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Chapter 35 - Cla.s.sic Scenario: The Bathroom

slightly nsfw

Although his provocative words were loud, they were mostly noise. It wasn’t really a good time tonight to do anything naughty. Neither of them were ready and Sun Zinan was definitely not in the mood. Tang Kai hugged him for a while, making sure that he was almost completely sober again before reluctantly letting him go take a bath.

This wasn’t the first time Sun Zinan had showered at Tang Kai’s place. He lightly turned the shower on. The white fog covered the room and hot water poured over his head onto his shoulders and back. It dispelled the lingering chill around his body. He closed his stinging eyes and slowly let out a long sigh of relief.

Breaking off his relationship with his family had not been an impulse. Sun Zinan had been prepared. From the moment he had pitted himself against Sun Ziyan, he knew what he would face. But at this moment, the pain was like a giant stone falling from the sky. He had been ready, but all his limbs had suffered damage and his heart hurt.

At his worst, he had felt like he was a house with four broken walls. No one wanted to go in, but he was stuck there for the rest of his life.

Being broken wasn’t terrible. Loneliness was terrible.

The water vapor dispersed, evaporated by the heat. The bathroom seemed to hold a trace of a wooden incense. It wasn’t the fragrance of shampoo but the scent of the owner of the bathroom. It shrouded in his nose, giving him the sense of speechless companionship at this moment.

Although he knew that his person was outside, Sun Zinan couldn’t help but feel some affinity for this scent. He stretched his hand out from under the water curtain, as if he could gently hold the fragrance and cherish it within the palm of his hand.

In the same second, there was a buzzing sound, and the bathroom suddenly fell into darkness.

The overhead lights and LCD panels had all extinguished, but the water was still hot. Sun Zinan froze for a moment and subconsciously reached back to turn the shower off. But because he couldn’t see, he accidentally knocked off the hand-held shower head.

The iron shower head made a very loud sound when it fell on the tile. Tang Kai’s voice immediately rang nervously outside. “Little Nan? Stand there and don’t move!”

Sun Zinan had intended to bend over in the dark and pick up the fallen shower head. When he heard this, he actually obediently just stood there.

After a moment, footsteps approached and Tang Kai opened the bathroom door, using his phone as a flashlight in one hand and holding a large bath towel in the other. He came up and wrapped Sun Zinan in the towel.

Sun Zinan had just adapted to the darkness when his eyes were invaded by the light. He squinted his eyes and tilted his head to ask, “Power outage? Or did the circuit trip?”

“I don’t know. Maybe there’s a power test going on in the neighborhood. I was just trying to find you so I didn’t have any time to investigate.”

Tang Kai waited for him to come out of the shower. Sun Zinan stumbled as he stepped haphazardly on his slippers, but didn’t fall. Tang Kai opened his arms and caught him in his embrace.

He sighed. “I knew you were going to act coquettishly.”

“You’ve been watching too many TV dramas.” Sun Zinan pointed out expressionlessly, “If you hadn’t caught me I still wouldn’t have fallen.”

Tang Kai patted his a.s.s through the bath towel. “Only your words are harsh.”

Sun Zinan’s body was thin and slender. He was very light and easy to hold up, but his body held the hardness and strength of a man. It even pressed against his hand a little uncomfortably. The water at the tip of his hair dropped on Tang Kai’s bare arm, one after another, light and cold, making his heart itch.

It wasn’t clear if it was because the bathroom was too hot, or because Tang Kai’s temperature had suddenly risen, but the wooden incense on his body had become more and more obvious, surrounding Sun Zinan like clouds. He keenly felt something against his leg. He didn’t need to lower his head to see a mosaic scene. So he poked at Tang Kai. “Hey, Professor Tang, do you want to solve it along the way? Anyways it’s like this now so might as well do it.”

Tang Kai, “…”

What the f.u.c.k do you mean like this now so might as well do it.

“I—” He took a breath and was about to refuse, but Sun Zinan picked up the bath towel and hastily wiped his hair. He freed up a hand and urged, “Hurry up, take your pants off.”

His tone was not gentle at all. It was exactly the tone someone would use to say ‘Ugh, come eat.’ Tang Kai almost blurted out ‘are you giving free food to beggars?’

Sun Zinan saw that he did not move and thought Professor Tang was feeling embarra.s.sed. He ‘tsk’d and reached out to undo his belt.

Tang Kai could not resist anymore, and scooped Sun Zinan up. He strode out of the bathroom and threw him into his soft quilts in the bedroom.

The casually wrapped towel was immediately cast aside.

Tang Kai seemed like he had been burned and immediately looked away.

But the room was now like a cage, trapping both of them there. No matter where he glanced, his gaze inevitably noticed the pale, slender body on the bed.

Ai.” Sun Zinan stretched his feet out and gently kicked him. “At least look at me. Am I that unattractive?”

Tang Kai caught his ankles in his hands and pushed them apart. He bent one of his legs and rested it in the s.p.a.ce between his legs. His entire body bent down and covered him as he said, “It’s because you keep teasing me.”

It was reasonable to feel a little danger from being pressed down by a tall, adult man. But Sun Zinan seemed to have been bewitched by the fragrance of his body. Instead of pushing him away, he felt an indescribable sense of security. He laughed lowly and said, “Come then.”

Tang Kai suspended himself above Sun Zinan with the arms that had lifted weights for so many years and lowered his head to kiss him. The b.u.t.terfly kisses landed from his forehead to his collarbone before he gently whispered into his ear, “Do you love me?”


His speech was gasped out intermittently. Tang Kai impulsively asked the question that had been hiding in his heart for a long time. But as if he were too afraid to hear the answer, he didn’t wait for Sun Zinan’s answer, and kissed all his words back between his lips and teeth.

The sudden power outage pushed the entire bedroom into a deeper silence and darkness. Their breathing entangled and even the slightest sound of water was amplified. Sun Zinan closed his eyes and arched his head back. His muscles contracted unconsciously, revealing obvious lines. Finally, at the climax of the buildup of pleasure, he was pushed into the clouds.

Neither of them spoke nor moved. They hugged in silence in the room, bathed only in moonlight, savoring the shuddering, luscious aftertaste together.

“Love.” Sun Zinan suddenly spoke hoa.r.s.ely, firmly and candidly. “I love you.”

He was merely answering the question that had been asked just now, but it was as if he had finally found his heart after a long journey and carefully handed it over to Tang Kai.

Tang Kai grabbed his hand and pressed it against his chest.

“Do you hear that?”


“It said, I love you too.”

A reasonable s.e.x life was good for both physical and mental health.

Sun Zinan originally thought that this night would be a sleepless night, but exercise before bedtime was very beneficial for soothing his body and mind. Although he was half-suspended between dreams and reality, he still managed to get four hours of sleep.

The next day, Sun Zinan woke up before five o’clock. The sky outside was still dark and there was a layer of frost on the window. He glanced to the side at Tang Kai, who was buried in his pillow and still sleeping deeply. He carefully moved his arm away and lightly got out of bed.

Although they didn’t reach the last step last night, there had been no clothes to hide him from Tang Kai dementedly covering his entire body in deep and shallow marks. It was like he had opened a buffet party with mosquitos.

Sun Zinan put on his pajamas and walked out of the bedroom with his phone.

After he left yesterday, only Sun Ziyuan had sent him a few WeChat messages telling him to not act impulsively and communicate well instead. The others did not make any moves. Sun Zinan guessed that they didn’t sleep well after he tossed them about. For some reason, he actually felt a little happy.

The heavy shackles that had been pressed against his shoulders over the years had finally been freed by his own hands. Maybe his life had long been confined to a craggy, deformed cliff, but there is still a long way to go. He would sprout buds again and grow freely.

At six thirty in the morning, Tang Kai blinked sleepily as he entered the kitchen and clung onto Sun Zinan like a soulless koala. He moaned and whined, “Darling are you still going to work today?”

Sun Zinan turned his head and received a lemon and mint-flavored good morning kiss. He patted Tang Kai’s waist and replied, “There’s still work to be done. I’m sending a resignation email today.”

Tang Kai said, “Then I’ll drive you to work.”

Sun Zinan laughed. “You’ll be stuck on the road for four hours. It’ll take up your entire morning.”

“I don’t care, I want to drive you.” Tang Kai said, “In the future when you don’t have a job, I won’t be able to drive my husband to work even if I wanted to. I have to grasp this opportunity and enjoy it.”

“Fine.” Sun Zinan had been pestered to the point of being unable to fight back. “Your enjoyment wastes too much oil. Our family won’t be able to survive next month.”

Tang Kai really liked to hear him say “we” and “our family.” It satisfied his desire for exclusivity.

To put it more darkly, he should actually thank the Sun family for working together to push Sun Zinan to his side. Since then, his apartment had become a harbor for the two of them. Sun Zinan would not accommodate anyone else in his heart; they only belonged to each other.

“Doesn’t matter. I can support you.”

“According to company’s regulations, I have to give at least a week’s notice before resigning. I can’t just leave after saying I’ll leave.”

Sun Zinan’s situation was special; he had to report to the group. If nothing else happened, he had to go explain to the group in person. But those procedures could not hinder his enthusiasm to resign. Sun Zinan spent the morning making a simple summary of his work and got ready to have a meeting in the afternoon to hand over his position. Along the way, he also dealt with the rest of the issue with Jin Ke Real Estate.

Liu Cheng sent him his resignation as early as the day of the accident. Sun Zinan understood that he was an old employee and left him some face. He didn’t pursue his responsibility and directly approved the resignation. His daughter’s disease was a hole that needed to be filled with money. Sun Zinan emotionally understood his plight, but as the victim party, he couldn’t agree with his self-interested approach.

w.a.n.g Geng and Yu Liang’s injuries had been minor. They were mostly fine after a week and had already returned to a normal working schedule for some time. Sun Zinan had been clear to w.a.n.g Geng about his resignation, but Yu Liang did not know. He looked like he had been struck by lightning after hearing the news, and was stunned for a few seconds before tears suddenly gushed out.


Sun Zinan did not expect this child to have such affectionate feelings for him. He was a little overwhelmed as he comforted, “Things change at work. This is very normal. Don’t cry, it’s not like you can’t see me in the future.”

“Is it because of the Jin Yuan situation?” Yu Liang asked sobbingly, “We haven’t been deceived or scammed, why are you resigning?”

”Uh…” Sun Zinan frantically winked at w.a.n.g Geng, hinting that he should take over in comforting this chronic crier.

Yu Liang had confessed to him after the last incident that he had known what was going on. Sun Zinan was very moved when he heard about it. He also knew that it was not easy for him to summon up the courage to make such a decision. However, like the dangerous reversal on the roof, not all good beginnings had perfect endings.

All gifts given by fate were marked with their own prices.

Last time, fate made a joke out of him, but this time, reality mercilessly took away his tears.

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