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Chapter 556: Violent Kill (4)

[At your 1 o’clock, kill!]

With a wave of his hand, he sent several humanoid warriors flying. He ran in the direction pointed by the narrator.

He barged along the way. The humanoid warriors could not resist his charge at

All kinds of weapons smashed into his body, but they could not even leave a trace on his skin.

Soon, he arrived in front of the wooden house pointed out by the narrator and knocked into it with all his might.

As wood chips flew, he saw the humanoid leader and grabbed its neck.

The humanoid leader reacted quickly. It raised its left hand that was wearing the Miracle Bracelet.

In an instant, a huge humanoid shadow stood in front of Feng Qi and reached out to catch his palm.

A terrifying power burst out of his body. He suddenly raised his hand and slapped the humanoid shadow away.

As he roared, he pounced at the humanoid leader again.

Faced with a life-and-death crisis, the humanoid leader raised the Miracle Bracelet once again. Instantly, the ground loosened, and a plethora of vines surged forth. They swiftly coiled around Feng Qi, gradually constricting, attempting to strangle him.

Faced with the vines, a sinister smile appeared on Feng Qi’s face.

At this moment, the dark green flames ignited the vines that crawled out of the ground and burned them, leaving black corrosive marks on the vines.

His body tensed up and he suddenly erupted.

The vines shattered inch by inch under his terrifying strength and scattered in all directions.

Looking at the frightened humanoid leader who had retreated far away, Feng Qi stretched out his hand and made a throat-slitting gesture at the humanoid leader. The dark green flames in his eyes erupted.

The ground beneath his feet sank and formed a pit. His figure was like a burning tiger as he pounced on the humanoid leader.

At this moment, several trajectories appeared in front of the humanoid leader and quickly outlined themselves.

As the ground trembled, more vines grew out like green snakes that swept towards him.

Feng Qi didn’t back down; he surged forward with unstoppable momentum. The vines that came into contact with his body quickly withered under the calcination of the dark green flames, then turned into ashes and dissipated. Seeing this scene, a trace of hostility appeared in the humanoid leader’s eyes It raised the Miracle Bracelet on its left arm again. At this moment, the humanoid shadow appeared in front of Feng Qi out of thin air and embraced him.

The green vines kept intertwining and wrapping around him and the humanoid shadow, forming a vine cage.

After a short exchange, he realized that the humanoid leader’s combat strength was far inferior to the previous timeline. It was not his match at all.

Facing the vines, his heart beat faster.

The surging blood and Qi spread throughout his body as his heart beat. The dark green flames on his body burned even more ferociously.

Although the dark green flames could not ignite the humanoid phantom formed purely from the power of faith, they ignited the vine cage through the gaps.

As flames rose, the vine cage quickly disintegrated.

The humanoid leader’s attack was completely countered by his bloodline form. The vines that had killed a large number of human warriors in the previous timeline could not even break through his surface defense.


He spat out a ball of dark green flames from his mouth, and his strength rose again, slowly encircling the humanoid phantom.

Turning to look at the terrified humanoid leader, Feng Qi smiled sinisterly.

The anger in his heart had also been vented quite a bit in the battle.

The humanoid leader’s expression turned ugly when it saw this. It roared, and a large number of humanoid warriors around it immediately threw throwing weapons at him.

However, the quality of these weapons was weak. Before they could come into contact with his body, the sharp ends were melted by the surging dark green flames on the surface of his body, unable to cause him any harm.

Seeing this, the humanoid leader roared again.

Immediately, a huge tiger jumped out from the depths of the camp and arrived beside the humanoid leader in a few steps.

[It’s getting away!]

Just as the narrator said, the humanoid leader jumped onto the tiger’s back and ran into the distant rainforest without looking back.

Seeing this, Feng Qi couldn’t help but let out a roar. He forcefully broke free from the restraints of the humanoid shadow and pounced in the direction where the humanoid leader fled. He barged along the way, sending a large number of humanoid warriors flying.

Looking at the huge tiger that had entered the rainforest, he increased his speed.

Seeing the humanoid leader escape, he was depressed.

Compared to the domain creatures that only knew how to attack brainlessly in the future dream, the characteristic of intelligent domain creatures was that they would not fight to the death in battle. Once they realized that their opponents were invincible, they would escape decisively.

He calculated that there were still about eight minutes before the Blood Source dissipated.

He had to kill the humanoid leader within eight minutes. Otherwise, he could only retreat and find other opportunities.

At this moment, his heart was like an engine that had stepped on the accelerator, emitting a roar.

His running speed suddenly increased. Wherever he pa.s.sed, he left behind a deep pit in the ground. Every leap covered more than 60 feet.

He was getting closer to the giant tiger. Just as Feng Qi was about to attack the humanoid leader suddenly leaped from the back of the giant tiger and raised its left hand.

A phantom appeared out of thin air, caught it, and quickly flew away with it. The ma.s.sive tiger beneath it came to a halt. After sliding a few feet due to inertia, it abruptly turned around and lunged at Feng Qi.

At this moment, he clenched his fist which was burning with dark green flames, and attacked the huge tiger.


Accompanied by the giant tiger’s cries, its head caved in, and its body was sent flying. It only came to a stop after crashing through several trees..

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