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Chapter 30 - A Chapter Without MuChapter Drama

When love was strong, it was like dripping water into oil. A knife had cut through the wire; even every breath was filled with a hot desire. But taking into account the state of Sun Zinan’s body, the two did not dare mess around too much, merely greeting each other in a friendly manner.

Even so, Professor Tang spent two hours circling around Sun Zinan like a lost soul, learning what it meant to have knowledge of the marrow and entangling it to the bone.

The next day, Sun Zinan changed to the same flight and returned to S City with Tang Kai.

He had run away for three days for no reason, and the burden of the company had fallen on w.a.n.g Geng. Vice president w.a.n.g had been driven crazy. He vented his anger on Yu Liang, who came to help him every day. The poor child had been driven to the point of teary eyes. When Sun Zinan returned to work, Yu Liang’s eyes looked like the eyes of a refugee who had been finally rescued by the People’s Liberation Army. He rushed up to hold his thigh and cry, “Dad, he bullied me.”

“It’s been a hard few days for you, Little Yu.” Sun Zinan said, “Go, call w.a.n.g Geng to my office.”

Another notice was issued and half an hour later, the heads of all the departments except the labor department met in the conference room. A moment later w.a.n.g Geng knocked on the door and came in. “Director Sun.”

“Sit wherever.” Sun Zinan asked, “How’s the talk going with Jin Ke Real Estate?”

”The other family is still raising the price and we are forced into a tight corner,“ w.a.n.g Geng replied anxiously. “This is not the way to go. Whether you want this place or not, you have to make a decision as soon as possible.”

Sun Zinan opened the locked drawer, took out a report from it, and pushed it to him. “Look at this.”

w.a.n.g Geng so far could not understand how he could be so calm. He flipped through the report. As he quickly browsed it with a glance, his face gradually changed.

“This…” He looked up at Sun Zinan. It was difficult to hide his look of surprise.

But the question was so sensitive he could not find the right wording for a while.

“In July, Liu Cheng had put forward his views on the construction of an ecological sanatorium park at the strategic meeting. Later, when the project idea pa.s.sed, Jin Ke Real Estate began intervening and directly contacting us.” Sun Zinan’s voice was heavy. “I don’t believe you didn’t send people to check Liu Cheng’s actions back then.”

“I did,” w.a.n.g Geng took in a breath and admitted, “Because that day after the meeting, I happened to hear him make a call downstairs. That made me pay a little more attention to what he was doing.”

Sun Zinan, “Back in June he brought his daughter to the company for genetic testing. It was a routine examination, but the results displayed chronic myeloid leukemia. I’m afraid that was when my third brother began contacting him.”

The results of this private investigation report showed that Jin Ke Real Estate was a private real estate company. Its registered capital was fifty million, and the legal representative’s name was Zhou Jian.

Sun Zinan’s company was currently trying to acquire Jin Yuan Villa. However, the land and real estate were owned by Hongcheng Real Estate. This company was just an empty front.

Hongcheng Real Estate was Sun Zinan’s third brother Sun Ziyan’s company.

According to the report, Hongcheng Real Estate had bought a piece of land in the southern suburbs of S City two years ago and invested two hundred million to build Jin Yuna Villa. But there was a clear problem with the project. Two safety accidents occurred midway, and the construction team was changed. Who knew how the accident was censored; one of the families involved was given money to keep quiet and they moved out of the province; the other family only consisted of the victim’s mother. Her son’s life was only exchanged for a meager compensation. She was still running about, trying to pet.i.tion for justice.

This Jin Yuan Villa, to put it bluntly, was a shoddy tofu project. Seeing that it was about to fall out of his hands, Sun Ziyan had somehow gotten the news that Liu Cheng’s daughter was sick. In order to make it seem realistic, he also specially created a sh.e.l.l in the form of Jin Ke Real Estate to cover up his actions.

Building ecological sanatoriums was a developing trend in the health industry in recent years. Sun Zinan’s company had improved quite a bit in the past two years, which currently put him at a very delicate and dangerous position in the Sun family. Sun Ziyan was very confident in his plans, because he knew Sun Zinan would jump into the pit.

As for the future, once the house collapsed in Sun Zinan’s hands, it had nothing to do with Sun Ziyan.

When Sun Zinan investigated Jin Ke Real Estate, he had almost been fooled by this empty sh.e.l.l corporation and merely thought he had been thinking too much about it. Later on, Sun Luo inadvertently gave him advice. He said that the southern suburbs of the land might be planned as an industrial park and a sewage treatment plant. He reminded him not to go there to buy a house or land, in case he lost everything.

Sun Zinan became vigilant at this and found someone to continue to dig deeper before finally digging out the Sun Ziyan behind all of this.

Interestingly enough, when he caught Sun Ziyan’s fox tail, he found that Sun Ziyan’s information channels were much slower than his own. He didn’t even know about the sewage treatment plant. While Sun Ziyan did not realize that the risk the land within his hands was steadily bringing, Sun Zinan simply made a plan. He began fake negotiations with Jin Ke Real Estate with the false intention of making a transaction and found another friend to help raise the price. They dangled this in front of Sun Ziyan’s appet.i.te, waiting for the news to see how he would collapse in this situation.

When he was a child who had no power to fight back, he could only stand and be beaten. Now that everyone was an adult, each with their own abilities, new and old hatreds could be solved all at once.

“Splendid.” w.a.n.g Geng listened, only now understanding that they had inadvertently stepped into a dog blood script. Not only had this script been bought, but people had even paid money to see it. He smiled wryly. “Director Sun, you’re still the ruthless one.”

“Life forced it out of me.” Sun Zinan smiled and said, “Brothers fighting against each, how funny.”

“No…” w.a.n.g Geng did not understand how it felt to be schemed against by one’s own brother, but how could he still smile about it? He only felt like he shouldn’t involve himself in the leadership politics of this family and said dryly, “Then, you…please accept my condolences.”

Sun Zinan said calmly. “That’s not necessary. I am very happy.”

w.a.n.g Geng, “…Is your relationship really that bad?”

“Go back and make an appointment with Jin Ke Real Estate. We have to perform well. Let’s do a field survey,” Sun Zinan said. “I looked for you to talk about another thing. It’s about the company’s future direction.”

“Tell me about it, please.”

“Once this matter blows up, Sun Ziyan will not give up. The old man will probably be very dissatisfied with me.” Sun Zinan turned his pen around unconsciously and said, “So I intend to resign before the New Year, retire early, and go home.”

“I don’t know how the group will determine the next director. I want to first ask about your intentions. You and I entered the company at the same time. Over the past few years, you’ve been involved in the company’s operational decisions and your abilities have been displayed for all to see. If you want to stay here in the future to continue developing the company, I will recommend you as the priority to the group. I think they should still give this face to me.”

w.a.n.g Geng had been hit by this sudden news, and it took him a few seconds to react. “I need to think about it.”

“En, there’s no rush.” Sun Zinan nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about Jin Ke Real Estate. We don’t have to build an ecological sanatorium there. I have a friend in Lanshan who has bought a piece of land. The environment is good. He originally wanted it to be a guest house, but changing it to a healthcare park is also a good idea. After you finalize your plans, I can give you his contact information.”


w.a.n.g Geng seemed quite panicked over the trajectory of his career. Sun Zinan knew that he might not be able to understand if he kept talking about it, so he changed the topic. “It’s time, let’s go downstairs for the meeting. Let’s focus on the things in front of us first.”

Just then, Yu Liang came in to call them. Sun Zinan and w.a.n.g Geng exited the office one after another.

It was just that the amount of information contained in that conversation had been too much. Vice president w.a.n.g’s CPU was obviously overloaded. He was a little absent-minded, almost walking into the gla.s.s door before being quickly pulled back by Yu Liang.

a.s.sistant Yu had reacted completely out of instinct. It was too late to regret and could only resign himself to his Stockholm Syndrome fate while asking, “Vice president w.a.n.g, are you okay?”

“En?” w.a.n.g Geng met his young, clear eyes. In a moment of stupidity, he subconsciously grabbed at the back of Yu Liang’s wrist.

Yu Liang hissed out a breath of pain. w.a.n.g Geng immediately reacted and said lowly, “My bad. Thank you.”

Yu Liang did not know what wind had just blown by, but was inexplicably shocked by his eyes. He rubbed his wrist in a daze as he heard Sun Zinan’s voice from the side.

Ai, you two, what kind of idol drama are you acting?” Sun Zinan knocked at the elevator door. “Do you have any sense of courtesy? Forget about no one calling the elevator for me. The boss has to even wait for you guys at the elevator.”

Yu Liang moved like a rabbit, hopping into the elevator. w.a.n.g Geng followed but he didn’t feel like he could face and talk to him again. He merely stareed at the reflection on the elevator wall, watching his youthful, student-like temperament.

If I were to leave too, would you come with me?

In order to completely, realistically act out this skit, Sun Zinan specially brought a group of people to Jinyuan Villa for a field survey. From the top down to the bottom of the pipeline, they were all ready. Like a spring tour group, they were led by the other side’s reception staff, touring extensively.

Because the greenery had not been installed in the landscape yet, the actual situation here was very different from the blueprints. Sun Zinan and w.a.n.g Geng remained silent, but the other unknowing members in the group were very spirited. Under the silent acquiescence of the two, they began conscientiously provoking: the pattern was not good, the color dull, the stairs were too steep, no barrier-free facilities, layout was unreasonable, facade was uneven, green area was too small….There were even people who put forward a constructive point of view: the school of Feng Shui believed that it was best when the mountains were surrounded by jade-like rivers. Only then would Jinyuan Villa become prosperous. It was currently situated on a curve that was against the principles of Feng Shui.

This was a big disadvantage for doing business. After buying it, they would have to spend a lot of money for a Feng Shui master to change the layout.

Sun Zinan and w.a.n.g Geng could not help but applaud at this. Driven by the two of them, all the group members followed in giving their colleagues an enthusiastic applause.

Brainstorming was really useful. Sun Zinan had never thought that their roots in modern science and materialism could be hiding some bushy-eyed traitor.

The staff member in charge of the tour stared at the ‘against the principles of Feng Shui curve’ and was stunned. He had never met such a picky customer. Although he didn’t say it out loud, his expression clearly stated: What the f.u.c.k is this rogue company. In order to bargain they even lie with their eyes open?!

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