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Chapter 390 - Spoiler, Announcement, The End Of This Novel.

h.e.l.lo everyone. First of, I want to thank you for your continued support of this novel. As you may note, I have been writing this novel for more than 7 months straight without any break. So I would now be taking a break from writing this. Please understand.

I made an announcement that this will have 5 volumes, and supposedly, it would. However, I don't want to keep everyone hanging. So, right now, I decided to mark this novel as complete.

I am thinking of writing the next volumes in the future. I have a lot of idea in mind, but I just couldn't put them into words. I sat down in front of my laptop for hours just to write a chapter, but it just wouldn't come.

Anyhow, so you may treat Volume 3 is the end of this book for now.. The volume 4, you may take it as a preview of Geoffrey's and Serena's married life together.

Now, on the spoilers, I know this is what you might want to read. hehe.

Volume 4, supposedly was to show the married life of Serena and Geoffrey. during their marriage, they will be really sweet with each other. I think I was able to showcase that in the early chapters of the volume. The second part is what I wasn't able to do which should be Serena as the crown princess. She would be well loved by the folks and would be helping Geoffrey will new bills etc. however, note that she was pregnant so she would be only able to do that for a short time before giving birth. BTW, she will get Annalys to be her lady-in-waiting.

Annalys as we know is the daughter of Duke Argent cross who is from the radical faction pretending to be neutral. she will be the mole in the story kinda.

On Serena, after giving birth, seeing the baby have black hair, she felt happy. She and Geoffrey be like a perfect family. Well, at least until she finds out the truth later.

Anyhow, Leonard will be the one to find out first. He would not tell Serena, but Serena will discover later, realize everything.

Come the next year session of the house of lords, the king will call Charlton back bec not a lot of rebels and needs him to work on the ministry of works.

Now, the economy would start to go downhill because industrialization would slow down. a lot of politics and Serena and Geoffrey would try to solve them. Everything good, they will be popular but still, liberalism is an ideology which is becoming too popular.

Serena will then suggest that a change of regime would be the only solution, which is changing to const.i.tutional monarchy. she will tell Geoffrey that not only bec of the trend, but because she's tired of being crown princess with so much duty and she likes to spend time with geoffrey and their child.

Geoffrey will choose Serena over power. But king won't be too happy to hear that. Well, does it matter? The king will die shortly because as mentioned before his health was already failing.

So at the end of volume 4, Geoffrey and Serena will be crowned king and queen.


Volume 5 starts and this is where bulk of drama would be.

Ok, so now, we have Geoffrey and Serena crowned as king and queen pushing const.i.tutional monarchy, but people love them so much. Still, the radicals should be happy. But of course Duke cross is not. He will try to brainwash people and say the crown is lying etc etc. When in truth he wants to lay power on the crown himself. So what do they do?

Duke Cross puts order to kill Charlton's dad who was still in prison. Then, he will recruit Charlton to their side. Charlton who was angry and felt so betrayed, will go to the radical faction side.

I have so much to write about Charlton because he should also grow as a character. I should show how he was slowly consumed by hate. Yes, he will hate Serena. I'm also torn how things would go from his side. Anyway, Charlton should be back in the picture 1 year after his exile bec no rebels in action, the king will call him back to work on the ministry of works. His father would be killed while he's away doing his job. Also, there will be drama between him and Serena. Ugh. so hard to explain but that's the plan I was thinking. But anyway, he will not know the truth that Geoffrey raped Serena for a long time. He just feel that Serena's love for him in the past were all fake. But, he will not revenge or something. but in his hate, he will pretend to like to Annalys Cross something like that. Imthe timeline is jumbled there. He will flort with annalys but that's before his dad has been killed. Ugh.

TBH Serena would still feel a twinge of jealousy, but what to do? Aish. The plot is so complicated. but all this drama in the middle of on going political fiasco.

Anyway, back to Geoffrey and Serena. Now, we know Geoffrey was the original male lead, he should have everything. However, Geoffrey will now have weakness, which is his son and Serena. Now, he believes that the Cross family is on his side. He is also in the early stage of him being king.

So, one day when the Cross family has more power, while the const.i.tutional monarchy bill is being processed, the revolution will happen. Geoffrey will get caught off guard. Annalys who is Serena's lady in waiting will kidnap their child while the revolution is happening like war.

So from there, Geoffrey will lose bec of his and Serena's child. Serena would want to save their child looking for him while the enemies enter their palace. Geoffrey asks her to run away but she still looking for their child.

Now Geoffrey and her were not in the best of terms as they have not made up after Serena discovered him raping her that time. So it's a dramatic event. Geoffrey would have an attempt on his life but serena loves him and tries to save him. She succeeds, and geoffrey feels happy bec she does love him still. but it wont last long, enemy will be able to capture serena and geoffrey will save Serena's life and die from there. Yes, he will die by saving her life. So dramatic. Serena cries geoffrey try to calm her while dying and say he's happy to have had her in his life if he could do it once again, he would still choose to be with her. Etc all the sappy line you can imagine a dying man would say. It should be a tear jerker. Then all their happy memories will flash like a flashback.

Now comes Christopher Cross, remember him? haha! He will find Serena in the middle of all, and he has been l.u.s.ting over her since forever. However, he won't really rape her of something YET. He will capture her, and Serena is so full of hate for him.

Ah, the political drama continues. After the revolution many civilians are uncertain. Again, Cross family wants power but people are against them. So they hatch a plan, Christopher would want to marry Serena whose held captive in prison tower, then put himself in position as regent to the crown prince who's in their hand BTW.

Charlton where is he in all this? He knew everything, he just kept his arms crossed.

Anyhow, Serena wants to revenge, she will be villainess mode she wants to have her child back, she wants a lot. Given the opportunity to exact revenge, she will agree to marry Christopher.

she gets out of prison and plays the part of a seductress kinda.

Charlton seeing everything would feel disgusted. But, in truth he still has some feelings for her.

Serena won't really marry christopher, she will drag and as long as possible, tempting him etc etc.

Serena also hates Charlton. However, she needs his help to defeat the family cross and get revenge on them. So she try to seduce him again.

Charlton would hate her but at the same time, old feelings will rekindle so that's how they get back together. It wont be the same love they have before but they will still fall in love all the same.

Gosh, just thinking of writing all these so full of drama and excitement but I JUST CANT. IDK why I can't. someday I will write them and translate them to nice chapters. But as of now I can only give you all these.

Anyhow, moving on. they will work together and take the Cross family down.

In the end, they will change the regime to const.i.tutional monarchy for Serena and Geoffrey's child who is still just 3 years old by that time BTW.

They will marry later but it will take a few years stabilizing everything first. Still, charlton plays uncle to crown prince, and when the child is 5, being the smart boy he was, he understands his mother needs love, so he tells her that he like uncle charlton and etc etc gives them permission to marry. Then they will all live happily ever after. They will also have children of their own. Leonard gets to be prime minister btw.

Well, that's supposed to be how the story goes.

It should be very very wonderful for me, in my imagination it's super cool. But it will be long journey and maybe i will make it into a new book. It deserves a new book I think. What do you guys think? so this novel now is complete. If ever, I will write a new book with the plot I just revealed and mark it as a sequel hehe...

anyhow, that's how the novel should go. I think if I were to write all those it would take 200-300 chapter more. Thank you again for all the support.

i still feel like crying and the sepanx is real for this novel but again, I dont want to keep everyone hanging and just not update for a long time. So maybe in the future when i can write this again, i will mark this novel serialing again or maybe i will just turn the sequel to a new book.

thank you all again....

sorry that this chapter has coin price, I want this to be at the end of the novel not in auxiliary chapter but there's now way to do that but save for this being a premium chapter. Anyhow, the spoiler somehow has some value... thank you again and sorry.

if you have questions just place them in comment i will reply to all. Honestly i have the plot of this novel to the very end as you just read. I love this novel so much and daydream of it everyday. But i just cant translate them to nice chapters from here onwards. So I share it this way to have a closure.

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