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The driver managed to step on the brakes but the truck continued to move forward. When it stopped, it already hit Tara strongly. The sudden brake and the collision created a loud creepy sound. The impact threw Tara in the air and once she hit the concrete ground, she rolled and rolled until she b.u.mped into a post.

A number of people saw what happened and immediately rushed to the scene. Tara was lying unconsciously on the ground. Her body was covered with fresh blood. Her face was hardly recognizable because of the sticking blood and hair. While most apprehended the truck driver, somone called an ambulance which quickly responded and went to the scene. n.o.body touched Tara's body for fear of inflicting more harm than good. Since it was an excruciatingly hot noon, her blood almost dried out when help came. For everyone who saw her, she was as good as dead already. Immediately, the response team expertly lifted Tara and delivered her to the nearest hospital.

Tara was still unconscious when she was rushed to the emergency room. A number of doctors automatically attended to her barely breathing body. Though pained, Tara was aware of what was happening around her. She could not move any muscle but that did not mean she was ignorant of anything. She knew she was. .h.i.t by a truck. She knew she was in a hospital and that several hands were touching her aching body, desperate to revive their patient.

"I will live and love, guys," Tara's mind spoke.

She wanted to shout those words but she could not do so. She even wanted to smile but movement was too impossible. She wanted to cry also but she could only do it in her mind. Yes, her mind was still functioning and she believed that being able to think in this situation could mean she would survive.

"I must not be defeated," she convinced herself.

Tara still wanted to live. She still wanted to smell flowers and enjoy the fresh air of Subangdaku. Though she wanted to get out of the district and explore life beyond the rural community, Tara knew she would eventually come back to Subangdaku. She was born and raised here and the familiarity of life in the district would always bring here safety and serenity.

Besides Subangdaku, she must live for her family. Her old father was ailing and despite being burdened, she always saw to it that his medical needs were provided. So when Dr. Alvarado approached her and gave her the offer, she quickly accepted it. It was an offer she could hardly refuse. She needed plenty of cash and the payment from the doctor was more than enough to pay for the medicines and other bills.

"I love you, Pa," Tara's mind shouted.

Tara had always been closer to her dad than to her mom. She was a daddy's girl and yet, her mother adored her always. Tara had no siblings so she was used to being spoiled while growing up. They were not rich but her parents always managed to give her everything she demanded.

"Thank you, Pa and Ma."

Memories then flooded, particularly those she most cherished. There were random moments with her parents - her graduations, debut, auditions, and many more. Such nostalgic memories overwhelmed her that sadness overtook all her emotions. Her heart suddenly beat hard while she felt a knot closed around her throat, suffocating her. She gasped for air.

Minutes pa.s.sed and the tightness in her chest worsened as her blood thickened and her lungs struggled to take in air. Though only in her head, Tara felt the pain that she screamed hard.

"I want to live. Please let me live."

Tara begged and wept. She wanted to see the world and experience life more. She wanted to see beaches and dive with the dolphins. She wanted to take a bite of the best burger in town, courtesy of Jennie's. She wanted to enjoy kisses from her Prince Charming. She wanted to have kids of her own, preferably two lovely daughters. She wanted to see the sun again.

Yet, her body was losing the will to live. Her breathing slowed down. Her arms and legs stiffened, panicking the responding medical personnel. They did things again to her body in order to revive her.

Light began to dim in Tara's vision. At the last minute, she saw a thread, a golden thread. It glowed as light slowly vanished. It sparkled through the dimness. It was beautiful. She reached out but it was too far from her.

"Take me," her mind spoke one last time.

Instantly, the golden thread snapped and everything around her turned dark. Tara's muscles relaxed as heat slowly dissipated from her body. The doctors did few more actions but Tara was frigid. She was not anymore responding. By one in the afternoon, Tara was declared dead.

News about Tara's death spread to the people in the hospital. Everyone believed that she had been a great nurse. She was hardworking, diligent, and selfless, that despite being sick, she continued to gave her services at the isolation camp.

"I look up to her," a girl nurse commented. "Imagine the sacrifices she took just to help at the camp."

"This outbreak is very alarming now," added another nurse. "She is the first medical professional to die in this crisis."

"She is a hero for me."

"Indeed, she is."

The news was pa.s.sed on until it reached the isolation camp. Many grieved upon hearing it. A frontliner had died and everyone admired her for her unselfish dedication to her job. She had became a hero to everyone's eyes. Cecilia was most devastated when she heard about it. She ran to the restroom, locked the room, and cried. Pity and sadness filled her. When her crying was done, fear crept in as she realized something. If such tragedy happened to Tara, then it could also happen to her.....

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