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In merely 2 hours 48 minutes, he has absorbed 28 units of mana.

For 20 minutes Feng Mei stayed still, sitting on his bed to control the mana inside his body using his power of the soul.

The mana he absorbed in the previous three hours and the mana present in his body summed up to a total of 70 units of mana.

His body was shaking and bustling with mana fluctuation. Be reminded 70 units of mana couldn't be easily absorbed by anyone inside their body.

Mana was meant to be absorbed inside a human sea of consciousness! People absorbed mana inside their bodies so that they can attack and open the blank gate of their sea of consciousness.

It was all because Feng Mei has strengthened his body to lv 9 physical tempering layer and increased his first power of the soul that is of red color to its maximum limit. His red power of the soul which is tinted with violet color and his strong body is the reason why he managed to achieve such a feat.

Feng Mei took in deep breaths familiarizing himself and the mana he absorbed with his power of the soul.

The maximum amount of his power of soul could control right now was 70 units, even if his body was strengthened by 100 times, it would be useless to absorb anymore mana.

After all the medium a person used to control mana was his power of the soul!

Right now was going to use all 70 units of mana to break the blank gate of his sea of consciousness.

He didn't want to open up his blank gate, he wanted to break it!

From the eighteen books he read in the royal library he had obtained clear information about Astral cultivation related to Astral disciple and Astral master, rather than the vague information provided to him by the system.

Every stage a person will open one layer of his sea of consciousness, producing a new Power of soul. Astral disciple only have one red-colored power of soul, Astral warriors have two power of the soul, a red-colored soul and an orange-colored soul! While Astral master has three red, orange, and yellow!

A normal astral master can use three of his Power of soul to pressurize a normal Astral warrior.

The power of soul pressure will affect the pa.s.sageway through which man is drawn out of! The pa.s.sageway is the opened blank gate!

It is so effective that an astral warrior might only be able to direct half the mana his power of the soul can direct!

In a normal case, A normal Astral warrior will lose around 30%-50% of his combat ability while fighting against an astral master!

Feng Mei did not want that, that's why he was going to break the blank gate! Total breakage will result in him not being affected by the power of soul pressure belonging to greater cultivators.

After all, he will lose the very reason that could affect the pa.s.sageway!

He used his power of the soul to direct mana inside his body. Starting from 50 units of mana that slowly climbed up to 66...67..68..69 and finally 70!

He directed them all right in the middle of his torso! The 70 unit of mana that was spread all over his body reached at a single point, forced by his power of soul!

Now he was ready, after taking his mana on a drive throughout his body and successful being able to control 70 units of mana!

He optimized his red power of soul tinted with violets dots to direct the 70 unit of mana present inside his body towards his locked sea of consciousness.

The sea of consciousness existed in a locked state inside every being mind or as most people say temple.

The 70 units of mana mostly pure mana and slightly consisting of different elements directed by his power of soul rushed towards his temple like a tsunami and hit the blank gate of the sea of consciousness,

BANG! The impact ended up producing a dong sound, as if a normal drum getting beaten by a spiked iron bat.

The sound reverberated inside his body, so much that it started shaking wildly and fell off the bed, his head hitting the carpeted floor.

Feng Mei didn't know what was happening as the entirety of his consciousness was focus inside of his body.

The mana wave hit the gate and the blank gate bend in, and in a mere millisecond got smashed into a pulp.

The Mana wave started rushing inside through the holes, taking the gate with them!

Feng Mei consciousness saw that the blank gate burst open but it also fell inside his sea of consciousness! He didn't know what will happen and he didn't care either!

Feng Mei opened his eyes and saw that he fallen down the bed and the tile of the room was slightly bend in! His head didn't hurt as his body is strong!

Feng Mei hurriedly stood up, ran to the window and looked at the skies!

They were beautiful the most beautiful night sky he has ever seen, adorned by hundreds of stars which twinkled, enchanting their beauty!

He looked at the skies because he wanted to know if a tribulation will fall down on him from the heavens or not! Because in every novel he read in his past life a tribulation was the must when the protagonist performed a heaven-defying Task.

Feng Mei was extremely happy that there weren't any grand tribulations or thunder raining down from the skies nor did he have to plan for years to break his blank gate. It just broke, fell in his sea of consciousness and that's it!

Now he has finally become an Astral warrior and it was finally time to see what his Astral soul was.

He also moved inside his sea of consciousness, unaware that a deep dark spiral mark has formed on his glabella!

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