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Chapter 554: Violent Kill (2)

[For example, when your Blood Source ability advances to the final form of a Dark G.o.d, there will be no path explored by others. At that time, the origin energy will automatically help you outline the subsequent trajectory and route find the most suitable path for you to advance, and complete the advancement.]

“It’s that strong?!”

[Everything is constructed from the origin of rules. Spiritual Qi is only a derivative of the rules of heaven and earth. It looks like a ridiculous ability but as long as you understand the essence, you can explain the principle from a more scientific point of view.]

Hearing this, Feng Qi nodded in realization.

At this moment, the narrator spoke again.

[Perhaps there are many abilities that we can’t explain because we don’t understand the essence of this ability. For example, Blackie’s undying and indestructible, your s.p.a.cetime travel, the Spiritual Energy Race’s Holy Spirit Consciousness Library, Qin Shikong’s future deduction ability, and so on.] Feng Qi nodded in agreement with the narrator’s a.n.a.lysis.

Everything was mysterious and unsolvable. They were all words that he did not understand.

Just like when humans explored the early stages of growth and cla.s.sified all unknown phenomena as superst.i.tion, when looking at these problems from the perspective of modern people, there was corresponding knowledge in their minds to explain.

He looked at his attributes panel again and began to strengthen his Blood Source ability.

The strengthening process was simple. He only needed to push the talent point -the golden talent bead-to the Blood Source ability bead.

The moment the ability bead came into contact with the Blood Source ability bead, it would be swallowed and digested in the blink of an eye.

As it continued to devour, the Blood Source ability bead changed.

The dark green flame mark on the surface became clearer, and a thin layer of blood-colored fog appeared on the surface of the ability bead.

After counting the number of ability beads, he chose to continue feeding. Finally, when there were only 23 ability beads left, the Blood Source ability bead completed another advancement.

He opened the attribute panel and began to check the changes in the Blood Source ability.

[Innate ability: Blood Source]

Evaluation: 0.01% of Level 7

Introduction: Condenses a Blood Core in the heart, significantly enhancing the e ficiency of the heart. This ability can be activated voluntarily. It rapidly drams the energy of the Blood Core to form an invincible Blood Source body explosively boosting combat strength. The effectiveness of this ability increases with the enhancement of one’s blood and Qi strength.

After this upgrade, the Blood Source had reached the rating of Level 7. Feng Qi chose to add the remaining 23 ability beads to Purple Soul.

After completing the advancement of his innate abilities, he opened his eyes. At this moment, the sky was slightly bright, and a red sun was slowly rising. He stood up and walked towards the rainforest.

As he hunted, the blood and Qi in his body had recovered to its peak state He did not have to worry about not being able to activate his Blood Source form.

He was fearless in the face of the upcoming challenge.

After entering the rainforest, the environment became complicated. There was no normal route.

When he arrived at the Black Absolute Domain Field in the previous sacrifice timeline, there were already signs of a path leading to the interior of the island However, this time, he was likely the first human to set foot in the Black Absolute Domain Field. The path further into the island would need to be forged by him.

The interior of the rainforest was hot and humid, and the plants were dense. The branches and leaves of the towering trees along the way covered the sky The light could only fall through the gaps between the branches and leaves forming pillars of light that could be seen with the naked eye.

Fortunately, he had night vision, so he didn’t have to worry about being unable to distinguish directions in the dim environment.

After walking for a while, he took out the navigation system from his backpack. As he had expected, the current Black Absolute Domain Field had yet to completely fuse with the world. There was no signal inside at all.

Next, he could only explore according to his memories.

There were many vines in the rainforest, and they were scattered everywhere like spider webs. From time to time, he could hear the roars of beasts in the distance.

The environment here was quite different from what he remembered.

After all, many years had pa.s.sed since he arrived here in the sacrifice timeline. At this point, if he continued to explore without a map or navigation, he would easily get lost and might get further away from his destination.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of the narrator.

Every time before Blackie arrived, the narrator would sense it in advance and remind him.

The narrator also said that it had extremely powerful range perception and exploration abilities.

At this thought, Feng Qi immediately said.

“Narrator, get up and get to work.”

[Capitalist Ah Qi, may I ask… What instructions do you have for me? Can you give me a day off?]

Ignoring the narrator’s complaints, he continued to ask.

“I’m afraid I’ll get lost if I go deeper. Use your search ability to scout the way and see if you can find a humanoid.”

The narrator did not answer and fell silent.

A moment later, the narrator’s voice sounded again.

[Ding! Target ‘Humanoid’ detected. Head in the 3 o’clock direction!]

At this moment, Feng Qi changed directions and walked in the direction mentioned by the narrator.

The terrain in the rainforest was complicated. He leaped up and grabbed the vines hanging from the trees, trying to advance like Tarzan.

However, it turned out that this method was not good.

Just as he swung out to grab the second vine, he felt the vine in his hand lubricate like a loach. Right on the heels of that, a huge snake head bit his arm.

The dark green venom entered his body.

He decisively switched to his combat body form and cut off the snake’s head with a chop..

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