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When everything was properly prepared, Li Minghong and Gu Jinmi went up the mountain.

On the way, Li Minghong was very worried and kept looking over to Gu Jinmi as she was a little unsteady. At that moment, he regretted bringing her along. Why did his heart soften to the point that he agreed to bring her along?! What if she got injured?! “Little girl, I think we should go back!”

“No way! You promised me, you can’t go back on your words now.” Gu Jinmi said, looking anxiously at Li Minghong.

Li Minghong looked at the agitated Gu Jinmi and nodded his head saying, “Ok ok! Then hold my hand, the road here is not smooth. It won’t be good if you fell.”

Gu Jinmi obediently placed her hand in Li Minghong’s. He held her hand firmly and carefully trod on. Gu Jinmi felt a warm feeling in her heart but didn’t know why. However, she brushed that thought aside and focused on the journey ahead.

Halfway up the mountain, they suddenly heard a shout for help. “Help! Help! Is there anyone here?!”

Gu Jinmi thought for a little while, that might be the female lead! “ Minghong, I think I heard someone shouting for help, we should take a look!” shouted Gu Jinmi while walking straight to the location where the cries for help was heard. After a short distance, she noticed that he wasn’t following behind her. She turned around and saw that Li Minghong was rooted to the same place in shock. Not understanding what had happened to him, she walked over, waved her hand in front of his face and asked, “Minghong, what’s wrong with you?”

“W-w-what did you call me? Say that again.”

“Minghong! What, do you not like it?! Then…”

“No, no, I like it, I like it a lot.” Li Minghong said excitedly, pulling Gu Jinmi into his arms. Only his mother had called him ‘Minghong’ when he was younger. When he grew up, the villagers either called him hunter or Li Minghong, no one has ever called him ‘Minghong’ ever since his mother died.

Gu Jinmi didn’t understand Li Minghong’s excitement and explained, “Keke, ummm, we are husband and wife, if I called you Li Minghong, we would sound very distant. But I also couldn’t get ‘my dear husband’ out of my mouth, so I called you Minghong.”

“Haha, it’s nothing, it’s nothing, I love it, I really love it. Thank you, Jin er.”

Gu Jinmi speechlessly looked at the extremely excited Li Minghong. She didn’t think that she mentioned any jokes though. “Yo-you, what happened?”

When Li Minghong returned from his giddy, bubbly world, he felt like he has forgotten who he is and where he is. He coughed and said, “Keke, no-nothing. What did you say previously?”

“Oh! I heard a shout for help, let’s take a look!”

“Ok, I’ll walk in front, you follow behind me. Be careful.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Li Minghong back, and smiled unconsciously. This feeling was not bad!

Reaching their destination, Gu Jinmi saw the female lead holding her leg and her stomach. That looked painful!

Gu Jinmi walked over to her and asked, “Excuse me, young lady, are you alright?!”

Feng Qingling raised her head and said to Gu Jinmi, “I sprained my ankle, could I bother you for a while?”

Gu Jinmi looked to Li Minghong for help. What the… the road down the mountain was very long, he can’t expect her to carry Feng Qingling down by herself!

Li Minghong looked at Gu Jinmi helplessly, “Males and females can’t touch each other when they are not related.”

Gu Jinmi stood there surprised, “Then what should we do now?! We can’t just leave her here alone in this remote mountain!”

Li Minghong thought for a while and directed, “Wait here.” He then turned around and left.

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Gu Jinmi asked Feng Qingling, “Hey, why did you climb up this mountain? This mountain has a lot of poisonous snakes and wild beasts! You are a very courageous lady to dare climb this mountain!”

Feng Qingling felt a little awkward listening to Gu Jinmi. Does Gu Jinmi not know who she is? From the way the lady in front of her dressed, could she have transmigrated?

Gu Jinmi noticed that Feng Qingling was daydreaming and asked, “Hey, hey, hey, what you are thinking about?! You still haven’t answered my question!”

“Oh! Ummm, I accidentally hit my head when I fell, so I can’t really remember clearly.”

“What?! You lost your memory!”

“En, you can say that. Do you know who am I?”

“Ummm, actually, I don’t really know my village well, but my husband should know.”

“The guy that just left is your husband?! Feng Qingling looked at Gu Jinmi shocked. Hai! She thought that that guy was Gu Jinmi’s brother or something like that! She didn’t think that he was actually Gu Jinmi’s husband!

Gu Jinmi saw the disappointment in the female lead’s eyes and scorned her in her heart, ‘Humph! Sure enough! Just by looking at my husband for the first time, she already likes him. She is going overboard.’

Gu Jinmi didn’t say anything much after that revelation. The woman beside her was coveting her husband! Looks like the female lead in the original story had a little bit of feelings for the supporting male!

When Li Minghong came back, he saw the two ladies sitting on a rock, staring blankly, and he was not sure what they were thinking about.

Gu Jinmi saw that Li Minghong came back and immediately ran towards him. When she saw what he was carrying, she was surprised and asked, “Did you make this?”

“En, it’ll be more convenient.”

Wow! Who said that the people in the olden days were stupid, Li Minghong was not stupid at all! In fact, his handicraft was so good, he had managed to make a mat in such a short time.

“Jin-er help the young lady up on this mat! We’ll send her home!”

“But this lady has amnesia, do you know where she stays?”

“Ummm, I’m not very clear, we’ll just send her back to the village first!”

“En, ok.”

Gu Jinmi carefully helped Feng Qingling up the mat and warned her, “Sit properly, hold on tight!”

Li Minghong saw Gu Jinmi sweating profusely and told her, “When you go down the mountain, you have to be careful. This mountain is steep!”

“Yes, yes, I know, nothing will happen.”

Once the trio returned back to the village, the female lead’s parents immediately came out, and quickly began to bring her home while scolding her on the way.

Once Gu Jinmi saw this happening, she shook her head. Having these kinds of parents is also a kind of torture! In the original story, the female lead’s parents was like a leech, biting onto their daughter and never letting go. Only when the male lead appeared, did they settle.

“What’s the matter? You kept shaking your head.”

“Oh nothing, just feeling a little sad. Luckily my parents are not like that, if not, you’d be doomed!”

“Even if your parents were like that, I’d still be willing to have you as my wife.”

Gu Jinmi’s face turned beet red when she heard Li Minghong’s answer. She embarra.s.sedly spluttered out, “W-what a smooth talker you are. I’ll go prepare dinner.”

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