconsciously took a step back and loosened her grip on Alba’s throat.

As soon as she loosened her grip, Alba immediately noticed and began struggling madly. Ding Nan had been absent-minded and inadvertently let her escape, but Alba only got two steps forward.

Zheng Yuan, who was hiding in the dark, saw that Ding Nan was not responding at all. He was furious and waved the fly-whisk in his hand. Instantly, it was thrown out like a whip, and it grabbed Alba, bringing her back.

Only then did Ding Nan react. She quickly rushed back to Zheng Yuan and forced a smile. "Master, Li Yundong won't accept it. What should we do?"

"Just kill her. It'll be good to disturb his Taoist heart!" Zheng Yuan said cruelly.

As his voice died away, he raised his hand and was about to strike Alba's skull.

Hearing Alba let out a scream of horror, Ding Nan trembled all over. She hurriedly stopped Zheng Yuan and said, "Master, no!"

Zheng Yuan turned his cold eyes and looked at Ding Nan suspiciously. He said word by word in a cold voice, "Are you the Ping'er that I know?"

Ding Nan's heart tightened. She forced a smile and said, "Master, what are you talking about? If I were not Ping'er, who else could I be?"

Zheng Yuan's eyes were like lightning, raking over her face as if he wanted to see through her heart at a glance. "The Ping Er I know is not such a babbling baby! A n.o.body like her can be killed easily, not to mention that she's a foreigner. How dare you speak for her?"

Ding Nan broke out in a cold sweat. She thought swiftly and said quickly, "Master, you have been teaching me that one should think of a way before entering the gate. What if Li Yundong doesn't want to let us go after we take the Diyuan Jindan? Or, what if we fail to get it and fall into an extremely unfavorable situation? Then he will come to make trouble for us again. At that time, using her as a shield would be better, right?"

Zheng Yuan stared at her so long that she almost couldn't stand it. Eventually, he snorted, took back his half, and said icily, "Then we'll let the foreigner live a little longer!"

After that, he stood with his hands clasped behind his back and looked at Li Yundong with gloomy eyes. He whispered, "This guy, relying on his high cultivation to defend this place, is really tricky! This Alchemy room has not been conquered even now. What if the noise grows too loud and attracts the attention of the common people?"

While he was talking, Li Yunyang was also secretly worried above the alchemy room. Although he had frightened Ding Nan with his extremely tough momentum just now, all of the cultivators around had stopped at once, and Tiandu Peak had fallen into a short silence.

Li Yundong looked around and saw a few figures flashing in the gathering darkness. Most of them were hiding in the shadows as if they were waiting for the best time to strike.

However, Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, and Zhou Qin were standing above the alchemy room, surrounded by the colorful light. They were so glamorous that they looked like stars under the light of a stage, every part of their body illuminated!

This made Li Yundong extremely uncomfortable!

Zhou Qin saw his frown and thought that he was worried that Alba was being held hostage. She felt regret in her heart, knowing that if she hadn't been willful, such a tragedy wouldn't have happened. "Master, I want to apologize to you..."

Li Yundong was stunned. "What's wrong?"

She hesitated for a moment, bit her lip, and was about to speak softly. However, Li Yundong raised his hand and stopped her. "Let's talk when we get back. Right now, we should think about how to get out of this d.a.m.n place. We have been trapped by Wan Zhenyuan, that f*cking b*stard!"

Zi Yuan smiled bitterly, "Three Diyuan Jindans! He's really willing to pay a great price for it! I don't even dare to think about it! It's the first time that I've heard of such a great thing. He'd better be careful!"

"If one wants to take something in advance, he must give it away first! One Diyuan Jindan is enough for a cultivator to break through their bottleneck. Why does he want so much? Unless he wants to ma.s.s-produce Jinxian Masters!" Li Yundong surmised coldly.

Seeing that he wasn't caring about her mistakes for the time being, Zhou Qin felt a little relieved and comforted him with a smile, "Master, how about we simply take these three Diyuan Jindans now and let these guys stare in despair?"

"There's four of us," Li Yundong said wryly, "how are we going to divide the pills up?"

Zhou Qin was momentarily stumped, but then she quickly replied, "Naturally, it's you, Zi Yuan, and Su Chan who should take them."

"What about you? You don't want it?" Li Yundong was stunned.

"I just took the Renyuan Jindan, how could I take a Diyuan Jindan? No matter how blessed a person is, they can't take two elixirs of life in a row." Zhou Qin smiled, shaking her head.

Li Yundong took a deep look at her and nodded in his heart. He diverged from the subject and suddenly asked, "By the way, where is Chan'er? I heard her voice just now. Why isn't she here?"

Zi Yuan said with a wry smile, "Su Chan alarmed the other cultivators when she opened her mouth just now. As a result, she attracted their powerful magical weapons. In a panic, she immediately ran away without a trace. I don't know where she is anymore."

Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He shook his head and said, "This girl... Although Chan'er's spiritual energy is not strong, her self-protection skills are quite good. She must have gotten rid of her opponents and started hiding in the shadows like these cultivators, waiting for an opportunity to help me. Otherwise, if those enemies had caught her, I'm afraid they would have used her as leverage against me."

Zi Yuan nodded in agreement. "But... If this continues, I'm afraid..." she said, trailing off awkwardly.

Li Yundong immediately answered emphatically, "Hold on, just hold on! It's best to delay until dawn! I believe that these guys don't want others to know their sects and ident.i.ties, and they all want to take the Diyuan Jindan alone. Once dawn comes, humph, we'll see how they hide!"

As soon as his voice fell, a hoa.r.s.e sound came from the darkness. "Zhenren Li, you have a good appet.i.te. Do you intend to take the three Diyuan Jindans yourself?"

"Who are you? Do you dare to tell me your sect and name?" Li Yundong sneered.

Soon, the man stopped talking, but then another middle-aged man's voice sounded in the night. "Spiritual Master Li, do you really think that you can swallow all three? Aren't you afraid of getting too full?"

Soon after, another voice said angrily, "That's right. You greedy kid. Aren't you afraid of being d.a.m.ned if you do such a thing?"

Li Yundong laughed out loud and said, "Wasn't it because I brought Wan Zhenyuan the thousand-year Snow Lotus that he was able to produce the Diyuan Jindans? Since he wants only one of them, the remaining three naturally belong to me! They are supposed to be mine. Why do you want to take them from me?"

For a moment, everyone was choked by his words and couldn't say anything. Those who were unconvinced stretched out their necks and said, "This kind of elixir of life is naturally available to whoever sees it and is more capable. Why should you, a little kid, have three Diyuan Jindans all to yourself?"

Zheng Yuan was also unwilling to be silent. He came forward and said loudly, "Zhenren Li, why don't you take out two of them to be shared with us? It'll be better than hurting our friendship. How about that?"

As soon as Li Yundong saw Zheng Yuan, he gritted his teeth and said, "Zheng Yuan, you have the face to say something like that? Let me tell you, I would rather give the Diyuan Jindan to dogs than you!"

Zheng Yuan's expression changed greatly. He became extremely ferocious at once. "Then don't blame me for my actions! Li Yundong, don't regret it!"

"Come and get it if you have the ability!" Li Yundong yelled, laughing wildly.

Although he was holding the h.e.l.l Wuzhang Enchanting Jade in the hand, Zhen Yuan was quite terrified of Li Yundong's magic power, which reduced his confidence in winning. "It's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge in ten years' time! This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is arrogant for now. When I get the Diyuan Jindan, h.e.l.l Wuzhang Enchanting Jade will be even more powerful. At that time, I will torture you to the point that you'll be begging for death!" Zhen Yuan thought.

As Zheng Yuan cursed Li Yundong viciously in his heart, he slowly retreated back into the darkness once again.

Tiandu Peak went quiet for a moment. Everyone seemed to be afraid of something, and they didn't even dare whisper to each other. The atmosphere was unusually quiet.

Li Yundong felt strange. He frowned slightly and said, "They... Do they want to stall for time too? No way!"

Zi Yuan tilted her head slightly and said in surprise, "There's some strange sound..."

Li Yundong immediately asked, "What is it?"

She frowned and said, "Listen, there seems to be a rustling noise."

He listened for a moment and was slightly perplexed. "It seems that there really is... Where's it coming from?"

Zhou Qin also listened carefully. She hesitated for a moment before saying, "It seems that the sound is from... Beneath our feet?"

As soon as her words fell, the colorful light within the alchemy room beneath their feet disappeared!

Li Yundong looked down, only to see a figure flashing in the alchemy room and grabbing the remaining three Diyan Jindans with one hand, then quickly jumping into the medicine pool!

Li Yundong was furious. "How dare you s.n.a.t.c.h meat from the lion's mouth! You're courting death!" After saying that, he instantly turned into a green light and chased after the thief.

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